Friday, May 30, 2008

what's happenin' and research fun

Well made it through another week - hurray - had a lot of training last couple o' weeks, from word and excel to using GPS and GIS to other fun stuff.

Found out a person theresa calls grandma passed away yesterday - my parents and ex's parents are all deceased, so now she does not have a "grandma" and she loved having one...

working on getting projects finished up, lots of lesson plan and curriculum writing lately as well as trying to get the summer bridging program i help with setup (paperwork hell)

Asbury Park Pride fest this weekend - plan on going sunday Kathouse and Christina Marucci Band playing among others - hopefully have fun, maybe meet some people, and so on (anyone wanna go with.. : )

Also - looking to go to a Bands and BBQ being hosted by the local Arts high school tomorrow, that should be cool - yay lots of music!!!!!

trying to pick back up my writing and doing some Tombstone research for a game (ohhhhhh Tombstone people - I need your helppppp) but i love gaming and writing for many reasons, one of them is the research.

I love creating a character from say 1880 Tombstone and having to research to find out and build that character - it is what draws me to a lot of games and writing - the research and the building of fiction using a base of fact and then tweaking it - i mean that is what myths are all about - taking a truth and skewing it into an unimagined possibility

ok going to scoot - and oh Vegas trip coming soon I need the vacation - yayayayay

Saturday, May 10, 2008

GIS and other odds and ends

Whew busy week, but a bit of a change coming - the college semesters ended this week and the one next week, so my classes are about over, I have piles and piles and piles of grading - lol - but by end of next week, things should be shifting a bit as I readjust my schedule (I get my Monday nights, Friday nights and Saturday mornings back - yipee)

I am teaching one summer course, but it is online so not too bad, although I need to start fixing that up and getting it all set... I am adding some simulations and new labs to make it a little more interesting, I hope : )

The high school is also starting to wind down... classes end June 16th, but by the beginning of June, most of my students (as I mailing have juniors and seniors) will be focused on exams and Graduation practice and all.

Been getting more and more into GIS - Geospatial/Geographical Information Systems. Through a grant, we are bringing this technology and concept into the school and I am like the keypoint person - actually I have already been using it.

I use it for my environmental and science courses, plus I did a project with the History classes on civil war battlefields, been working with the Law and Public Safety class and I am in the middle of doing a project with my Aquatics class - we are making geocaches which is cool

I also will be using it with the summer program I help with - in addition I am looking into officially becoming certified, then I have a second job career under my belt if needed or wanted
I say that because I am still looking at moving or changing things... but that is another topic for another time

I did some training his week up in North Jersey - became a field trainer for the Thinkfinity website and resources, that is a cool set of lessons and web sites - I found one where you control a catapult and destroy a castle, ok yes I was playing a bit - lol

On another note, I officially got my contract renewed for the next year, yay I have a job :P I also got a raise which means I just cracked the half century mark (then I have what I make doing the college gigs). So that is very cool

Been reading the Watchmen graphic novel - very interesting concept and read. I find it oddly intriguing and keeping me going "what the..??!!??" a lot

Thinking about going out tonight, a nice place in North Wildwood, do a little dancing and celebrating that the semester is over.

And mother's day tomorrow - wow - not really planning on much - I'll get little one back an we will prolly just tool around and do stuff as if any other average Sunday ;P

alrighty - off to eat my exercise and other assorted chores - blah : )

Sunday, May 04, 2008

La La La

Well keeping busy

Thursday little one and I went to see Switchfoot in concert - they were great and little one had a ball, she even met some friends (she manages to do that about everywhere we go) we hung out in the back dancing and just enjoying (Meant to Live and Awakenings are my favorite songs, we are one close behind)

My college classes are almost done, a couple more classes, some tests and all set. The online high school class is almost done too... the regular high school is out June 16th - then on to one summer class, a few conferences and trips and Bridging and GIS projects, in general.

Alright on to laundry and mopping and other fun house chores