Friday, September 21, 2012

PB Works or Basecamp or...

So trying out the new "freemium" version of the complete PB Works content management/project management program.  Have been using the wiki part off and on for years (I remember PB wiki - do you?) and also had been using Basecamp as the manager system for another project.  So, seeing if the PB Works will work as well as starting the conversion process of World of Depleted Wikia to PB Works.

A lot of wiki work is very tedious and repetitive and yet in some ways can be soothing, a very odd mix.

I am also using mediawiki with the semantic wiki addon - I have only begun to scratch the surface.  And yet - I feel wikis and similar archiving systems and projects are crucial as this article (  points out (thanks to Lance Weiler via twitter for the link)

That is scary, to be a culture with no history....  those that have no history are doomed to repeat it.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Supporting a great creator (Nancylee Myatt)

If you follow along with my tinkering in fanfic, you may have noticed I tend to write a bit of Nikki and Nora fanfic as well as Cowgirl Up.  Both series were created and written by Nancylee Myatt.  IN addition to those great series, she's done a lot more (3Way, South of Nowhere, Night Court, Living Single, 5 Mrs Buchanans and even more).

If you follow her on twitter (@ishakeitup) or other social media venues, you may have noticed mentions of the passing of her mother and her sister.  Times these days are hard, losing family members makes it all that much harder.  Allaine (Femslash4Fans) had mentioned in one of our discussions how he wished there was something we, Nancylee's fans, could do.  In reaching out to Ms. Myatt, Allaine found out that her family had set up a fund.  Below is the information.  I've had experiences with hospice myself (my mother and others), and I know how important it is to make the time you have with your family and loved ones as comfortable as possible. Sometimes it is the little things that matter the most.

We support Ms. Myatt's work and creative spirit by watching and enjoying her creations; here's another way  to say thanks.

PS - Please help out by copying and pasting the info below to help spread the word.

Nancylee Myatt, best known for creating "Nikki and Nora" and "Cowgirl Up!" and for her work on "South of Nowhere", recently suffered a double loss when both her mother and her only sister died of cancer, less than one month apart.  Nancylee has said that "in lieu of flowers", she asks that people make a donation to the hospice where her mother passed away.  We all know how much Nancylee has given of herself to the fans, and how she is loved and respected in turn.  So we thought many of you would be eager to show her your support in this difficult time,  by helping ease the final days of others suffering from terminal illnesses.  You can either make an online donation or send a check by mail.

(checks payable to) Mercy Health Foundation
P.O. Box 17000
Ft. Smith, AR 72917

In Honor of Maye Welch Myatt 
To benefit the Mercy Hospice Wing

You can also donate online -

Friday, September 07, 2012

Storify and Nikki and Nora

So more twitter talk about a maybe Nikki and NOra webseries led me to see how easily Storify works to update a story - well it was very easy and I just added the new tweets and such down at the end - I know I should be experimenting more and trying to make it look pretty and readable... but at least I am doing a little.

 Also, I could break it into separate stories, but not sure on that yet, so, keeping it as one long record. As to the content of the Storify story, YEEEHAWWW even if it is just a tease, it is a nice one ;) and it helps fuel the fire for N&N stories, which I just posted up the last chapter for my current N&N story over at the Nikki and Nora BB

 Also working on two other N&N stories, one with 1shinyboat and 1 with pbwr - plus I have the next N&N in my series I am outlining now....

 so, all this N&N talk just makes it fun ;)

 and ohhh Cowgirl up 2 coming soon too - wheeeee

 thank you TelloFilms and thank you Ms. Myatt

 N&N Storify -