Friday, May 28, 2010

More on fanfiction

Another interesting article - so derivative works - more legit these days??

Augmented reality Classroom demo

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE I am so psyched, just finished my last augmented reality demo for my classes and I am so excited at how well it went. I used the GE smart grid example and the United States Post Office example and the students loved it. Plus mentioned QR codes such as what entertainment weekly did with its summer movie preview, how real estate and others are using QR codes as well as the Microsoft Tag - the students asked lot of questions, three are doing visual literacy projects now using the concept and I got them to think about ways to expand their job skills and where this technology might be used.

YAY - and this was on a Friday, before the memorial day three day weekend and the students were engaged the whole period - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Ok links - Microsoft tag -

GE smart Grid ( and the direct AR demo -

USPS AR demo

Berlin artist use of QR code/tag -

Real estate

Entertainment Weekly QR Code Use (one student had a blackberry and we actually went through how to do this -

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MIA - but back soon

ok so been incredibly busy and swamped with lots of projects - will howver be finished with many of these projects and have them in hand as summer schedule approaches, which means can get back to writing stuff here and at transmedia in education and the transmedia necessity ratings and transmedia story maps and the resource site and all those other wonderful things like the transmedia narrative developing with others - just be patient, pleaseeeee

and ohhhh - finally got a domain name and host server, so should have that up in the next month - give or take, take or give

alright off to work on more projects

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Transmedia documentary

has anyone done a documentary on transmedia using transmedia structure? That would be a cool project and a fun venture to work on/create. Hmmm, how might one start that project????

Ok that sounds really awesome to me

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fanfiction and Transmedia

I have a side interest in transmedia type narratives and one of the "pieces" in the transmedia world is engaging fans and fanfiction sorta falls into that - that said - a couple of interesting articles have been making their rounds - - starting with
a great article linking fanfiction and transmedia

one side note is many authors/creators are now taking the stance of working with fans, kinda, via "fanfiction is to be licensed as derivative, noncommercial fiction under the Creative Commons umbrella." (from

Intteresting development for fanfiction...

but some more info if you want to follow this more and if anyone else has links or resources on this topic, transmedia or just wants to talk about the topics and such - please share. - author Jim Butcher's Take - Author Mercedes lackey take - author Diana Gabaldon take - Charlie Stross's take

Do people have other resources, ideas????