Friday, August 31, 2007

Wonderful Things when you least expect

Well the trip out West is still going well. Although today is our last day in Tucson. I got a golden opportunity yesterday because my sisters are awesome people as well as a couple of other people. They kinda pushed and prodded (and in ms foxy’s and kathy’s case teased) and were patient and understood and so I did something I have not really ever done before and was a little impulsive. Well it turned out it is one of the best things I have done in a long time (along with this road trip in general).

But I went to visit someone and ended up having a very good time and leaving much happier than I have been in a long time. I got to spend a half a day with a very awesome, beautiful, elegant (bitchin’ goth/rocker/insert other descriptions here too hehe) and above all else, classy Lady.

Among the good time, she was patient and a little bold when I could not be bold and I am glad she was, not only did I like that (bold and spicy and dominate ooo yeah :-D but because of that she showed me even though it’s been a long time since I did something and was more nervous than a teenager (and much worse, I am sure she was going to give me a push or evil glare or something any moment) – but no she hung in there with me, tolerated my stupidity and hesitation and then helped me see something and gave me something I’ve not had in a number of years – hope… hope that I really might not be alone for the rest of my life and that people can like me (hard to explain any more what I mean by that – ping me and ask if you really wanna know)

Theresa hit a water park and other fun things yesterday and I managed to finish up getting my online class ready for start of semester – worried about work big time… also been thinking a lot on this trip (thanks to sisters, friends and situation at home) – things may change for me in the next little bit – very uncertain and I hate it but trying to hold on and not get too buried.

Going to Pinnacle Peak (or cowboy town) as Theresa calls it for tonight and then back on road.

Ok – off to pack car and watch Shrek 3-d with nieces and nephews and all sorts of wonderful things.

And once more, thank you Kathryn, thank you so much for making things brighter for me than they have been in a long time. I hope things swing bright your way soon as well. All classy ladies deserve only the best.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

made it to tucson

So i made it to tucson, surprised my sisters and enjoying the time. Not doing a lot of fancy things or visiting places or sightseeing, more just hanging out at sisters' houses, letting theresa play with her cousins and enjoy herself (she gets lonely but then so do i...)

I had stopped making entries because i wanted to surprise sisters and they already were getting suspicious.

But the last leg of the drive was smooth (damn texas is a big state) and had an incredibly brilliant, brighter than the sun, bright spot - got to stop and meet someone i have wanted to meet for awhile. And while nervous and not sure of the impression theresa and i made, to me, it was worth every 54 minutes (give or take a minute) spent there and would gladly drive another 2100 miles and do it again...

There are some museums and all in texas that looked interesting, there was a petroleum museum and all... and a meteor crater one too - may try to catch those, depends on timing. also a few places on way back to stop too - small breaks help - plus make the trip interesting... although texas rest stops SUCKKKKK you people need better stops hehe

But then the odd people at the assorted stops also make the trip interesting :P

Ahhh fun... and drat, not too much longer and back to reality and work and all... ah well shall enjoy until then.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

mannn never rent a wagon

ok somewhere close to nashville and getting dog tired so this is short. Had great day. Stopped at this frontier culture museum ohhh os much to share there can not begin but one thing, it was hot, you walked around (up hill both ways) outside. I was wearing a black shirt and i rented this old fashioned red wagon you pull so theresa could ride... i did not feel as bad eating the pizza tonight after that workout - hehe damn ideas about this will be fun... it was fun for the first 10 minutes... and to top it off my camera was not charged - ahhhh bloop

lots other moments to share - like running up and down a steep grassy hill at a rest stop very thankfull we did not slip and do a gainer down said hill - setting off the fire alarm in the hotel while i was naked form taking a shower (do not ask...)

Ahhhh road trips

Friday, August 24, 2007

Started road trip

Well little one and i are in a holiday inn in Manassas Virginia - she is loving being in a hotel - that in and off itself is special and the trip - managed to make it through I-95... man that road is getting worse and worse... well tomorrow the trip relly begins in earnest - we shall see how we are by tomorrow but so far trip is an 8 out of 10 (a little behind but i took longer leaving then i thought hehe)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

lots of little things and movie review

I know, not been updating in a bit - not updated story site, not updated blogs, not updated much... hopefully as things begin to settle I can change all that : )

Bridging program is moving into its final week, yay things have been up and down and quite a ride. Only a couple more weeks til school - still waiting to see how job and other pans out...

Going to take a road trip at end of August - yay for getting away

Saw the movie "Prey for Rock and Roll" Reading the reviews, people either hated it or loved it - like any good indie film. I liked it for a few reasons - one, yes I like Ms. Gershon and I think her role here was well done...

It's been out a few years, but it is hard to find. And while it has the macho chick and lezzie theme - that's not what I liked actually. I liked it was a woman who turned 40 and was going WTF am I doing here on this Earth, have I gotten too old and am I ever going to make my dream, be more than I am, rise above the average hum drum i go to work 9 to 5 kinda existence. And damn guess what, the movie dares to end with the answer... No she never ever will... she's an average plain jane (ok gina is hot but you know what i mean) basically not everyone has a glamorous life and some end up just getting through.

Granted the drama is high here although it is supposedly based on true events (which the whole tattoo the bad guy scene was really shivers because again it shows the plainness average, no they do not kill the guy, no there is no justice and no they do not beat him or anything, the main character uses her talents and the revenge is simple in execution yet is an outlet without a lot of violence.

But somehow by the end of the movie, I really can say and I do not say this about many movie's or characters, but I really understood Jackie, by god I did. And I ended up so drawn into the movie, I cried not just at the "sad" parts, but at the end of the movie too… both sad and then a hey Jacki realized where she was and still… fuck it all she went out on stage and played for her $13.25…. damn so many of us end up like Jacki, not Gina… : )

Gina has some new thing coming out Sept. 4 – I saw a preview on her MySpace it looks funny

I also liked a lot of the quotes – although overall the dialogue was not that high end, but then again, for me this movie was all about not being high end….

Jacki: A murderer, a rapist and a dyke go into a tattoo parlor...

Ok back to filing bills and the average stuff of life

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Is it really august already

wow been very very busy and been in weird motivation head space lately which is good and bad weird - not sure what to think or do about a few things and now what i want to think and do about a few things but not sure I can do what i want... damn real life sometime - lol

but it is august already and time marches on and it has been almost four years - there are some things i just wish time didn't march on regarding - ah well another day I will dream about certain sombodies coming in and looking past my outside and rather plain package and sweeping me off my feet because my inside is good enough...

going to take a vacation the last week in August - getting in the car and driving - just driving and seeing what can be seen and what can be done and for a week, relaxing for once and who knows, maybe finding motivation along the way

gotta get through august first - well hey one day already done - wheee