Monday, June 30, 2008

Dreden Dolls Song - yeah it is different

ok could not add it directly to myspace - here are the lyrics and a youtube link - interesting video they did for it - it kinda - no not kinda- it really fits the song and fits why the song pulled on me - i like the sepia tones

"First Orgasm"

first orgasm
it is a thursday
i get up early
it is a challenge
i'm usually lazy

i make some coffee
I eat some rice chex
and then i sit down
to check my inbox

i only read a word or two
i stare across the street and see the churches and the blue

the first orgasm of the morning
is cold and hard as hell
there won't be any second coming
as far as i can tell

i arch my back cause
i'm very close now
it's very cold here
by the window

there are some school kids
yelling and running
i barely notice
that i am cumming

the first orgasm of the morning
is like a fire drill
it's nice to have a little warning
but not enjoyable

i am too busy to have friends
a lover would just complicate my plans
so i will never look for love again
i'm taking matters into my own hands

i think i could last at least a week without someone to hold me
i think i could last at least a week without someone to hold me
won't you hold me?

copyright 2005 amanda palmer

Wow already July

Dang - where did June go? Sheesh

Well as I gear up for July - I find I have a little breathing room before things get hectic again. I had my Derm body check and everything is a ok - yay - no suspcious moles or such and no need to see me until next year - just one more doctor to go and then i get to shy away from the medical field once again for awhile (ps - got a little letter that the squish test was ok so do not need that for another year either - double whew)

Fourth of july this weekend and so far not doing much - might go catch some live music somewhere - mainly wil be packing as I leave Monday for National Academy Foundation conference in Orlando - I'll be there the 7th - 11th.

Since I was feeling blah (no asking why, just I was, am, but hey will get through) - but I looked up concerts in Orlando and scored a ticket to see Pat Benatar at the Hard Rock Live concert venue on the 8th - boooo-yahhhhh wheee I get to see a new artist (well one i have not seen in concert) and a new venue - I have always wanted to the Hard Rock Of course I have work and NAF stuff during the day - but the nights are for me - yes allllll alone (hey if you in Orlando and wanna go see some music or something... : )

And also was listening to y Dreseden Dolls CD and came across the song - "First Orgasm" - ok a very odd song - but something about the lyrics and such kinda sucked me in and the back melody of the song, along with a few of thelyrics just seemed to fit some things... so yes - an odd song and if I can find it - will go up on MySpace for a few (although the song I have now will have to go back up soon - Cherry Chapstick - Mmmmmm hehe

I also preordered the Birds of Prey DvD - WHEEEEEEEEEEE I love this show and write/RP in the world some so Boooo-yahhhhh (and yes, a good friend, thank you Nikki, had gotten me "copies" of the show, but i like to support certain shows when possible and getting te DVD is one little way)

Oh not sure if you have a Suncoast Video store near you or if your store will do it - but I got a flyer that July 27 they are doing Animania - triva, cosplay and more - Theresa and I will go - I should have Theresa dress up - hmmm what should we do? Suggestions anyone?????

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Experiences

Ok – did something new today and I liked it. At the school we have a chapter of the Future Farmers of America (FFA). The one teacher who is active in it invited me to be the fourth in a golf foursome for an FFA scholarship fundraiser.

I said sure it helps the students and I like the teacher and others in the group. There was just one tiny catch…

I had never played golf at all… had no idea – lmao

Well it was a blast – 18 holes and they taught me and we partied and it was a great time. Plus I sunk a few putts, was great at chipping and just, it was a long day, but I am glad I went. And yes, I would golf again. Driving the cart was fun too :P

Got some projects to finish up tomorrow and started teaching my summer online class.

Plus I need to build this bookcase and do projects around the house – damn I need to find someone who likes fix-it jobs around the house – any one wanna apply – cuddling and having wild fun are part of the benefits package hehe

Ok off to write and so this and that.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not liking the boob squish test and other things

Ok – I do not like mammograms, nor do I like bilateral knee xrays. Yes had a couple tests today and man I just – there are other things I'd rather have done to my chest :P but it is important to get regular checks…

Working overtime at work to try and get workshops written, excel examples created, curriculum written, working on setting up the Bridging program and lost of other work projects. Even though the high school students' last day was yesterday – I am a 12 month and always busy

Also been busy trying to get things ready here as I have a trip coming up. Been scheduling all these tests, trying to get paperwork done, bills paid and house clean. This has just been the week from hell… ahhh well the weekend will make up for it – ohhh yeah baby : )

Other things been catching my curiosity to – one is odd. A couple days ago, out of the blue, I got an email from a woman I had dated a few times. She had gone on to Alaska and things (my sister set me up in Tucson).

Well the email was, I am in phoenix. How are you. Are you seeing anyone.

I was like ooookkkkk so I replied and am waiting to see if she replied back.

This is the person that gave me heart boxers the second time she met me. I was like this is the first time a woman has given me underwear :P ok ok I admit that has been the only time someone gave me underwear hehe….

Been reading some cool comics, picked up something called the Doom Patrol. I liked it, weird as heck, but then so was Watchmen. I also am trying to get into the Grimm Fairy Tales, the House of Mystery and a few others, plus my traditional ones (Anita Blake, Birds of Prey and others)

Say Kung Fu Panda – it was good – growwwwlllll Tigress hehe T and I have been trying to get the action figure at McD's we finally scoreddddddd ooohhhh Ms Jolie as a kick ass sexy kung fu tigress yeowwwwwww :P

Lots of movies coming out T and I wanna see…. I think Indiana Jones is next… so many movies, so little time (and so few bucks hehe)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Provoking discussion the music way

Ok – I changed the song on my MySpace profile (I kissed a Girl by Katy Perry) – it is a song that can create debate, heated discussion and all sorts of talk – hehe

some call it fun, some call it stereotyping and degrading, some call it a way to express inner feelings, it sets views and perceptions and yadda yadda, Katy does like to flirt with hot topics – walking the line and stomping on it - for instance - check the Ur so gay song of hers - ick) I find the beat is pop candy catchy the video pretty standard and fun and hey I like some of the lyrics so – it is my profile song for now hehe - along with it other songs with this theme -

what do you have to say??? what songs should be added to the list – I kissed a girl – katy perry this link is not the video but the lyrics - – one of the originals I kissed a girl by Jill Sobule – I do both jay and jane by La rissa – Autumn and me by Saving Jane – I happen to like this one – it is so subtle and has a few interpretations, could be best friends, could be more - eh I like the song so I throw it in – this home video is cute