Thursday, June 30, 2005

The fun way to clean the bathroom

Whew – getting a window replaced in a car can add up – fricking needing to be able to open my window because I drive toll roads in NJ. I spend more and more time at the wonderful car place….

Water gun fights are fun! And a great way to clean the bathroom – lol – much better than traditional scrubbing. Love those 3 for a dollar Walmart water pistols.

Actually getting a few things done at work – thoughts roam most days between that, thinking about certain people and fantasies and focused on making it through the summer - and OH those people who might have been leaving work and thus throwing me into total loneliness might not be so now only mostly lonely hopefully (sleepless in NJ but at least got some great people to think about - haha) … eh I am an individual and like doing stuff on my own – and I say that 1000 times and it might be totally true… ahhh truth what a wonderful story people weave through life.

Here's an interesting track to get stuck on – Robbie Williams Escapology, Alanis Moressette Jagged Little Pill and then Disney Girlz Rock bubble gum pop album – how's that for a weird rotation in my three disc CD player – lol I love all forms of music I really do

Friday will be a bitch – have 2pm appointment in Philly for tests for Theresa – so we will be finished about 4pm –

well not bad enough it is rush hour in Philly

not bad enough it is a Friday rush hour

not bad enough it is fourth of july weekend people coming to the shore

fourth of july is Monday = three day weekend so shore will prolly be PACKED

ack ack ack

we may spend a bit of time in Philly or taking the back back back wayyyyyyy back roads

No plans for holiday – aren’t I exciting – whee haw may work on projects – oooo sounding even more… stuffy – lmao would like to go dancing actually but no people I can drag along and that is one of the many activities I like that I do have trouble doing on my own…. Ah well

I gotta see movies, actually may do that on weekend… catch up on movies – yes a promise I always make….. maybe do a rent a thon – yessssss sounds like a plan that I might not follow through on – lmao

Good thing I am not with anyone I think I'd drive them nuts with my quirks and wanting to go explore weird places draggin them into trouble and being major blonde and flighty

While waiting for my car to get fixed I made a friend – she was probably about 4 and her parents were buying a car so she ended up sitting a lot with me (when not running around and being a kid – lol) and talking to me and stuff.

It was funny – I was writing up a chapter for one of my stories and she sits next to me and asks what I am doing – they turn on cartoons on the tv so then she is asking me about that and other stuff getting more and more friendly as her parents are keeping an eye on her and giving her stuff to keep her busy and telling her not to bother the nice lady (great I am a nice lady – lol) and such. The little girl kept getting more and more friendly and then was like tapping me on the shoulder and stuff as I was writing to get my attention and stuff and sharing her teddy graham bears and would have shared her lollipop and such– why do kids always gravitate to me? I am told it is because I am their size and they can look me in the eyes - lmao

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Well back at home in my little world – Nashville a distant memory until the 12 of July (when the next round of conferences hit).

Went to a comedy club Thursday and whew that was fun. Jim Gaffigan was the headliner – nice way to end a very long conference… but it was good information and will hopefully bring good stuff back to the teachers....

I have soooo much reading and typing to do…. It is like now – I read some Birds of prey Fiction, type up in Excel a schedule of the workshops we are presenting in Nashville complete with anal-ass color codes and such… then on to loading CDs unto computer to make playlists (just did my L word CDs season 1 and 2 and WAH-HOO DVD coming out October 25 – of course damn it I have t wait until them to see them, I think I will rerent season 1..) Then I type up the time agenda outline for a workshop… then I go read some Birds of Prey fanfiction and check some banking stuff online… then read some curriculum… then go fold laundry…

Basically I am trying to break p the enormous amount of work with other odd tasks – which means I will look like I am living online almost 24/7 for the next two weeks as I try to F*ing draw even, never mind catch up totally, and shit-ass forget ever getting ahead – lol

JEM is coming to Philly and I am trying to decide if I be bad and go and then hurt for it the next day or not…. Sigh…. Responsibility sucks… may be losing two really good friends/co-workers at work… considering these are the only two people I know outside of work in way I am really bummed badly… I am back to, well, anyways. There are a couple of concerts coming up too and considering I just got handed more projects I am going to splurge and go to something :) In fact just got ticket to see 311, Unwritten Law and pap Roach at teh new House of Blues in Atlantic City - in August - wahhoo

This weekend gotta do major damage control on the front and back yard – I have gotta try and clean stuff up some – and fight the bugs taking over my wooden shed in the back –

Bug Fogger here I come – whee-haw who will win in the battle of the midgets – catch it (booming and echoing effect comes on) SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY… raw entertainment, live screaming as the blonde flees from the menacing little buggies – lol okay better come back from my la-la land ramble (and I am totally sober, nothing in my system… yes I am just wacky – lol)

Birthday party Sunday – it is an outdoor, zoo, pizza thingy…. John and Dorothy planned it all, I am doing nothing but showing up… sigh… sometimes life stinks when it shouldn’t, just seems to a little more sometimes…

Let's see what songs from the two L word albums do I like:
Genius (one of my favorites)
Everybody's Somebody's Fool (man do I feel like that a lot lately… hey morose, melancholy feeling get the hell outta here – where is my happy Bunny book when I need it…. Okay back to list side rant done
Hallelujah (okay I liked the scene this was associated with a little more than the song but good song)
In the Sun (this one grows on you, very, very deep about the fifth time around and on)
Brother (I like the beat to this one – very much makes me get up and dance)
Playgirl (very very danceable, I like this one – also makes me, well one of those I wish I was like this and had the courage to be songs…)
No Other Love (dedicated to that fantasy wish of the person you wish would notice you and ask you to be with them… you know who you are, no wait you don’t cause only in my head…)
Mmmnn (neat song and of course the follow-up to the last song, this is the song you hum and buzz through your lips as you slowly move across her skin not touching the silky surface but rather letting the song and the feeling and your breath do just as the song suggests Mmmmnnnnn)
Sunny Came Home
Naked As We Came (very humbling title and lyrics… one of those oh shit I just got deep and reflective songs)
Get On (just a nice dance beat – makes me wanna swing my hips)
It Girl (another favorite – again the fuck it why can’t I be like that – really hits home the difference between me and my real life and the tv show and dreams you think of)
Love Is Everything (like the lyrics)
Some Kind of Wonderful (what we all hope to find in the end and what I have in a way but still would feel more complete with people to share the wonderful with)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Having a Time and a Half in Nashville – Round 1

Hey there – reached half way point of my first conference of the summer. This one is for QUILT – a great questioning process that helps bring better questions to the classroom.

We got in Sunday leaving Friday – it is an intense type of conference – we enter the room at 8:00am and the session ends at 4:00pm each day (Monday – Thursday). But the training is a combination of lecture, discussion and activities.

They put in energizers like today we did the balloon round robin – a group of adults passing a balloon around to music and whomever is holding the balloon when it stops has to do weird stuff as a result – lol – our group broke the balloon right away and so we are passing this broken bit of rubber – gawd it was hilarious.

I’ve had a head cold since Saturday so been not at top form but hanging in there.

Got more work responsibilities (more projects - I will be swamped when I get back home - will need another outing like MOnday when we went to the Wildhorse Saloon - I did the free dance lessons and learned this one club dance - it was very funny watching teachers try to dance - lol) and going crazy but hanging in there.

Tonight our group split in two – most went to the Grand Ole Opry – but I and another teacher were rebels. We went to the main downtown district and tried out a couple of bars (one had a boogie blues theme and a free buffet with the music and I ate something crawfish something… it was dark who knows exactly what it was, but it was happy hour and free why complain – lol

Then we hit another place and had more happy hour drinks and food – then on to the most awesome main event for the evening.

We went to see Jason Mraz and Alanis Moressette in concert at the Ryman Auditorium. The venue was F*ing awesome – a converted church we sat in pews. The acoustics were wonderful.

Mraz was funny and good – just him on acoustic guitar and Toca playing a bongo type drum – they were more comedy than music but his voice was wonderful too.

And then Alanis – wow and my concert buddy – she adores Alanis and was singing every song – plus we really felt they hit home because we both are divorced and going through changes in life and stuff. The tour is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of her album Jagged little pill and she re-released an acoustic version – so all the songs had a softer yet still edgy tone – shit it was just – I was singing and rocking and reflecting (damn whiskey sour and long island ice tea and then she sang a couple sons I played over and over when my ex told me he wanted to leave and no way he was going to talk about it or try to save things – turned out it was best for me but still the songs really made me start thinking about that and reflecting and well… kinda in a good mood but deep, wishing some things were different in my life but knowing I can never make them how I wish so that makes me sigh and keep wishing (I am a hopeless hapless romantic) mood….

Then the shuttle ride home was entertaining – our driver was this 36 year old woman who kept up a very frank running commentary and had us in stitches such as the story comparing California men to Florida men and how she took pictures of said men on her camera phone and then left it at home and when she got back her husband was throwing it at her and oh yeah honey she took care of him and shit if he didn’t grab all her regular film and develop it at Wal-Mart but he only found pictures of her with her pants down – and yes this woman kept telling us stuff like that – damn I was at a comedy club

Well more conference tomorrow and not sure what is on plate for tomorrow night – unless others going out I may order pizza and a movie in the room and be a homebody – I have a lot to think about and just well, thinking lots of deep reflective I think I am getting in a bad mood thinking – ah well – another day another dollar and hey I have fun as I go and will always find something even if it is not always the deepest dream – I can still have a good time – oh yeah baby and take Alanis’ lyrics to heart – wine, dine then do me 69 :-D

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Where Has All The Goodness Gone?

Well came outta work yesterday to a flat and had to replace tire (the mechanic pulled like major big pieces of metal from the tire.

Started developing a nasty nose cold viral something - go cold medicine

My driver's side window decided to go down about a quarter of the way and then broke - drat electric technology now it goes nowhere - ah for the days of the wind up and down windows

a few things going on with sisters - damnit, I tape things together before I leave and already they are falling apart... sssiiiggghhhh

trying to get things done at work - gotta read a ton of reports and curriculum - whew-whee...

housework piling up

ants invading my yard big time

Okay needing some good cheer and lots of distractions about now

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Trip to Hell, I mean Arizona, and Back Again

Well made it through another trip to Arizona and had fun, excitement, drama, adventure, frustration and all the other emotions of the rainbow. You name it we had it packed into four short days – lol


Had to be up to Philly by 3am - Theresa did not mind she sleep in her car seat - well she did mind that all of the places we stopped to get a snack/breakfast were actually closed - at least we beat the rush traffic.

Whew checked three pieces of luggage filled with crap for my sisters and nephews/nieces plus two carry-ons - I thought the march from the parking garage to the check in would never end - plus stupid signs say Delta is in terminal D noooooooooooooo Delta check in is in E - crap sign makers, you come over here and wrangle 5 pieces of luggage and a 5 year old (although for being 5 and excited Theresa was very very good I must admit - I ran around more than she did - :-P ) through two terminals....

Flights were not bad - transfer in Atlanta went well and then got into Phoenix around 10 something. Met two sisters (and 6 kids) so packed our flock (or whatever you call a group of Carltons - lol) into a mini van and first visited with a friend of mine who was in Phoenix to see her parents - oh we had fun at that McDonalds - of course it is the restaurant fault for having no playground - so of course the kids bounced off the ceiling - lol

Then we hit an outlet mall as we headed back towards Tucson - that was pretty cool found this movie I had been wanting to see - the Incredible True Story of Two Girls in love - now just gotta watch it - hehe - but hey I got it - wah and hoo - also got matching Madagascar sandals for the three girls - gah and phooey matching things for the kids whew

Also got to stop at every bathroom in the mall - I MEAN EVERYONE - between all the kids and my small bladder (and the fact I am always drinking tea - go ice tea - haha)

Picked up a mood ring at the rainforest Cafe in the mall - had lost another ring early in the week and was waiting for all the kids to go through the gift shop and saw them and decided what the hey. It is silly but I like it :)

Then headed to Tucson and met up with the third sister for dinner at a buffet place. Let's see that would be dinner for 5 adults (well 4 adults and me - hehe) and 10 kids. Funny thing - people kept coming to sit by us and then moving - hmmm wonder why ;-D


Up early and headed to the Historical Society or Cowboy Museum as Theresa calls it. We managed to make it through the museum with out breaking anything or being thrown out - although it was a challenge to see who would break first the kids or us... and we still trying to figure out how Chris - the three year old ended up behind the ropes and in the stagecoach when no one was looking.

I have awesome pictures from the trip and will put them up on the web - let me kow if you want link to them.

After that we split up - some sisters had birthday parties and such so we did some shopping for the party we were planning for Sunday and then kinda chilled for a few hours.

Went to a Krispy Kreme donut shop for the first time. They were making regular glazed – oh all that icing, grease and the like – but whew wheee they were good…. Arteries hardening as I speak, adding poundage to my body (which needs to lose about 15 pounds not gain any – 15 pounds – I can do it, I can do it – I will do it I have a reason and motivation now – so will do it….)

Then we hit Pinnacle peak also called Cowboy town by Theresa – it is a western themed mini park with a big steak house, shops, staged gunfights, a little train and the main area is like an old west town complete with wooden walkways.

We shopped a little (got this cool guitar thingy and some picture frames) and then watched the gunfight which was so corny I could not stop groaning, I mean the jokes were baaaaadddddddd real baaaaaaddddddddd. When the first time you see the sheriff is him coming out of the outhouse a large piece of toilet paper stuck in his pants… well it went downhill from there - lol

Then that night went to the Cactus Moon (see previous post) – I only had a little to drink and was the DD to take my sister home – I took her home to her boyfriend trying to help them patch things up – not sure how long that will last…..


Picked up some party games and favors at the Dollar store and then headed to Peggy's for Theresa's birthday party. They have a small inflatable pool so the kids swam, ate and played games. It was pretty fun. I was silly a lot doing the games and stuff, like when we were making puppets and I was down on the floor surrounded by all the kids making puppets right along with them.

I am too silly and immature – some day I may grow up – lol

That night just kinda hung out and relaxed a little, sorta.


Two of my sisters drove us back up – we ate at the Cracker Barrel and I got these two t-shirts – one is Woodsy the Owl form the 70s saying Give a Hoot Don’t Pollute. The other is the tootsie pop owl saying How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop (I was joking I should cross out tootsie and put my name in there – ooo that'd be bad)

The nonstop flight was not bad – but got back like almost 10pm to Philly and then had long drive home – wheeeee and whewwwwww I needa vacation from my family trip


Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Cactus moon

Hi from sunny, hot Arizona :-D

Well just a quick note on having interesting times while visiting sisters here – got in on Friday and having lots of fun and other assorted adjectives – lol

Went to Pinnacle Peak today and we saw a cowboy show and walked around - found this kick-butt awesome ass picture frame and this little cat themed painted guitar thingy so I splurged and got them for me - they fit in with my shelf of special knick-knacks and collectables :-P

Then tonight went out with two sisters and one sister’s boyfriend – they took me to a country-western place. The Cactus Moon – very interesting. It has a big wooden dance floor and the music mixing booth in the middle. Then there is a large walkway all around the dance floor (for people to go “walking” my sister did that a lot – it is basically crusin only instead of in a car you are walking around the ring.

The dance floor is ringed with a counter and chairs and then tables after that… then the walkway and then bars along the walls at about 5 places around the bar/club (it is a big place.)\\Plus it is the first bar I have been to that has a major large hat shop – yes they sell cowboy hats – yeeehawwwww

Plus they have cigar shops and hey even had Captain Morgan (some poor smuck dressed up as a pirate looking for people drinking rum).

The music was actually mixed – there would be country western sets (the main theme of the place is western) but then they would play current dance/pop sets – nice mix.

I enjoyed watching people dancing and THANK YOU GWEN STEFANI – when they played Hollaback girl damn those women got up and out and ooo one set was even bumping, grinding, licking and okay going to take shower brb

Hehe – yeah even though I do not do country-western I enjoyed myself – liked watching the people – major fun time – plus my one sister is like a major club ho kinda person and plays the crowd so she kept picking up guys on the dance floor or when crusin’ and bringing them around and stuff – damn dancing with her on the floor was fun but whew-wheee but I would go back again

My other sister goes there a bit and was pointing out all the regulars and it was fun watching some of the better ones dance and then they have an elevated box on one end like in Soul Train and enjoyed watching the girls get up there and go crazy – lol

So had a bit of fun dancing and watching – of course then had to drive my drunk sister home (I was the DD) and that was a story in and of its self

Yes there has been major drama as well as pain in the ass sister stuff and some fun… will have to write up more of the quirky odd shit that is a family vacation – I will definitely need a rest after this trip :-D

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cruising Along To New York

Went to New York today with friend who is visiting. Started early it is about 3 hour drive but not bad. I go to Hoboken and take the ferry across and then the free bus to Times Square – it is perfect and not that bad drive wise.

So we walked around some – mainly the area called Hell's Kitchen and looked at the shops and people and such. Got a great Almond Croissant and Mousse Cake stuff. YUM!

Then we spent a bit of time in Virgin Record Store – oh I love that place!!!!! They had this interesting display for Pride Month and we tried figuring out exactly why they put some of the CDs there they did, we were like is he gay? Is She? Are you supposed to be into them if you are gay – lol – I was good I only ended up with one CD... I kept my hands in my pockets most of the time and did not listen to anything – see, very good.

Then we went to see Wicked!!!! Wah-hoo – it was awesome – Loved the actresses for both main parts and the support cast was great – being close to the stage was cool it was easy to get immersed and thus lost in the music and play. Very coolness. I really liked the lyrics and the staging of the musical was pretty good.

Liked the Gershwin Theater – the sets and stage were good use of the space - the pace and scene changes matched the play's emotion and kept things engaged – and where I was sitting I could look down under the stage and see the musicians which was cool to see like their own personal space with all their odds and ends they had since they were out of sight... they could be naked down there basically and most people would never know – hehe

I always love looking behind the scenes and seeing the little things like that each musician had little boxes by their seats with all sorts of things like extra parts to instruments – some of the green monkeys from the Play store and other assorted stuff... just a little slice of life... I like that

The bathroom had its own show as well. The staff member in the bathroom to help keep it clean and move things along was a character – an older woman. She kept up a constant steady stream of chatter every time I was in there. She'd be clapping when the women came out of the stalls while directing and adding stuff about how long the play was or when it got out or stuff about the Tony Awards and just it was really funny and interesting to watch – a real character.

Then we got these CDs – Suzanne Westenhoefer - a comedienne and listened to them on the drive home – OMG she is funny – I like her a lot. She even mentioned Tucson - but not everyone is an Ewok or Yoda like shrivel person… almost everyone but not everyone.

Wonder Bar Venue is Good and other rambles

Wow – great concert! Went to Asbury Park to a place called the Wonder Bar to see Melissa Fredrick. I liked the place and the music was great. Melissa knows how to play f*ing good guitar.

Plus the warm up acts ranged in tastes and the one girl got up a lot to play with Melissa. The music went on till after 12:30. I am definitely planning on going to the Wonder Bar again. Even if I was alone I would go back and plan on it.

It was cool sitting at the bar as women kept coming up to order and squeezing in – one main she was hanging all over me and us at one part (niceeeee! Hehe) Remind me Molly I wanna try a Toasted Almond Martini. Then there was this one woman– wow she was a real class act in the place… yes my eyes followed her the whole night and I ended up always knowing where she was standing – I was bad.

Got tickets to go see Alanis in the historic Ryman – oh yeah conned someone from work for when we are in Nashville for a conference. Found out late Friday another conference may be messed up – whew that'll be interesting.

Also had a run of people coming in late Friday suddenly interested in getting the curriculum stuff in order -yay last minute stuff.

Of course that made me more popular than I should have been, plus ended up doing or will be doing an insane amount of work as especially in some areas a lot of people are not doing a lot so topics are open – oh well fine, you make me write it, it'll be formatted properly and my way at least.

So gotta preview a couple of curriculum, start writing formally the Welding, need to finish printing out the NAF stuff and contact the teacher about making the PowerPoint, need to write up all timelines and formally organize those for my boss. I am going to hold on the HSTW workshops until Monday and confirmation we are still going – lol.

Molly brought this awesome turtle dragon statue that joins the collection of wizard cats, fantasy stuff and turtles on my one special counter. It is a neat statue with a turtle riding a dragon and it is done in a Chinese style.

Today was mainly errands and stuff, just kinda a nice day. Tomorrow we conquer Wicked and New York. Looking forward to that

Lost Molly's present damn it -this house is not that messy how the H – E – Double – L do I lose something like that? SIGH – started up a concert book documenting where I visit regarding concerts, when I go and who I see – just something to be of hmm interesting….

Started packing up some stuff to take to Arizona – wow that is next week need to look into what we plan on doing for the extended weekend.