Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lessons Learned and other tidbits

Well, been a weird week and ups and downs

Most of my friends are not around right now and I miss them (Hi Molly one of the few actually not on vacation or MIA) – but man I miss peeps

Wednesday night I come home and find I can not access web pages.. I put a call into Comcast and they can not send a tech until Monday – I also took my computer into work and had a tech look at it who said it didn't seem to have any viruses or browser hijackers soooooo now I wait until Monday – until then I am using my sister's AOL account through dial up – whoooo that is frustrating and slow and phew I am spoiled – hehe

I caught some music this weekend at least.

Friday I went to the Somers Point Concert on the Beach series and caught Danny Eyre Band. They do covers of like the Beatles, The Guess Who, blues, funk, classic rock stuff. I've seen them before and like them. Also a teacher from school was there and we talked and stuff during the concert and that was nice.

Then tonight I went to West Wildwood's 4th of July celebration because my officemate's band Hydeaway – was playing – they were very good and some of the people from work were there so it was nice. I have more music coming up hopefully, which is good as I was missing getting to music….

I saw a lot of interesting, weird and funny things during the last couple of days. And learned some lessons too –

Such as using a port a potty during the night is a very weird experience and a bit of a touchy feely thing you don't wanna have be a touchy feely experience – lol ESPECIALLY when some guy gets in to the one next to you and starts serenading his, um, well while he is going, he starts singing the song "That's Amore" complete with increasing volume when he gets to the line "When the Moon Hits Your Eye" OMG I nearly wet myself as he kept going… whew, keep certain bathroom habits to yourself when using public restrooms and never venture into outhouses at festivals where lots of drinking has occurred, in the dark….

I also found it wise to look over street vendors at little fairs. I got a set of star wars toys for little one (she loves star wars and likes playing star wars type games a lot) but I got this set for 5 bucks. Now I know they may be a collector thing but screw that – I am giving it to her when I pick her up and letting her play with it. I got me a Xena figure for 2 bucks and yes I may take her out and play with her ;-)

I also did my long walk in Atlantic City today and going up, instead of walking the boardwalk like normal, I walked Pacific Ave. which is the first street off the boardwalk. Man more lessons seeing the various people (to give you an idea, the establishments include the casinos, churches, row homes with tenants who are obviously not middle or upper class, crack recovery houses, pawn shops galore, go-go places, I passed about 10 just on that street alone, homeless people sleeping, and so on… very different look vs the boardwalk which I walked back – that was interesting too as tonight Jimmy Buffet was playing at the Boardwalk concert hall and Buffet fans were already out in force.)

It was funny – a group of guys were decked out in shark hats, California/Hawaiian type shirts and dress and one guy even had a grass skirt on over his shorts. A couple of homeless drunks, regulars I see often when I walk, were making funky comments about the guys and such… I started laughing because I know how many times people will say things about those very people – heh guess everyone finds someone to laugh at…. And go – whoa weird people :P

So lots of lessons learned (patience, good music, how to laugh, being lonely, and more)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Erasure Lyrics and such

I've been listening a lot lately to the group Erasure (electronica/pop/and more I really like them and Andy Bell is so fun to watch in concert). I was lucky to get to see them as part of the True Colors tour plus they just add a solo stop in NJ to their tour before they head back to Europe (I am so there in August).

But two of the songs, well ok I could go on about a lot of their songs and prolly will along the way – but two have got me thinking lately, for very different reasons. They are both off the latest CD (a very nice CD and reason for their solo tour) although I have a lot of their other stuff too…

One - "I Could Fall In Love With You" is a very wonderful melody and song and I love the video – one of the places that really drew me in – go to yahoo music or such and watch the video if you want sappy, romantic, sweet awwwww moment – yes I am a romantic sap and like that sort of stuff, hence liking the song and even more the video…

The official know-it-alls say everyone needs physical contact – Another video by The Sick Puppies plays on that concept too with the 10000 hug campaign (another video I like and go awww I want someone around to give me 10000 hugs :-P

And yes I listen to a heckuva lotta music - hehe

Two - "When A Lover Leaves You" – heh – I actually like the meter of the song and also the really odd juxtapositioned phrases in this song (I do not have a lover so no one is a leaving me – lol)

But the line s–

Where there are demons
I see angels passing by

For some reason I just like them, like that idea that you can look at a person and where others see something that would be considered bad, dark, or would cause most to turn away, well somewhere, someone just might consider that the most angelic, beautiful thing… again the romantic sap in me – it also means sometimes you need to be willing to take a deep breath and let people see that part… you never know who might be seeing the angel in you….

In other areas, started my summer session classes and so far so good, trying to get this certification stuff in order so my place of employment keeps me employed.

Going to try and get a nice walk in tomorrow and pinball… need a good round of pinball – need to think and such…

Have an awesome ay everyone and many many wonderful hugs to everyone… (ok going to try and stuff the romantic sap back inside now - lol

Monday, June 18, 2007


Oh wow – went to Philly yesterday to see the musical Hair and DAMN BABY it was F*ing totally bitchin' major A major W major E some ohhhhhh yeah and if it sounds like I am close to orgasm well after sitting through that experience I was – I think if I am ever in a relationship with someone, all they need to do is take me to concerts or musicals or shows I will beeeee very much so in the mood after

But I ended up stage center in your face seats – seriously – they had this center extender – it actually came out over the seats – I was right in the middle in the first row in front of this – so the actors literally were in my face when they were right there on the end. In fact, the play is interactive and the actors always were in the audience talking – I got beads actually from one – and the wooden beads are now in my car :P

I had not seen Hair before and man I do want to see it again, maybe even rent the movie.

But the songs were very good and some made me really think and go hmm. Plus I liked the pace and the staging was such I was always watching something.

There was also real life protesting – a group called the Granny brigade was protesting the war in IRAQ – seriously – they were in front of the theater and also had flyers and stuff… I think that is so awesome they were doing that.

Speaking of grannies – oooo I got in trouble before the show started. Right behind me were these two older ladies, seriously at least 65 if not older. But listening to them it was like listening to 2 teens- honest they cursed up a blue streak. Hearing one call Paris Hilton a skinny rich bitch and then more made me gag and choke and laugh out loud. Later the one was talking about her asshole of a friend who did something stupid at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas – ohhhhh damn I enjoyed that

I also found a neat place in Philly – Ventura Inn – I caught a quick bite, the food was good.

I rounded out the day stopping at the huge FYE and dancing and listening to stuff.

But ooooo yeah I am going to go trip out on the orgasmic high of seeing a concert/musical such as Hair some more - hehe

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Las Vegas and Web Serials

Whew – there and back all in one weekend. Made it to Vegas for my sister's 30th birthday. We had a lot of fun. We mainly walked around the strip and took in all the eye candy, eye sores and everything in between : )

It was good seeing my sisters and just being goofy, silly and even for one night a little sexy, heh. It really is amazing to watch people in Las Vegas, I mean other places have their charm. But there is something to be said about the combination that is Vegas. Watching people do things they normally wouldn't or judge others for doing things like that : )

Got a bit of thinking done over the extended weekend too. I've been really in a different place the last couple of months and overall, I like a lot if it. I have a couple of people to thank for being kinda giddy happy a lot of the time – so thank you.

Got deathly ill last night and ended up not going into work – now I am major behind. Hopefully I can catch up. Very busy week ahead, but then things should get into a groove.

Start teaching meteorology for Cumberland College next week – that will be fun – I am teaching Physical geology too – that one online. I am about finished with setting that up.

I am still trying to get a group together to watch the web series Sanctuary. If you live in the NJ/Philadelphia area and wanna meet to watch the premiere of the fourth eppy as well as discuss the show and such – contact me. I am looking to do this around the 25th of June. come on – it'll be funnnnnn :-D

Also, my brother-in-law is really into western stuff – he and my sister do a lot of conventions and events, he is from Tombstone and stuff, he is one of those gunfighter actors in those stunt shows sometimes. Well he decided to make a web series – my sister is in it even – it is pretty cool and another web series.

And of course my favorite is Ghosts of Albion

And I like the WaTchers virtual series too

Friday, June 08, 2007

The journey begins

One of the fun parts of travel -

being on a plane sharing M & M with strangers - hehe -

listening to a boy ask his dad 100 questions - (and dad being silly and saying things like Santa Clause is driving the automatic train)

watching people get toasted in the airport irish pub (which had a yummy Boxey thing which I tried)

Ok more to come with my weekend of fun : )

Monday, June 04, 2007

Life's Little Adventures # 543

Life is full of adventure

Like driving in pouring rain that ahs been pouring all night, driving down the yellow strip in the middle of the road because it is the highest part of the road because the rest of the road is totally underwater, driving down teh middle yellow hoping no other cars are coming the other way and finding the middle is still under water enough you wonder if your Honda Civic is going to stall....

Ah, life's grand adventures