Saturday, September 29, 2007

a juicy spicy blog

Well Molly has reminded me I have been lagging in keeping blog up to date so here Molly is a blog entry and since you said I should do a spicy blog.

: P

: D

: >



I've been into Subway sandwiches - unfortunately there are not many out here - but I get when ever i can a 6" Veggie delight on italian herb and cheese roll with provolone cheese, green peppers, tomatos, cucumbers and - extra spicy jalapenos - ooooo very hot and spicy....

Wait - that isn't what you meant Molly? Um, hmm, ok, would it work if I said I like eating my Subway sandwiches in the nude? :P

Thursday, September 20, 2007

video and idle thoughts

I recommend you go see the video for the song - apologize by onerepublic - it's... interesting as is the lyrics and beat.

Got tickets for oct 28 House of Blues Say Anything and Helloandgoodbye wheee

May have a new gig doing something for FAA and the college and high school

Working on Biology certification too by June I might have 4 certificates wheee

Hoping to get out this Saturday to catch a cover band converted to a duo - see how they are.

Also trying to keep afloat with different changes going on in Tucson.

And hmmm, there are some other things too, but I'll catch them laters :P

Sunday, September 16, 2007

death of the Good Samaritan

I saw a fallen woman today. Well, I did not see her fall. I was driving home from lab and saw this woman on the side of the road as I was slowing for a traffic light. She was sitting on the side and looked like she was trying to push up. I kept watching in mirror as I stopped (and so apparently did others, the guy in front of me had to slam suddenly on is brakes as he prolly was watching and did not see the car stop ahead of him).

I contemplated pulling over to ask what was going on and if she was ok, she grimaced at her leg as she stood. But it was not safe to really pull over and all those warnings went through my head. The idea of being jumped, used, it is a ploy, attacked, being sued for helping... all the things society has built up to deter being a good Samaritan heck we have GS laws now even....

So as I drove away, I said a silent sorry and also a wish and hope that if positions were reversed, I'd luck out upon the one who hasn't heard that being a good Samaritan is something to be feared and avoided.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Blogging about Blogging

Ok I have been accused of not blogging enough... so look I am blogging (as in the scene from Clue for you Kathy) - "I am blogging, blogging, blogging..." CLUNK Where'd that candlestick come from.

But as there is the word which means thinking about thinking hehe is there a word for blogging about blogging???????

Blogging is done more and more by more and more people... so I shall work on adding more blogs to the blogsphere and all those other wonderful words that now exist.... wheeeeeee let the flogging... oops um i meant blogging (blushy blushy ) begin :P

Thursday, September 06, 2007

team work

You know, as silly as this sounds, I miss making decisions with someone else. I mean there are pluses to being on your own and not having to work with someone else to make sure what you are or want to do is alright and fits and works. Yet… I miss the give and take, the discussion, sometimes even the disagreement and I miss… I miss reaching a conclusion together and seeing what you accomplished when you both worked together. Finding a different point of view, being exposed to new ideas.

Ah well…