Thursday, July 27, 2006

garbage disposal wizard

HAHAHAHAHA I just conquered the garbage disposal - when I came back about three months or longer the disposal had stopped working - I could not figure out why and went ahead like a good busy persona dn kept putting it off - but tonight got frustrated and was totally in and under the sink and I found a red little button on the bottom of the thing all hidden away - I pushed it and

WHAAAALLLLLAAAAAAA I have shredding capabilities again - I am so smart I am so smart SMRT I am so smart (sung in Homer simpson's voice) - of course no one better mention how I could have tried to find the manual three months ago and read over how to try and reset the thing - anyone say anything and the blonde fickle fingers of tickle fu will descend upon you. ;P

I am so smarttttttttttt
Whew whee---- this week has been hectic and well hectic. I got back from the NAF conference Sunday.

I spent the day trying to get things settled back around the house - make up for lost petting time with kitty kat, do laundry and prepare for Monday's lecture for the class I am teaching (Monday was Water properties and chemistry and oceanography).

Then getting back to work, I start the bridging program Monday so have been spending all week trying to get all the million nutty details set (like on my way home today I stopped to buy soda and paper plates and notepads and other assorted things and still have things to do.). Plus my co worker is having a lot of family things popping up and she will not be around as much. I actually did not even get to my phone messages until Wednesday :P

I had to teach two workshops at my day job this week - Using Multimedia which was all about issues surrounding multimedia from file types and legal issues to creating multimedia yourself.

Then today I taught part three of an Intro to MS Access Database class.

Add in I am working on a major curriculum project for the school where I am going through and updating all the binders and switching over to electronic formats and all this organizing stuff.

Add in creating a test for the class for Wednesday (which now I have a pile to grade by Monday) and I am really keeping busy. Plus have to type up NAF reports from conference and work on projects from that….

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment – ick, and then taking a 6 year old to see Hilary Duff in concert at one of the casinos. That should be fun :P and look I made no jokes about comparing those two activities – hehe (actually I do like some of Ms. Duff's stuff and any live music or music in general is good).

I got a postcard in the mail from a pest control that supposedly a house in my neighborhood was found to have termites. They are supposedly giving a free inspection… man if I have termites… how expensive is it to get rid of them…. Drat Arthropods… I hate bugs even thought they are essential to the ecosystem – go be in someone else's ecosystem – hahah

There are a ton o movies out this weekend – maybe I can catch one or some music. In between the other stuff I am working on : ) But going to make sure to do a little something relaxing this weekend – need to to try and keep things a little less stressed :0)

Still waiting to hear back from the neurologist regarding the results of the test for T – if she has to get a shunt, I think my world will crash very far for a very dark time…. My youngest sister is spiraling more and more out of control – it is a scary spiral and not sure how to stop it, help or what to do. When you start having the practical what if conversation about death and such regarding said sister with another sister… that is when you realize just how dark and terrifying some things can be.

Thank goodness for Kath (sister) and an online friend/writing buddy – I think I would have gone crazy if not for those two – thank you both for keeping me afloat.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Whoosh and whewww and Swish – what a conference

Well the NAF conference here in Detroit is wrapping up – we fly out at 7am tomorrow – the conference was good. I just wish I had a better mindset of late to fully enjoy. But I did enjoy a bit.

Loved the GM and OnStar tour – they were really nice and I loved the tour. Got a neat paperclip note holder thing too from them :o)

Made it yesterday to the Romantics – that was awesome – they were good – I could actually see them (I will be posting my Detroit pictures this week and I have little white blips that represent the romantics to post – lol) I also played eye contact kinda with a cute girl the whole time. She was working the merch booth and I am standing over in the main area. It was an outdoor concert with the stage way up and then people brought their lawn chairs and stuff – it is a summer series.

Well I'm just standing in amongst the chairs and I always am dancing. See when I go to concerts I watch others just stand or sit and watch maybe swat a little or nod the head – I dance. I am no good but F-it I like the music and so I dance anyways. So I know I stick out. But I looked over and noticed her watching me – eh I thought – ok – then noticed she kept watching me. In fact through most the concert she was looking my way (prolly not really watching me but someone behind me – but anyhoos) I started watching her watching me as Idanced and stuff – so that was fun and yes I had to go over at the end and buy a CD and then she had me fill out the romantics mailing list – hehe I am now a Romantics fan – well I like them anyway but now I've seen them in concert (as well as a cute merch booth worker in Detroit :-P

So then today had two great workshops – one was about a project in a California high school where they blog -I left my name interested in have my students blog with others. Then talked to an English teacher about blogging and revising and got some good ideas and activities. Then got a great set of activities, web sites and lessons for an intro Information Technology course – including sites to have the students build games and simulations and other awesome stuff I will be using.

The keynote speaker was motivational and awesome – yes I started to cry a little at one part and was laughing a lot – I'll admit I am an emotional roller coaster and get into things and people. He gave an interesting math problem

29 students in a class. 20 have dogs. 15 have cats. How many have both.

After the conference headed to the Henry Ford Museum – that is an incredibly awesome place. Loved the cars and the round house and the bus Rosa Park sat on and just the whole museum. I got a cool Harley Davidson/Route 66 metal sign as my souvenir

Then hit this place for dinner that had in the corner a piano, bass player and a woman with a great voice (she sang Jazz). That was nice.

So the trip was productive, lots of materials and ideas, signed up for more work (of course) got a great range of music and I definitely plan on coming back – did not get to do a lot of what I wanted so must plan a trip back.

Also on a side note – a really cool site lists updates for various fanfic sites (including mine) asked Nikki and I to do a writer's ramble for them so we did and they published it – check out Friday, July 21 entry – wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee man I so badly wanna be a writer…. I'd love to write novels based on TV/Movies or write for TV or such…. Sigh –

The motivational speaker had a cool quote – I looked it up and found places mentioned as the author as Patrick Overton another site listed Frank Outlaw and another has a similar one by Tyrone Edwards and listed this one as anonymous. Whomever said them – I leave you with these words

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Friday, July 21, 2006

Winding through Detroit and NAF

Well attending the NAF conference (I am the school's NAF director - we have three academies) in Detroit MIchigan this week.

Naf is a business oriented education model so it is a different kind of conference - they really pay attention to details and more of what works in business...

I presented today - talked about how our school uses online learning. Then in afternoon facilitated a database project design session. Worked with teachers to create lesson plans for teaching databases.

Also volunteered to work on a focus group to help set up a Director's manual as well as working with the IT department on staff development.

I enjoy meeting people and talking about what they are doing, and I do have a few ideas and projects to work on for after this conference, so it is very productive. Detroit, what little I have seen, is actually nice. I hope to explore a little more the next few evenings before we leave on Sunday.

Last night after conference meetings got to go on a riverboat cruise - it was awesome. We had dinner then had this awesome motown band - 5 singers who danced and sung just liek the Temptations and they were backed by a sax, drums, bass, guitar and keyboard - they were phenomenal.

Tonight - walked around Greektown a little and rode the people mover. Then I caught a great three piece blues band in a local eatery/bar. They were great and loved it - oh I'm in Detroit Michigan and the place is FIshbones. Tomorrow there is a concert series on the riverfront and it features the Romantics.

Tomorrow lots of workshops and then a our of the GM building and OnStar company - most awesome

going to see the Pretenders (one of those VH1 specials) and O.A.R and Jack's Mannequin - plus chasing a couple other tickets but not sure if timing before dragon con will work or will wait to go back to concert hopping after the con.

Hmm what else music wise? Got Anna Nalick CD I love In the rough - made it a ring tone - "Love will find me, in the rough..." love that.

My office mate's band had their first really "big" gig, playing in WIldwood at an outdoor thing on the weekend of the fourth and he was so excited as they had a good time and did well. It is always fun listening to him talk about things - he's always sharing/showing me something (he is the drummer and also the manager and does all the promotion and PR and it is his band)

I got this special season four pack to catch 4 musicals at the kimmel center in Philly - they start hmm I think in january - not sure - but I got them because it guatuntees I get a seat next summer when Wicked comes to Philly - yesssssssssssssssss - the other three musicals are Edward Scissorhands (I am intrigued as to how that is a musical) Pippen (not sure what that is) and Spamalot - wheeeeeeeee - can not wait

Monday, July 17, 2006

a chat with a sister

this is part of an AOL IM convo I had with my one sister while I was writing the previous journal - warning - it is totally raw, not too funny, kinda a little glimpse into places I usually don't look (and showcases how immature my grammar and thinkign really are) and prolly only funny to my sister and I.... but eh another slice of life...

Sister: ookay kinda back right
Sister: grrr brb
Sister is away at 1:28:54 AM.
me: ok well still here and still talking to no one except you : )
Auto response from Sister: I am away from my computer right now.
Sister returned at 1:30:42 AM.
Sister: awww maybe you should go to sleep
Sister: hehee
me: naw i can't
Sister: its cool me too
Sister: I am just so pissed of f right now
me: I can not make myself work on something which is bad I have so much to do kath
me: but not really sleepy
me: why are you pissed tell me again
Sister: I am sorry
me: it is ok I am just moody as hell and have so much to do and just can not get focused
me: maybe the conference will help and also in a way it is sad but her not being around Friday through today adn even now not talking to me well it hurts but also it is good because it helps me break away and such and also just kinda reminds me of certain things that I am looking and maybe find someday but not today... lots of bad and good things goign through my head
Sister: julie I don't want to get into it again
me: ok I just wanted to say if you wanted to talk go for it
Sister: I know and I am sorry its not you I am so so sorry
Sister: julie I want to screeeaaammm
Sister: and not for the reason I am gonna
me: I do not understand what you mean?
Sister: ummm what did I say
Sister: hahahhahahahehehehehe
Sister: I keep clicking off the window to keep others from seeing, nibby shits
Sister: hahhahahehehehehahahahahehehehe
Sister: omg I am so wasted and I am not drunk
Sister: lol
me: you said - Sister: julie I want to screeeaaammm Sister: and not for the reason I am gonna
me: why are you wasted?
me: and I wanna be wasted
Sister: ohhh
Sister: hahahhaaha
Sister: kidding
Sister: I meant that I want to never mind
Sister: hahahhahahahaa
me: no what, you want to nevermind? I am so confuzzed now
me: and damn it I am not drinking either this is natural me confuzzion
Sister: you should girl friend go get wasted tomorrow night
Sister: hahhahahah lol
Sister: hahahha
me: hehe
me: nah I teach
Sister: brb damit
me: ok I am here al alone waiting
Sister: hehee
me: wow that was a quick brb
me: you getting good at that on and off thing
me: :P
me: ok here is what i have typed so far for my journal tell me how it sounds
me: Well had an ok weekend.......
Sister: k i read
Sister: you didnt' tell me that
me: and damn she just got off and did not even say good night :-(
me: I will but I gotta type more hang on
Sister: she prob fell asleep
Sister: hehehe
Sister: hang on to what
Sister: lol
Sister: ahhaah'
Sister: I do that I fall asleep and than just hit goodbye and go
me: i know she did maybe and I know she meant nothing by it who knows what is going on on the other side of the online screen and you always say the positive things - I am still sad
Sister: I know juls
Sister: I will fix that I swear
me: i just am selfish and wish she had said goodnight
me: I am dumb
Sister: no yr not
Sister: your 25 yr old younger sister is cause she living in my front closet
Sister: hahahha
Sister: I got some nerve I just told her ass to clean it up right now
Sister: lol
Sister: hahahaaa
me: good for you
me: make her hose down the house and spray Lysol
Sister is away at 1:50:13 AM.
Sister returned at 1:56:17 AM.
Sister: next time for trying to go out better be soon dork a lork a you need to get out there
Sister: I need to go for a few will you still be around
me: I am goign to watch a little of kill bill (writing about uma in the journala dn such makes me think I go watch the movie some) if you get back please ping ok?
Sister: ko juls
Sister: kill bill huh never seen it need to?
me: : )
me: ooooo yeahhhhh
Sister: good?
me: yes part 1 and 2
Sister: okay its a must do on my list than
Sister: hehehehee lol
me: ben would like it too
me: it is Quentin taratino
me: making fun of as well as a tribute to martial art films
Sister: love you and I shall be back...(i'll try.......wink)
me: and uma thurman soo damn sexy I need my special vibrator is the star
Sister: ohhh cools he prob would than
me: ok
Sister: lol
me: I can let you borrow them
Sister: hahahahahahahahahaa
Sister: hahahahahhahaha
me: : ) I meant just the movie you nerdy-gook - you can't have my special :P
Sister: coools and LMAO
me: you like that do you...
me: I made us laugh and not be so depressed
me: yay me!
Sister: hahahahhahahaha
Sister: lol
Sister: okay gonna run before my little one wakes up baby
me: ok
me: give a ping or else we talk tomorrow
Sister: deallllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister: smoochies
me: miss you
Sister: bye bye for a but
Sister: oohhsssspppss bit
me: oh yeah
Sister: hahahahhaahahah
me: I would go bye bye for a butt
Sister: lol
me: uma's
Sister: hahahahahaha
Sister: hehe
me: :-)
me: ok i am getting worked up
me: damn
Sister: uma's what? butt..nahhhhh not pink enough
me: hehe – geez you are forward tonight
me: pink white, shit I dunno care
Sister: hahahahahahaha
Sister: lol
Sister: hahahahahha
Sister: bye bye for now
Sister: hehehehehheeheh go and push that dvd button already
Sister: hahahahaha
me: give me some butt, or even better some front
me: haha – ok enough getting worked up I need to stop or at least go fantasize about a couple certian someone's
Sister: lol
Sister: yummy
Sister: hehehahahaha
me: yes yummy
Sister: okay I be back smoocies
me: uma yummy
me: hmm say that 5 times fast
me: ok go bye
Sister: :-P
Sister: :-D
me: um ooo I bad
Sister: lol
Sister: :-P
me: hehee
Sister: okay gotta run
Sister: talk in a bit

Tripping through another weekend

Well had an ok weekend.

Friday was weird as about 10am I am sitting in the bathroom at my work trying to do, well… that bathroom thing and I hear this weird sizzle, zap, funky electronic type of noise and the bathroom light dims, goes out, comes back and then I hear this weird almost whooshing/running water sound. And the noise came from the wall right next to the place I am sitting

Ok next paragraph very guttural, crass and dirty but a kinda funny thing------

Luckily I am sitting down on the porcelain throne already as I got scared. It is total dark in that bathroom except the light – no exterior light. Plus I do not like the dark and such… and the noise was so sudden and load and it was right there on the other side of the wall which is like one inch from where I am sitting, with my pants pulled down so feeling very vulnerable…. So, given that, I would have pissed my pants in fright, but in the weirdest universal moment of being in the right place at the right time. I ended up peeing myself from the scare but it happened to hit the right place – lol

So I cut the stream as I am freaking and wipe, fuck the washing of hands, and get out of the bathroom PDQ pulling up my jeans just before flying out the hall.

---- back to non crass language

I get back to the computer lab and where my office is (it is a cubicle in the back of the lab) And talking to co worker – apparently a surge caused many computers to go out. So we sitting there then hear weird alarms and then they stop and then all power in the 300 wing (half the school) goes out. This is also the half of the school that has all the computer and phone serves. So basically the computers and phone system go down.

We find out the power will be out a while plus if it comes back on it takes time for the computer servers to reboot. So after finding out that they were cleaning and repairing the A/C units in the demonstration hotel we have for our Travel and Tourism occupational program. Thus frying the circuits and were waiting for the electric company to come cause something major happened – we decided to go home. So I got to go home at about 11.

Friday night I went to Philly to catch a couple of films as part of the 12th annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival sponsored by the Philadelphia Film society. I saw a collection of shorts, which were good and then a short with Sandra Bernhard – she was there live in the theater to accept an award – she looked nice in person. Then saw the film What's Up Scarlet? I wish I could find someone like the two main characters found each other. It was a good film. And the actresses were good.

I chickened out and went home after that instead of getting the courage to try and visit one of the after movie parties or clubs or such up there. Ah well maybe next time.

Saturday I just did some errands and this and that. Tried to work on projects I need to get done and found motivation very bad, the blech, blahs are upon me but eh. Managed to grade the student exams and was happy they were all pretty good, no one failed – hurray!

Sunday was filled with more of the same – exercised a bit, managed to work on the organizing projects a little (a little more clutter actually reduced or at least moved to a new pile so I feel like I accomplished something – lmao

Starting to think about getting ready for the upcoming conference (It is for NAF and presenting – it is in Detroit) – also trying to get things set for work…

Always rushing around doing this and that – I find I keep myself busy to try and keep myself from being reminded about certain topics and issues – not sure if this is true but in my mind I have convinced myself it is better to be busy and stressed and over-worked then sitting, alone, depressed about being alone and wishing you were not alone and could find someone…..

Still working through a few books and still wanting to rent 4400 season 2 as well as get ahold of Dark Angel. Also have a few other movies and wow there are like 4 movies coming out the 21 I wanna see – especially the Uma Thurman flick – comedy, action, sexy Uma Thurman…. Ahhhh I will end my entry here on a good fantasy note – hmmm think I am going to go watch Kill Bill…. I like those movies… :-P ok off to watch a great movie – hehehehe (yeah great by whose definition….)

Friday, July 14, 2006

I have a date - well not the kind I'd like to have but....

Wheeeee - if all goes well I am scheduled September 12 to have braces removed... now fi i could get a date to help me celebrate said date then I'd be really date happy - lol

But for now I am date giddy - no more braces - ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhh

update later on other interesting and odd stuff of late (like how I was in the bathroom when our school lost power today andwhat happened.... hehe

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Movies, Pinball and variances

Someone commented about liking LOTR better than the Sopranos pinball. And yeah, I agreed for the most part with them. The reason I say that is because one of the things I like about pinball is a good game tells a story and so you are not only playing but helping write the story - yeah I know that is a weird thing :-P

Although Sopranos is a little easier in terms of making the shots needed to advance - for Sopranos it is you advance in family ranking in LOTR you advance through the three main stories - but Sopranos is IMO more formulaic making it easier to get into a groove although the one place I usually play (they only charge 25 per game for most games - I like that place)

But yeah today I played actually Sopranos, Monopoly (that was the first time and I'd play again but the game was broken somewhat – actually the Sopranos one was too) but also played Theater of Magic and Lord of the Rings (the place I hit on the boardwalk after my walk has about 15 – 20 games and all for about 25 a game – wheeee). I actually mainly played LOTR and I, to brag a little, got three free games – of course I am no where that good as the wizards– hehe – but I enjoy the game even when I do a three strike and out. And I know I am funny to watch as I really get into the game.

But this weekend really did not do too much – saw a couple of movies, both I liked – Pirates of the Caribbean and Imagine Me and You. I enjoyed some of the action shots and fights in PoC and will say no more about it to keep things spoiler free – for now – although Keira in a few scenes (again trying not to spoil) but damn she looked good and no I am not talking about the scenes where she wears a dress……

The other movie I liked a lot – from the two main actresses (both looking very hot and both very good actors) to the starting scene where on the way to her wedding she has to pee and is running through a McDonalds – that would be me – haha

I loved that the other main character is sitting for awhile at the wedding because she answers the one kid's questions that no one else would – again that would be me - lol

But the movie got me thinking about wishes and dreams and drat if only I was so lucky as the two main characters –(yes I liked the sappy happy romantic ending – no loved it) and hoping someday I am…. To bring a quote from the movie, "They say fairy tales have happy endings even though the passage can be rough."

Working on the yard some this weekend – I managed to do some pruning of the 101 bushes around this place as well as cutting grass. I also got a reminder I live in a rural place. I am going out back to put up the weed-eater and I step out my door and there on my patio not to far from me is a brown snake in the middle of eating a live frog. The frog is about 1/4 of the way in its mouth, still alive and breathing.

So after I drop the shit I am holding and scream (it was not a girly scream, really, honest, well it was not too much and too long :-P ) I go oooooo shit that is cool and go back out.

The snake had gotten spooked and moved a little into the bushes still swallowing the frog who is still breathing, you can see its bullfrog throat going in and out and it occasionally struggled as the snake worked it down. It actually got it down pretty quick. I did not see it finish as I was going in and out and it was up to the head when I went in and when I came out the snake was gone so I am guessing it had the frog in and went off to lie like a fat log and digest.

So some interesting things along the weekend and getting ready for the upcoming week. And thus – My life rolls on with the little variances from day to day – I raise my glass, tip my hat, to interesting, exciting , curiosity, adventurous, thoughtful and fun-loving/fun-producing variances I encounter….

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hitting and Missing

Well last night was a major miss by more than a mile.

My first Physical Science class crashed and burned. I got thrown off at the getgo as I was given teh 7th edition to prep and the bookstore students had the 6th. Then I find about 1/3 of the students could not get textbooks because the bookstore ran out. This is a summer class and our first exam is wednesday.

Then I messed up, went to fast, jumbled a couple of problems in a row and basically lost a lot of respect.

Then the students in this class are either have not had math and science for 10 years and need lots of slow reminders or just out of high school had this class and are bored Sh*tless.

So that all led to me making it through to 8:45 and feeling very shitty. And still dragging today (I think the fact I am um hormonal right now and about to swing into something along with other shitty thoughts on other topics is not helping me get rid of this dour mood)

But I will put on a stiff upper lip, regroup over the weekend and push on and hopefully Monday will be better.

So until I kick my keister back into not so blech mood, forgive me if I'm well blech....

Monday, July 03, 2006

Good music

Most Fun

I attended a really great concert Saturday. It was at the Festival Pier in Philadelphia. I had never been in the area. The venue is kinda sucky and kinda okay. Sucky for a short person, overall a nice outdoor concert space. I mean it is a stage with a large open space surrounding it.

I liked the area, was not aware of its existence, may have to go back again to try some of the different places. I got there early so went to Dave and Buster's, which was cool – I played a lot of the basketball shooting hoops, I like shooting hoops, not very good but I like it. No pinball though drat it (although I did get some pinball in Sunday when I did my walk on the Boardwalk). Also did the shooting gallery plus made a mess of things playing The Lost world – I kept shooting the freaking humans – it is like get the hell out of the way I am randomly shooting everything on the damn screen – lol.

Standing in line for the concert was funny listening to the people around me comment on anything and everything ;P

But loved The Hush Sound – was the second time I have seen them. Loved the Dresden Dolls AND I GOT TO MEET THEM AND YES I AM SHOUTING AND NO NOT STOPPING UNTIL I GOT TO MEET – lol

But it was cool I went to meet them and got my CD and ticket signed – although now I have an extra CD I think I send one to a friend if she wants it. And they both liked my shirt – it is the one that says Rediscover the Power of Play.

Panic at the disco was good too, they had a stage show and it was a lot like their videos.

So it made for an enjoyable time and good music. Although still looking for people to join me in my crazy travels.