Sunday, November 25, 2007

quickie for now

Ok I have been bad again, will try to write more. But I had one of the best thanksgivings I have had in many many years, thank you Kat for making it a happy time once again.

ok i am stuck in atlanta, darn overflow and air traffic control or whatever, ah well the airline was nice and paid for a motel (this holiday inn is niceeeee) and even dinner and breakfast (the fruity drinks I picked up, but hey, since my vacation is extended... hehe

Hopefully i will be back home by tomorrow night, although I found another definition of home this weekend and it was nice : )

work is going well, picked up aother lab section and those students will be.... trying, it will be hard going in and taking over the class as they have definite habits set... ah well....

ok, will check in more later... lots to share and enjoy, like going to the bathroom in a restroom that is pitchblack because electricity is out and snow for the weekend (yes it snowed in texas hehe)

ok - laters alligators