Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve

Just wishing everyone a happy start to the new year

and man, I got a freak out in the mail today - lol - i got a letter that was for a supposed parking citation in Charleston SC - of course the issue was during the time and date of the supposed violation, I was working hard at my desk, in NJ hehe, luckily they typed in the letters wrong and the woman I spoke to fixed it all up, so that's set, but whew, a nice way to cap the year.

Also got to get a bit more walking in and some more Ugly Betty, I really am liking that show.

Ok on to some chores and work and then celebrating later - hurrayyyyyy

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vacation Saturday

Well stopped at this flea market today – it was cool, reminded me of the Swap Meet in Tucson. I splurged and got a few knives – I got this Robert E Lee knife with matching watch cover/fob, Marilyn Monroe jackknife, a King Arthur knife and a Dragon Claw split blade with twisted handle – very nice.

Then headed to the mall and got my hair cut. The stylist was nice. I asked about the story behind her tattoos and I found out she and her mom got matching ones, in fact they hace gotten a number together. I was like tttoooootttallly cool – That would be a neat thing to do and share.

My mom and I shared college a little. When I started at the U of A – she went back too. Which was cool, we shared the Van Tran (did not have a car so used her handicap service). And because she was blind I read her textbooks for her onto tape. We only took one class together, a religion class. Her major was Writing, theology and psychology. Mine geology so we did not have many classes we could share.

It was cool, we should have pledged together hahaha j/k

And yes my mom is where I got the writing from. She even was published in a few things – she did more poetry and all. But yeah she gave me the bug.

Going out for a nice walk and may go catch some music at a bar. Yes I am keeping busy, see my mind is on someone else and if I don't keep busy I start thinking and this type of thinking about this person is not the thinking I want to be doing, so….

Kathy recommended I try Arbor Mist and man it is good. Tried the Island Fruit last night and enjoying the peach now. It is nice and fruity and will fit with the stuff I am trying later. My sister got me this trial thing of flavored tequila and they have drinks to make so I will be trying those.

Plus I am working to.. I have set a goal of one year. One year to work toward moving. A lot can happen but… I started cleaning out closets and other thigns this break – getting organized and rid of junk if nothing else.

Finished the first three dvds of Ergo Proxy and I am hooked, wanna see the rest. Also watching first season of Ugly Betty. Someone recommended it and I am loving it already it is funnnnnyyyy and also sad – yes I was crying for Betty in some of the first eppy and all – I soooooo get her hehe

And more to watch, yes I am taking a true break this vacation….

Also doing a little work – gotta get my classes ready for next semester (they start around the 18th)

Advanced Web Design for the high school
Environmental Science (this semester I am going without a textbook – it is online)
Historical Geology
Earth Science

So doing work too

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a day

Christmas came

Christmas went

And it was a magically day, part of it. Watching little one enjoy the morning and hearing the squeals and all, magic, pure gold. Disney Xmas parade YAYAYAY one day I will be in Disney for xmas – yes another travel goal of mine – who wants to come with?

I also caught up on sleep, that was my xmas gift to me.

That and a few things I will do the week that T is gone with her dad – whewwwwww a whole week, so what trouble can I get into?

PS – Kathy if reading this – I am already addicted to that damn Pirates game. The first video anything in this house and damnnnnn it – I already am hooked and so is T – you dorkass…… greatttttt hehe

PSS – john played it a bit too until the you know who reminded him to go do something else hehe

Monday, December 24, 2007

trying not to be so negative - a little step but getting there

ok so i was a bit negative in my last post. I should not be like that during the holiday - so I will delay anymore negative until the 26th : )

Still working through things, but a little better, I have a ways to go, but... I am thinking and trying to see things from all viewpoints, a major pain in the ass and work compared to wallowing in blah, which I feel like doing... but I am trying not to do that. For instance, I exercised and colored today - hehe yes both can be very soothing - i like coloring a lot actually

I am currently working on this cool stained glass coloring book, i use sharpie markers. I like designs especially and so got this one which fits well - helps to let me think and focus and is soothing and creative too.

tonight night Therese and I will be going xmas light viewing - we'll drive around, her with her cocoa and me with a yummy vanillia chai and listen to xmas tunes and do the rating - we rate displays and ys the more flashy and animated and moving parts and all they have the more impressed we are - it is National Lampoon Time Baby

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stupid words

Well it seems i backed off when I didn't know I was, I thought I was responding to them backing off and doing a good thing

I knocked someone off balance by something I did because they thought I meant something I didn't and it seems to have made things more messy and worse not better

I don't know what to do next

I din't know what to say to not be backing off or to be more to make them talk back to me

I don't know how to go after what I want

I don't know how to show more than friends

I don;t fucking know anything anymore

I just don't know

and I so badly want to know oh god I do

but i know this, I am not backing off, i will give space but i know what I want, I just need them to tell me what they want

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Defying Gravity

Well, as the song on myspace profile says right now, I did it, decided to defy gravity and I took a leap, I mailed her a letter - what the lyrics of that song say i think fit where I have finally come after all this time... so now, I have to use that old proverbial tennis analogy - hit the ball into her court, now we see if and how she hits it back.....

Defying Gravity (from the musical Wicked)

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap!

It's time to try
Defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity

I'm through accepting limits
'Cuz someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know!
Too long I've been afraid of
Losing love I guess I've lost
Well, if that's love
It comes at much too high a cost!
I'd sooner buy
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity
And you can't pull me down:

My future is unlimited
And I've just had a vision
Almost like a prophecy
I know - it sounds truly crazy
And true, the vision's hazy
But I swear, someday there'll be

So if you care to find me
Look to the western sky!
As someone told me lately:
"Ev'ryone deserves the chance to fly!"
And if I'm flying solo
At least I'm flying free
To those who'd ground me
Take a message back from me
Tell them how I am
Defying gravity
I'm flying high
Defying gravity
And soon I'll match them in renown
And nobody in all of Oz
No Wizard that there is or was
Is ever gonna bring me down!

Monday, December 10, 2007

When a song sneaks up and hits you hard

Well this follows on the heels of the other blog entry I just posted – ahhhh music

Ok – I found a song today and fell totally in love, I mean this song made me cry and on all levels, not just the lyrics, but the musical score and the melody of the voice with the instruments and just… when I find her, this will be the song I give her, to dance with her at our wedding – that kinda deep song… ohhhhhh man I just… and to think I found this on a mix CD from a high school fundraising thing…. Mannnnnn

This song is for you, out there, where ever you may be… may it find it's way to your heart and soul and express what love 'aught to be (yeah I just made that up hehe)

Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (yes the same group that brings you the song "Relax" – another song to dedicate to her, but that one is a bit more playful and frisky :P

"The Power Of Love"

I'll protect you from the hooded claw
Keep the vampires from your door

Feels like fire
I'm so in love with you
Dreams are like angels
They keep bad at bay-bad at bay
Love is the light
Scaring darkness away-yeah

I'm so in love with you
Purge the soul
Make love your goal

[1]-The power of love
A force from above
Cleaning my soul
Flame on burn desire
Love with tongues of fire
Purge the soul
Make love your goal

I'll protect you from the hooded claw
Keep the vampires from your door
When the chips are down I'll be around
With my undying, death-defying
Love for you

Envy will hurt itself
Let yourself be beautiful
Sparkling love, flowers
And pearls and pretty girls
Love is like an energy
Rushin' rushin' inside of me

[Repeat 1]

This time we go sublime
Lovers entwine-divine divine
Love is danger, love is pleasure
Love is pure-the only treasure

I'm so in love with you
Purge the soul
Make love your goal

The power of love
A force from above
Cleaning my soul
The power of love
A force from above
A sky-scraping dove

Flame on burn desire
Love with tongues of fire
Purge the soul
Make love your goal

I'll protect you from the hooded claw
Keep the vampires from your door

Musicals – There's Nuthin Like Them

Ohhhhh mannnnn I love music and a good musical is right up there with another activity that causes a cataclysmic orgasm (hehe) hmmm I wonder, doing said activity to the score of a good musical would be…. Mind-bending???? Hehe

But Saturday went up to New York and saw "Curtains". I enjoyed the trip and the musical. Every year a teacher from my school plans a trip up to see a musical. I have seen Fiddler on the Roof, Spamalot and this year Curtains. We go up, make very, very merry on the bus (yummy poinsettias) and then have time for lunch or shopping, see the show and come home.

I ate at a place called Beccos that had a tri-pasta menu. The one dish was yummy and unique, pumpkin ravioli made with cocoa floor (so chocolate look and taste). The venison rigatoni was good too (not eaten a lot of venison really).

I like the comedy musicals a little more, and this one definitely provided that. I also found I really connected with a couple of songs, one in particular, Coffee Shop Nights I could sing sometimes about my life. Then there was the song, I miss the Music… Oh I identified with that.

I found the trip fun, the music wonderful and just, ooo I wanna go back (yeah I love the big cities, always have)

Coffee Shop Nights

Cioffi (spoken): Detectives have no opening night, Miss Harris.
We make our entrance after the curtain has fallen on someone else’s life.

Niki (spoken): It isn’t wrong to be married to one’s work, is it?

Cioffi: Uh, no. No, not at all. Sometimes it’s no Honeymoon.
I love my job
I really do
And if I say so myself
I’m good at it too
I catch the bad guys
Well, most of the time
So it’s a good life
A perfectly good life
Not exactly sublime
When I’ve finished my work
And I crawl into bed
I reflect as I turn out the lights
That the day that’s to come
And the week that’s ahead will be
Lunch counter mornings
And coffee shop nights
Lunch counter mornings
And coffee shop nights

Niki(spoken): Well, it’s reassuring to have such a dependable schedule, like matinees every Wednesday

Cioffi(spoken): Or Brisket and broad beans each Thursday

Niki (spoken): With your friends

Cioffi: With, uh, yeah, well…
I like my pals
The guys on the force
We’re not very social
They’re all married of course
Sometime we go bowling
Or have a few beers
So it’s a fine life
A perfectly fine like
I’d give it two cheers
‘Cuz sometimes I think
At the end of the day
When I’ve read the last burglar his rights
That the life that I lead
Is a little bit grey
With its lunch counter mornings
And coffee shop nights
Lunch counter mornings
And coffee shop nights

Niki (spoken): But your acting roles. Well, don’t they make for a change?

Cioffi(spoken): Oh, Miss Harris, each year from May 23rd to the 12th of June, when I turn my life over to the Swallow Street Players, that’s more than a vacation for me. It’s an overture of hope. It’s the curtain rising on the greatest joy of my life.

But the rest of the year
The life that I lead
That’s a little bit grey
There are plenty of low days
And not many highs
Mostly lunch counter mornings
And coffee shop nights

I Miss the Music

Really? Well don't talk about love
Or you'll have to say "fits like a glove"
Or "As certain as push comes to shove"
You will pine for the woman you're constantly thinking of
You see the problem.

Dangling participle. So you suggest staying away from love?

At all costs. And don't mention your life
Or you'll have to say "cuts like a knife"
Or refer to the heartbreak and strife
When you find that you're missing your ...



You were saying what you miss.

No I meant that, well ...
(sung)I miss the music
I miss the song
Since she’s not with me
It comes out wrong
It doesn’t matter
How hard I try
I’ve lost the music
I don’t know why

You may have known
Before I met her
I wrote alone
But if you ask me
What I prefer
I’d say the music
I wrote with her

When you’re writing a song
And you’ve a partner
The room is filled with jokes and chatter
She says something
You say something
She writes a line
You play a vamp

But when you’re writing a song
Without a partner
That’s a completely different matter
No one tells you “That’s not funny”
No one says “Let’s cut that bar”
No one makes you better than you are

I can’t pretend
I miss the music
I miss my friend
No need to ask me
What I prefer

I choose the music
I wrote with her
I liked the music
I made with …

Georgia (spoken):
Aaron, I forgot my lyric. Can you believe it? Me.

Well you’re not the lyricist now, you’re the star.
Georgia? Break a leg.

Thanks. You can finish the song without me?

I’m a one-man band.
I miss the music
I miss my friend
No need to ask me
What I prefer

I choose the music
I wrote with her
I loved the music
I made with her

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Airports can make you giddy

I wrote this Nov 26 while in the Atlanta Airport trying to get home after my holiday trip


What I did today

Ok – flying can sometimes be an adventure after waiting in Atlanta airport for 10 hours, flight having been cancelled the night before and now it is delayed and changing gates like crazy – well – I got a little giddy… witness below…

Friend1: how is your luck going?
me: wellll
me: i had to change gates
me: so i said poof this and i am eating soup now
me: haha
me: spicy enchilada soup
me: and veggie sandwich :P
me: i go check in a bit - they aew still holding to a 35 minute delay
me: but at least i may get into atlantic city by say 1130
me: and home by 1230 or so
me: if my luggage is there
Friend1: aw
me: eh i just hope i get home or get my luggage my lez zepplin all girl all zepplin shirt is getting a bit.. worn.... hehe
Friend1: haha
me: of all the days i pick to wear a decidedly "out" t shirt
me: haha
Friend1: lol
me: but got nice looks and smile from the security shake down woman hehe
Friend1: lol
me: hey trying to stay positive here : )
Friend1: but of course
me: so do you have a full work week and other busy scheduled plans?
Friend1: mostly just work
Friend1: nothing too bad
me: and you went home for turkey day?
me: and that is cools
Friend1: home on sunday, then grandma's on turkey day
me: ah so you went over the river and through the woods then :P
Friend1: oh yeah
me: : )
me: hmmm
me: i checked online and now it looks like i am in a different concourse sheeeeeiiiiiitttttttt (said in redneck high pitched voice)
Friend1: aw
Friend1: should i just wait for you to reappear?
me: hehe
me: i am just going to keep getting on and off it is almost comical and entertaining :P
me: sorry
me: my humor is getting darker and blacker by the minute
Friend1: no worries
Friend1: no sorries
me: i do believe I am almost to the point of laughing at horror movies... poof
Friend1: ha
me: although we rented planet terror and death proof the other night and laughed all the way through :P
Friend1: haha
me: okkkkk I am off again... I may be back, I may not be, I may be in atlanta or who knows... but my cell and computer are charged i gots a credit card and cash, i am goldennnnn
Friend1: best of luck
me: ok i be back... maybes if not i will catch you eventually soon : )
me: thanks
me: hmmm
me: break a leg is for shows
me: what is the wishing of luck phrase for this situation?
me: hehe
Friend1: no idea, but i'm sending it your way
me: thanks ok laters

me: ok d35 better be the last change :P
me: i feel like i am playing bingo
Friend1: here's hoping
Friend1: how long?
me: well at least hour they said the plane id delayed or the crew or something
Friend1: i'm sorry
me: ah thanks but piffle, it is still an adventure and i am putting the convos up on my blog, gives me somethng to giggle about
me: seriously, it is not baddddddd
me: and it is a story i now have
me: ok maybe it is a little bit pain in the ass
me: hehe
me: now if i can work it to get sympathy from some girl mega bonus
Friend1: best of luck with that
me: hehe
me: hey i should get some positive out of all this :P
Friend1: you should
me: that's right

Sunday, November 25, 2007

quickie for now

Ok I have been bad again, will try to write more. But I had one of the best thanksgivings I have had in many many years, thank you Kat for making it a happy time once again.

ok i am stuck in atlanta, darn overflow and air traffic control or whatever, ah well the airline was nice and paid for a motel (this holiday inn is niceeeee) and even dinner and breakfast (the fruity drinks I picked up, but hey, since my vacation is extended... hehe

Hopefully i will be back home by tomorrow night, although I found another definition of home this weekend and it was nice : )

work is going well, picked up aother lab section and those students will be.... trying, it will be hard going in and taking over the class as they have definite habits set... ah well....

ok, will check in more later... lots to share and enjoy, like going to the bathroom in a restroom that is pitchblack because electricity is out and snow for the weekend (yes it snowed in texas hehe)

ok - laters alligators

Monday, October 29, 2007

Myspace music tour

A nice concert

I went to the House of Blues in Atlantic City last night to catch the MySpace music tour. It was really good. I saw thePolysics, Young Love, Hellogoodbye and Say anything

I had only seen Young Love before (saw them open for Erasure and I really like them – in fact ended up outta myseat and downstairs dancing to them).

The Polysics were different – hard to describe, punk/hard rock with a touch of screamo and electronica and oh, they are Japanese hehe the accent the lead singers had, well it just added to the experience.

Hellogoodbye kept changing instruments and such (including banjo, mandolin and a few different types of keyboards). The lead singer kicked off his shoes (like Cyndi Lauper always does) and made it feel like a fun music time.

Say Anything was the end act and you could tell why, I enjoyed most of the songs and the feel kept strong even at the end of the night. I like the HOB venue as the upstairs seating is great and then downstairs I can go and stand in the back and still see the stage.

I miss going to concerts (happens when I teach my Friday night/Saturday morning environmental class) so I was glad to get make to the live music.

Also laughed my butt off at the bartender flirting with some ladies before the concert hehe

Ahhhh back to the work week – hopefully this week will not be as bad and hectic as last week… : )

Thursday, October 25, 2007

How far we've come

Alright so the song on my profile right now (World by Matchbox 20) ranks in one of those always in my head these days – haven't gotten it officially yet (come on Now 26 hehe) but when I do it starts going on my mix cds :P

I interpret it as kinda couple things – one the poor person is having a depression breakdown (I have stood outside, crying and had noooooo idea WTF why or how come)… then the song takes this and looks at it in the bigger picture and hey maybe the world is not quite as happy happy anyways

Yes, a sorta depressing song, and no I am not quite in that mood - although I would compare this song to many Kurt Cobain and Nirvana put out trying to catch the "Live means nothing and nothing I do changes things and so blah I don't give a f*ck care attitude" so many have today – which this song is so upbeat it tricks you (and here some might analyze that is symbolic in that people can feel gray and yet be moving pretty fast and all cause life keeps them stepping to the beat of the world not their own) and yet I do like the music and even as the words echo that sentiment).

I also like the chorus line and think about what it is saying – "Let's see how far we've come"

This statement can be looked at in a couple ways.

I think we have come pretty far, but I think there's a lot of places we can still go (and before I can define that any better then I start getting into standards and points of view and my far is fine but she wants far to be further and so on and then it is who is right who is wrong and damn I am no way in hell opening the ethics can of worms today – things have been too ick for me lately to do that.

Progress (or is it) and the people who have money and do not hit me yesterday. I spent the day in Delaware at a children's hospital going through nasty tests with my little one because she has not grown properly for the last two years and the doctor wanted to test to see if she is producing this growth hormone.

Now the progress part comes because I am short (a 4 foot 9 inches tall thank you) and when I was a kid they didn't really have these tests and the possibility of giving the hormone and all that……. And I know there are issues and problems I face being short (I laugh stuff off and make do but yeah I admit, there are things that I have to adjust or can not do that others can… is my life worse for that… hmmmmm)

As to money well growing up my family was on welfare and lived in a depressed part of the world kinda (yes I ran with, was classified by others as white trailer park trash) – we had only the state welfare and they would never have paid for these tests or the drugs and so on… (I am lucky I have a job and my ex has a job to provide coverage for little one). Would I have been in that hospital bed doing those tests so long ago had life been a little different?

And so I have been thinking to myself a lot lately about necessity, advancements, social and economic levels and just well… and well for me I am taking the yeah this is blah but I am going to keep to the positive track and so as the song goes (with a switch of one L word for another) …. Look how far we've come, look how far we've come

Matchbox 20 – How Far We've Come

I'm waking up at the start of the end of the world,
but its feeling just like every other morning before,
Now I wonder what my life is going to mean if it's gone,
the cars are moving like a half a mile an hour and I
and I started staring at the passengers who're waving goodbye
can you tell me what was ever really special about me all this time?

But I believe the world is burning to the ground
oh well I guess we're gonna find out
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come
Well I, believe, it all, is coming to an end
oh well, I guess, we're gonna pretend,
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come

I think it turned ten o'clock but I don't really know
then I can't remember caring for an hour or so
started crying and I couldn't stop myself
I started running but there's no where to run to
I sat down on the street, took a look at myself
said where you going man you know the world is headed for hell
say all goodbyes if you've got someone you can say goodbye to

I believe the world is burning to the ground
oh well I guess we're gonna find out
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come

Well I, believe, it all, is coming to an end
oh well, I guess, we're gonna pretend,
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come

Its gone gone baby its all gone
there is no one on the corner and there's no one at home
well it was cool cool, it was just all cool
now it's over for me and it's over for you
well its gone gone baby its all gone
there's no one on the corner and there's no one at home
well it was cool cool, it was just all cool
now it's over for me and it's over for you

I believe the world is burning to the ground
oh well I guess we're gonna find out
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come
Well I, believe, it all, is coming to an end
oh well, i guess, we're gonna pretend,
let's see how far we've come, again
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come
let's see how far we've come

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

understanding a character

The video I posted on my MYSpace page is a part from the movie "Love, Actually" it is a romantic, sappy, british comedy very high on my list of like and I understand so accutely now Mark (the character) and this scene is one of the top scenes of all times that always makes me cry because, it is so much more like the truth than the others... to all the other Mark's out there, I hold up my glass with you as we cart our signs and empty hearts home.

Or as he says... "Enough. Enough, now..."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Little shop of horrors - yet another reference

OK, I do not like the dentist. But then again unless you are the Bill Murray character from the movie (also a great musical) Little Shop of Horrors, then most people do not like the dentist.

But ewww when the hygienist goes behind you, already been working on you with the torture device known as the little water pick thingy (a beautiful Julie word description – yes? :P) but then they take their implements and you hear "SCRAPE, SCRAPE" as they sharpen them on a stone behind your head as you cling to your bib reclined back, bright light over head.

And then the little vacuum that sticks in your mouth and sucks you dry as you try not to swallow that ick and keep your tongue off the damp sucky thing… hmmm that sounded a little wrong there but still….

So other than getting my teeth all sparkly, things plowing along. The weathers been ok and work and classes keeping me busy but plowing along. Put up Halloween decorations – yay. Not sure what is up for weekend. Probably grading and stuff around the house. I may tackle the jungle that use to be my backyard.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Traits and what I wish wasn't always was

You know we all have traits and personalities characteristics that just don’t gel with most of the rest of the world. Does that mean then those are not normal traits and we should fix them? Sometimes yes, sometimes no IMO

I am finding I have been very worried about my traits because I am so isolated and alone that I want to make sure if something comes along I don’t mess it up. Because one of my traits is to always assume that when people leave, things go wrong, or no one finds me and takes interest it is 100% my fault and the way I am. Is that true? Sometimes, sometimes it is only 50% and sometimes it is 23.4567% and sometimes it is 0%. Problem is, as all good "flawed" characteristics go, I can’t see past that to know when it is the 100% and I need to do something and when It s the 0% and I should let it go, take a chill pill and move on….

I know another trait of mine gets me in trouble – I am very much of the obvious a true MOO at your service (Master of the Obvious)

It means I fall into jokes and miss double entendre and say one thing and mean another and blush a whole hell of a lot. It also means I am slow to get the joke, do not read people or situations well (G\gaydar? What the hell is that, everyone is straight, no gay, no… how the hell do I know what you are until you tell me, shit and poop already).

See that's the rub, I'll pick up a left-handed mop and happily go on using it until someone tells me, um, use the right handed mop….

But that means I get in trouble, assume more than I should and many other things.

Of course I have many loveable traits to :P but I am modest and not one to brag ; )

Ah well, we all have our pros and cons ups and downs.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Wow October 1 – funny how time flies, or drags like the heavy anchor attached to a boat. Hmm no idea where that analogy popped from, just kinda popped. Actually a lot of stuff has just been popping lately, good and bad, funny and very very serious. Some very serious thinking… like Madonna's song "Jump" serious….

Work is going along, classes hitting the first major test so will see how the information is flowing from me to students. Working on designing the Advanced Web Design class for the online high school I teach for and still waiting on the other at work to see how my day job changes – subtle changes at work too… lots of shifts, work, family, friends, personal…

Shifts can be good but for me they can also be unsettling. Especially the subtle shifts. The ones that leave me unable to say in words what is different, what changed, but you get to a point and look back and go, "SHIT!" and then you can say what is different. And the thing I really get unsettled about that is, those always end badly for me… I end up losing something, someone, or shifting to a place I wish I hadn't. Although, I have to admit, I've had both kinds of shifting going on for, oh about a year actually… whew how time flies.

Thing is, I'm getting that ick feel in the pit of my stomach. Part of that is this time of year – Oct through December is especially bad, starting with my mom's b day in a few days and this is breast cancer month (a sad coincidence) and well lots of other stuff has happened that I look back and go, these are not things I wish had happened. And just.. I am unsettled and yet in some things very ok and content, yeah I know, wishy washy…

Add to that, I don’t do subtlety well. I often do not catch that double entendre, miss the jokes, don’t make the links, do not read people, or catch the hidden meaning. I take things so at face value I often blunder, bloop, misinterpret and end up with this ick feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that usually leads to something more (Kathy don’t say a word, I will not go there, I promise, no tissue box needing right now… give it a few…)

On other fronts – four day weekend technically coming up, but the colleges are not off so I still have my Friday and Saturday class (may try to do something Saturday night), little one and I may look into doing something on he Monday as the schools are closed (thinking aquarium or such) and Friday is professional development for the high school – I am taking a few neat workshops – I get to make Egyptian cartouche, go for a walk in a marsh and then go hang out at the zoo for the afternoon – wheeeeeee

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

We'll do it all
On our own

We don't need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see

I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

a juicy spicy blog

Well Molly has reminded me I have been lagging in keeping blog up to date so here Molly is a blog entry and since you said I should do a spicy blog.

: P

: D

: >



I've been into Subway sandwiches - unfortunately there are not many out here - but I get when ever i can a 6" Veggie delight on italian herb and cheese roll with provolone cheese, green peppers, tomatos, cucumbers and - extra spicy jalapenos - ooooo very hot and spicy....

Wait - that isn't what you meant Molly? Um, hmm, ok, would it work if I said I like eating my Subway sandwiches in the nude? :P

Thursday, September 20, 2007

video and idle thoughts

I recommend you go see the video for the song - apologize by onerepublic - it's... interesting as is the lyrics and beat.

Got tickets for oct 28 House of Blues Say Anything and Helloandgoodbye wheee

May have a new gig doing something for FAA and the college and high school

Working on Biology certification too by June I might have 4 certificates wheee

Hoping to get out this Saturday to catch a cover band converted to a duo - see how they are.

Also trying to keep afloat with different changes going on in Tucson.

And hmmm, there are some other things too, but I'll catch them laters :P

Sunday, September 16, 2007

death of the Good Samaritan

I saw a fallen woman today. Well, I did not see her fall. I was driving home from lab and saw this woman on the side of the road as I was slowing for a traffic light. She was sitting on the side and looked like she was trying to push up. I kept watching in mirror as I stopped (and so apparently did others, the guy in front of me had to slam suddenly on is brakes as he prolly was watching and did not see the car stop ahead of him).

I contemplated pulling over to ask what was going on and if she was ok, she grimaced at her leg as she stood. But it was not safe to really pull over and all those warnings went through my head. The idea of being jumped, used, it is a ploy, attacked, being sued for helping... all the things society has built up to deter being a good Samaritan heck we have GS laws now even....

So as I drove away, I said a silent sorry and also a wish and hope that if positions were reversed, I'd luck out upon the one who hasn't heard that being a good Samaritan is something to be feared and avoided.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Blogging about Blogging

Ok I have been accused of not blogging enough... so look I am blogging (as in the scene from Clue for you Kathy) - "I am blogging, blogging, blogging..." CLUNK Where'd that candlestick come from.

But as there is the word which means thinking about thinking hehe is there a word for blogging about blogging???????

Blogging is done more and more by more and more people... so I shall work on adding more blogs to the blogsphere and all those other wonderful words that now exist.... wheeeeeee let the flogging... oops um i meant blogging (blushy blushy ) begin :P

Thursday, September 06, 2007

team work

You know, as silly as this sounds, I miss making decisions with someone else. I mean there are pluses to being on your own and not having to work with someone else to make sure what you are or want to do is alright and fits and works. Yet… I miss the give and take, the discussion, sometimes even the disagreement and I miss… I miss reaching a conclusion together and seeing what you accomplished when you both worked together. Finding a different point of view, being exposed to new ideas.

Ah well…

Friday, August 31, 2007

Wonderful Things when you least expect

Well the trip out West is still going well. Although today is our last day in Tucson. I got a golden opportunity yesterday because my sisters are awesome people as well as a couple of other people. They kinda pushed and prodded (and in ms foxy’s and kathy’s case teased) and were patient and understood and so I did something I have not really ever done before and was a little impulsive. Well it turned out it is one of the best things I have done in a long time (along with this road trip in general).

But I went to visit someone and ended up having a very good time and leaving much happier than I have been in a long time. I got to spend a half a day with a very awesome, beautiful, elegant (bitchin’ goth/rocker/insert other descriptions here too hehe) and above all else, classy Lady.

Among the good time, she was patient and a little bold when I could not be bold and I am glad she was, not only did I like that (bold and spicy and dominate ooo yeah :-D but because of that she showed me even though it’s been a long time since I did something and was more nervous than a teenager (and much worse, I am sure she was going to give me a push or evil glare or something any moment) – but no she hung in there with me, tolerated my stupidity and hesitation and then helped me see something and gave me something I’ve not had in a number of years – hope… hope that I really might not be alone for the rest of my life and that people can like me (hard to explain any more what I mean by that – ping me and ask if you really wanna know)

Theresa hit a water park and other fun things yesterday and I managed to finish up getting my online class ready for start of semester – worried about work big time… also been thinking a lot on this trip (thanks to sisters, friends and situation at home) – things may change for me in the next little bit – very uncertain and I hate it but trying to hold on and not get too buried.

Going to Pinnacle Peak (or cowboy town) as Theresa calls it for tonight and then back on road.

Ok – off to pack car and watch Shrek 3-d with nieces and nephews and all sorts of wonderful things.

And once more, thank you Kathryn, thank you so much for making things brighter for me than they have been in a long time. I hope things swing bright your way soon as well. All classy ladies deserve only the best.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

made it to tucson

So i made it to tucson, surprised my sisters and enjoying the time. Not doing a lot of fancy things or visiting places or sightseeing, more just hanging out at sisters' houses, letting theresa play with her cousins and enjoy herself (she gets lonely but then so do i...)

I had stopped making entries because i wanted to surprise sisters and they already were getting suspicious.

But the last leg of the drive was smooth (damn texas is a big state) and had an incredibly brilliant, brighter than the sun, bright spot - got to stop and meet someone i have wanted to meet for awhile. And while nervous and not sure of the impression theresa and i made, to me, it was worth every 54 minutes (give or take a minute) spent there and would gladly drive another 2100 miles and do it again...

There are some museums and all in texas that looked interesting, there was a petroleum museum and all... and a meteor crater one too - may try to catch those, depends on timing. also a few places on way back to stop too - small breaks help - plus make the trip interesting... although texas rest stops SUCKKKKK you people need better stops hehe

But then the odd people at the assorted stops also make the trip interesting :P

Ahhh fun... and drat, not too much longer and back to reality and work and all... ah well shall enjoy until then.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

mannn never rent a wagon

ok somewhere close to nashville and getting dog tired so this is short. Had great day. Stopped at this frontier culture museum ohhh os much to share there can not begin but one thing, it was hot, you walked around (up hill both ways) outside. I was wearing a black shirt and i rented this old fashioned red wagon you pull so theresa could ride... i did not feel as bad eating the pizza tonight after that workout - hehe damn ideas about this will be fun... it was fun for the first 10 minutes... and to top it off my camera was not charged - ahhhh bloop

lots other moments to share - like running up and down a steep grassy hill at a rest stop very thankfull we did not slip and do a gainer down said hill - setting off the fire alarm in the hotel while i was naked form taking a shower (do not ask...)

Ahhhh road trips

Friday, August 24, 2007

Started road trip

Well little one and i are in a holiday inn in Manassas Virginia - she is loving being in a hotel - that in and off itself is special and the trip - managed to make it through I-95... man that road is getting worse and worse... well tomorrow the trip relly begins in earnest - we shall see how we are by tomorrow but so far trip is an 8 out of 10 (a little behind but i took longer leaving then i thought hehe)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

lots of little things and movie review

I know, not been updating in a bit - not updated story site, not updated blogs, not updated much... hopefully as things begin to settle I can change all that : )

Bridging program is moving into its final week, yay things have been up and down and quite a ride. Only a couple more weeks til school - still waiting to see how job and other pans out...

Going to take a road trip at end of August - yay for getting away

Saw the movie "Prey for Rock and Roll" Reading the reviews, people either hated it or loved it - like any good indie film. I liked it for a few reasons - one, yes I like Ms. Gershon and I think her role here was well done...

It's been out a few years, but it is hard to find. And while it has the macho chick and lezzie theme - that's not what I liked actually. I liked it was a woman who turned 40 and was going WTF am I doing here on this Earth, have I gotten too old and am I ever going to make my dream, be more than I am, rise above the average hum drum i go to work 9 to 5 kinda existence. And damn guess what, the movie dares to end with the answer... No she never ever will... she's an average plain jane (ok gina is hot but you know what i mean) basically not everyone has a glamorous life and some end up just getting through.

Granted the drama is high here although it is supposedly based on true events (which the whole tattoo the bad guy scene was really shivers because again it shows the plainness average, no they do not kill the guy, no there is no justice and no they do not beat him or anything, the main character uses her talents and the revenge is simple in execution yet is an outlet without a lot of violence.

But somehow by the end of the movie, I really can say and I do not say this about many movie's or characters, but I really understood Jackie, by god I did. And I ended up so drawn into the movie, I cried not just at the "sad" parts, but at the end of the movie too… both sad and then a hey Jacki realized where she was and still… fuck it all she went out on stage and played for her $13.25…. damn so many of us end up like Jacki, not Gina… : )

Gina has some new thing coming out Sept. 4 – I saw a preview on her MySpace it looks funny

I also liked a lot of the quotes – although overall the dialogue was not that high end, but then again, for me this movie was all about not being high end….

Jacki: A murderer, a rapist and a dyke go into a tattoo parlor...

Ok back to filing bills and the average stuff of life

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Is it really august already

wow been very very busy and been in weird motivation head space lately which is good and bad weird - not sure what to think or do about a few things and now what i want to think and do about a few things but not sure I can do what i want... damn real life sometime - lol

but it is august already and time marches on and it has been almost four years - there are some things i just wish time didn't march on regarding - ah well another day I will dream about certain sombodies coming in and looking past my outside and rather plain package and sweeping me off my feet because my inside is good enough...

going to take a vacation the last week in August - getting in the car and driving - just driving and seeing what can be seen and what can be done and for a week, relaxing for once and who knows, maybe finding motivation along the way

gotta get through august first - well hey one day already done - wheee

Friday, July 20, 2007

Quick sound bytes

Ack – been buried in stuff – working on day job stuff for August Bridging Program and writing lots of curriculum plus talking to parents who have concerns regarding the program and their students – interacting with parents is one of the hardest things for me I am not a great conversationalist or have the best way with professional etiquette – I know it seems odd but I am not that good in those situations and dread them…

Been teaching meteorology at Cumberland – just finished pressure making rain and winds now we get into the big stuff like hurricanes, thunderstorms, air pollution and such – wheeee

Work on teaching my other class – physical geology – we are about to head into second test covering topics like groundwater, earthquakes and other fun.

Caught some music – a few weekends ago at Wonderbar caught Kathouse and loved them – great cover and original band and a couple of the band members talked to me some,

Then last weekend caught Lez Zepplin – a premiere cover band and such a show – I was up against the stage for part of it and whew—wheee those ladies can rock – the drum solo on Moby dick, the guitarist bowing her instrument – oh man I am drooling.

Need to find music for tonight…..

Went to the Wetlands Institute last weekend with little one – we called it the mud museum because you can walk through the muddy marsh for part of it – she loved getting all squelchy in the mud.

Looks like I may be volunteering at the World Horror con in Salt Lake in March – anyone wanna come????

Job still up and down regarding what I will be doing, unfortunately my certification does not allow for what my supervisor really wanted, so now we drop back and try again :(

My sisters have been up and down – small fires, but nothing tooo major yet (peeks from behind fingers waiting for any moment shift…)

Ok off to work on this that – yay for the weekend.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

An interesting quiz - and one of my favorite colors

ok i do not take most of these but I took this one and find it interesting - do you think this describes me? :P

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color purple, which embodies the characteristics of sensuality, spirituality, creativity, wealth, royalty, nobility, mystery, enlightenment, arrogance, gaudiness, mourning, confusion, pride, delicacy, power, meditation, religion, and ambition. Purple falls under the element of Earth, and was once a European symbol of royalty; today it symbolizes the divine.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz

Quizzes and Personality Tests

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lessons Learned and other tidbits

Well, been a weird week and ups and downs

Most of my friends are not around right now and I miss them (Hi Molly one of the few actually not on vacation or MIA) – but man I miss peeps

Wednesday night I come home and find I can not access web pages.. I put a call into Comcast and they can not send a tech until Monday – I also took my computer into work and had a tech look at it who said it didn't seem to have any viruses or browser hijackers soooooo now I wait until Monday – until then I am using my sister's AOL account through dial up – whoooo that is frustrating and slow and phew I am spoiled – hehe

I caught some music this weekend at least.

Friday I went to the Somers Point Concert on the Beach series and caught Danny Eyre Band. They do covers of like the Beatles, The Guess Who, blues, funk, classic rock stuff. I've seen them before and like them. Also a teacher from school was there and we talked and stuff during the concert and that was nice.

Then tonight I went to West Wildwood's 4th of July celebration because my officemate's band Hydeaway – was playing – they were very good and some of the people from work were there so it was nice. I have more music coming up hopefully, which is good as I was missing getting to music….

I saw a lot of interesting, weird and funny things during the last couple of days. And learned some lessons too –

Such as using a port a potty during the night is a very weird experience and a bit of a touchy feely thing you don't wanna have be a touchy feely experience – lol ESPECIALLY when some guy gets in to the one next to you and starts serenading his, um, well while he is going, he starts singing the song "That's Amore" complete with increasing volume when he gets to the line "When the Moon Hits Your Eye" OMG I nearly wet myself as he kept going… whew, keep certain bathroom habits to yourself when using public restrooms and never venture into outhouses at festivals where lots of drinking has occurred, in the dark….

I also found it wise to look over street vendors at little fairs. I got a set of star wars toys for little one (she loves star wars and likes playing star wars type games a lot) but I got this set for 5 bucks. Now I know they may be a collector thing but screw that – I am giving it to her when I pick her up and letting her play with it. I got me a Xena figure for 2 bucks and yes I may take her out and play with her ;-)

I also did my long walk in Atlantic City today and going up, instead of walking the boardwalk like normal, I walked Pacific Ave. which is the first street off the boardwalk. Man more lessons seeing the various people (to give you an idea, the establishments include the casinos, churches, row homes with tenants who are obviously not middle or upper class, crack recovery houses, pawn shops galore, go-go places, I passed about 10 just on that street alone, homeless people sleeping, and so on… very different look vs the boardwalk which I walked back – that was interesting too as tonight Jimmy Buffet was playing at the Boardwalk concert hall and Buffet fans were already out in force.)

It was funny – a group of guys were decked out in shark hats, California/Hawaiian type shirts and dress and one guy even had a grass skirt on over his shorts. A couple of homeless drunks, regulars I see often when I walk, were making funky comments about the guys and such… I started laughing because I know how many times people will say things about those very people – heh guess everyone finds someone to laugh at…. And go – whoa weird people :P

So lots of lessons learned (patience, good music, how to laugh, being lonely, and more)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Erasure Lyrics and such

I've been listening a lot lately to the group Erasure (electronica/pop/and more I really like them and Andy Bell is so fun to watch in concert). I was lucky to get to see them as part of the True Colors tour plus they just add a solo stop in NJ to their tour before they head back to Europe (I am so there in August).

But two of the songs, well ok I could go on about a lot of their songs and prolly will along the way – but two have got me thinking lately, for very different reasons. They are both off the latest CD (a very nice CD and reason for their solo tour) although I have a lot of their other stuff too…

One - "I Could Fall In Love With You" is a very wonderful melody and song and I love the video – one of the places that really drew me in – go to yahoo music or such and watch the video if you want sappy, romantic, sweet awwwww moment – yes I am a romantic sap and like that sort of stuff, hence liking the song and even more the video…

The official know-it-alls say everyone needs physical contact – Another video by The Sick Puppies plays on that concept too with the 10000 hug campaign (another video I like and go awww I want someone around to give me 10000 hugs :-P

And yes I listen to a heckuva lotta music - hehe

Two - "When A Lover Leaves You" – heh – I actually like the meter of the song and also the really odd juxtapositioned phrases in this song (I do not have a lover so no one is a leaving me – lol)

But the line s–

Where there are demons
I see angels passing by

For some reason I just like them, like that idea that you can look at a person and where others see something that would be considered bad, dark, or would cause most to turn away, well somewhere, someone just might consider that the most angelic, beautiful thing… again the romantic sap in me – it also means sometimes you need to be willing to take a deep breath and let people see that part… you never know who might be seeing the angel in you….

In other areas, started my summer session classes and so far so good, trying to get this certification stuff in order so my place of employment keeps me employed.

Going to try and get a nice walk in tomorrow and pinball… need a good round of pinball – need to think and such…

Have an awesome ay everyone and many many wonderful hugs to everyone… (ok going to try and stuff the romantic sap back inside now - lol

Monday, June 18, 2007


Oh wow – went to Philly yesterday to see the musical Hair and DAMN BABY it was F*ing totally bitchin' major A major W major E some ohhhhhh yeah and if it sounds like I am close to orgasm well after sitting through that experience I was – I think if I am ever in a relationship with someone, all they need to do is take me to concerts or musicals or shows I will beeeee very much so in the mood after

But I ended up stage center in your face seats – seriously – they had this center extender – it actually came out over the seats – I was right in the middle in the first row in front of this – so the actors literally were in my face when they were right there on the end. In fact, the play is interactive and the actors always were in the audience talking – I got beads actually from one – and the wooden beads are now in my car :P

I had not seen Hair before and man I do want to see it again, maybe even rent the movie.

But the songs were very good and some made me really think and go hmm. Plus I liked the pace and the staging was such I was always watching something.

There was also real life protesting – a group called the Granny brigade was protesting the war in IRAQ – seriously – they were in front of the theater and also had flyers and stuff… I think that is so awesome they were doing that.

Speaking of grannies – oooo I got in trouble before the show started. Right behind me were these two older ladies, seriously at least 65 if not older. But listening to them it was like listening to 2 teens- honest they cursed up a blue streak. Hearing one call Paris Hilton a skinny rich bitch and then more made me gag and choke and laugh out loud. Later the one was talking about her asshole of a friend who did something stupid at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas – ohhhhh damn I enjoyed that

I also found a neat place in Philly – Ventura Inn – I caught a quick bite, the food was good.

I rounded out the day stopping at the huge FYE and dancing and listening to stuff.

But ooooo yeah I am going to go trip out on the orgasmic high of seeing a concert/musical such as Hair some more - hehe

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Las Vegas and Web Serials

Whew – there and back all in one weekend. Made it to Vegas for my sister's 30th birthday. We had a lot of fun. We mainly walked around the strip and took in all the eye candy, eye sores and everything in between : )

It was good seeing my sisters and just being goofy, silly and even for one night a little sexy, heh. It really is amazing to watch people in Las Vegas, I mean other places have their charm. But there is something to be said about the combination that is Vegas. Watching people do things they normally wouldn't or judge others for doing things like that : )

Got a bit of thinking done over the extended weekend too. I've been really in a different place the last couple of months and overall, I like a lot if it. I have a couple of people to thank for being kinda giddy happy a lot of the time – so thank you.

Got deathly ill last night and ended up not going into work – now I am major behind. Hopefully I can catch up. Very busy week ahead, but then things should get into a groove.

Start teaching meteorology for Cumberland College next week – that will be fun – I am teaching Physical geology too – that one online. I am about finished with setting that up.

I am still trying to get a group together to watch the web series Sanctuary. If you live in the NJ/Philadelphia area and wanna meet to watch the premiere of the fourth eppy as well as discuss the show and such – contact me. I am looking to do this around the 25th of June. come on – it'll be funnnnnn :-D

Also, my brother-in-law is really into western stuff – he and my sister do a lot of conventions and events, he is from Tombstone and stuff, he is one of those gunfighter actors in those stunt shows sometimes. Well he decided to make a web series – my sister is in it even – it is pretty cool and another web series.

And of course my favorite is Ghosts of Albion

And I like the WaTchers virtual series too

Friday, June 08, 2007

The journey begins

One of the fun parts of travel -

being on a plane sharing M & M with strangers - hehe -

listening to a boy ask his dad 100 questions - (and dad being silly and saying things like Santa Clause is driving the automatic train)

watching people get toasted in the airport irish pub (which had a yummy Boxey thing which I tried)

Ok more to come with my weekend of fun : )

Monday, June 04, 2007

Life's Little Adventures # 543

Life is full of adventure

Like driving in pouring rain that ahs been pouring all night, driving down the yellow strip in the middle of the road because it is the highest part of the road because the rest of the road is totally underwater, driving down teh middle yellow hoping no other cars are coming the other way and finding the middle is still under water enough you wonder if your Honda Civic is going to stall....

Ah, life's grand adventures

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life's changing pathways

What interesting pathways life weaves.

I find my boss calling me in to tell me my job may change next year, and now I must do much to prepare for that. I find a friendship taking on a new perspective as discussions, activities and more move in ways I have not moved before and I find it fun and exciting and interesting adn will take it for whatever it is and where ever it goes. I find my little one nears the end of her school year and her next birthday and i reflect on her next steps and how she is changing. She will begin a new program this summer for her condition. My co-worker is out this week, a death in her family and I find that takes me down pathways. My sister has chosen to take a dark pathway and this time, for the first time, none of us are being pulled along, we can't be, but we can wait and keep the way back open.

Oh so many things to think about and reason through and explore

Saturday, May 19, 2007

cheesy movie alert

OK this cheesy, bad, bad movie made around 2004 to spoof old bad cheesy sci fi and horror movies – well I can not stop laughing – hehe

If you like spoof and cheesy and appreciate old scifi and horror – I recommend – also a movie with a geologist as a hero – I could have been in a situation like this – see geology is funnnnnnnnnnnn – I love the Betty Armstrong quote – date a geologist and find excitement

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Betty Armstrong: Well, I suppose if I had wanted a safe life, I wouldn't have married a man who studies rocks

[giving directions]
The Farmer: Stay on this road here, past Dead Man's Curve, you'll come to an old fence, called The Devil's Fence. From there, go on foot till you come to a valley known as The Cathedral Of Lost Soap. Smack in the center is what they call Forgetful Milkman's Quadrangle. Stay right on The Path Of Staring Skulls and you come to a place called Death Clearing. Cabin's right there, can't miss it.

Dr. Paul Armstrong: Dinner was delicious, honey. Keep cooking like that an I won't even be able to move, let alone do science.
Betty Armstrong: That'd suit me fine Mr. Meteor.
Dr. Paul Armstrong: Ouch, that hurt. Tomorrow let's say you and I go searching for our rocky glowing radioactive friend from space... together.
Betty Armstrong: Paul Armstrong, I do believe there's hope for you yet. Shake on it?
Dr. Paul Armstrong: Why shake when we can touch other things... like lips?

Kro-Bar: Yes, it is different this earth as it is called but then are we of the planet Marva as we call our planet not also strange and different to this planet and its people also?
Lattis: You think the earth people think we are strange, you think? It is strange how the ways of different people on different planets differ.

Dr. Roger Fleming steals the Atmosphereum and immobolizes Kro-Bar and Lattis]
Dr. Roger Fleming: Not moving very fast now, are you my interplanetary friends?
Kro-Bar: So this is your idea of sharing.
Lattis: It's not like Marvan sharing at all. This must be Earth sharing.
Dr. Roger Fleming: You'll find much of Earth sharing works this way. It's really more like I'm sharing with myself.
Kro-Bar: If I could only reach you, we'd share... pain.

Ranger Brad: I've seen a bear do things, well... even things that even a bear wouldn't do.

Skeleton: You must find the atmosphereum.
Animala: Amish Terrarium. Must find Amish terrarium.
Dr. Paul Armstrong: I don't understand. Why does she need an Amish terrarium?
Betty Armstrong: Don't the Amish live in open air, like us?
Dr. Paul Armstrong: Of course, Betty, it's absurd. Putting the Amish in glass cases would be inhumane.

Skeleton: [using mind control] Bring the meteor to the skeleton.
Kro-Bar: [using mind control] Bring the atmosphereum to Kro-Bar and Lattis.
Betty Armstrong: I must make a skeleton meatier using a crowbar covered in lettuce.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Semester is over - I breath for a few

Well just turned in the last of my grades for the college classes i teach - I have a break from those until mid june - still have the day job and other things to keep me busy somewhat but now I need to find something to do with my free time - man what should I do to keep outta trouble :P

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yes I am a geek :P

OK - this is just so cool - we should all celebrate :)

Ok this is not cool - why does evil exist? (and yes this is not a heavy definition of evil and there are many more eviler things than this, but in my world it still is eeeevvviiiilllll...) hmmmmm

Monday, April 30, 2007

End of semester and other rambles

OK not a long blog today – hehe – going crazy – my three college courses end around the 12 of May plus my online VHS high school course – their projects are due the 8th so I have a buttload of grading - which is always hard and slow for me – and finishing up other things with in the next few weeks – DAMMMMMMMNNNN and PHEWWWWWW and I am so celebrating when this semester is over – it has been very long for a number of reasons related to work changes, social changes, family changes and just a lot of stuff

Saw Meet the Robinsons last night – it was cute – little one and I had the run of the theater for a bit, the theater overall was empty – I guess with no big releases yet no one is up for a Sunday movie – but I liked the music – also started teaching little one how to throw popcorn up and catch it with your tongue - hehe ahhh those important life skills you pass on… next week I am teaching her the all important skills of sliding down a banister (hehe j/k that is not until she is 7 ;-)

Took my environmental class on a field trip Saturday – we did coastal environments

First stop was the Wetlands Institute and we played in the mud, I mean studied the hydric soil an important part of said environment (and why marshes and such stink – hehe awww science taking the mystical fantasy out of things like why sunsets are red and orange, why the sky is blue and why marshes smell like rotten icky eggs). But we then stopped in Ocean City looking at beach barrier islands. Next Saturday we have another trip to Wissahickon.

My swirly, twisty, spaceyness has been raging lately :-P I have been noticing many odd things of late – I need to write some of these down one of these days, like the local Burger King having stickers on the doors so as you go out it says Buh-Bye – haha that one made me laugh out loud in the restaurant and even got a few stares….

Been thinking about May 19th of late – I know I shouldn't and it will be 3 years so things should be healed and settled– but still – funny how the Pink song I really like right now, Who Knew uses 3 years in the lyrics as well….. so lots of retrospectiveness about that which fuels other thoughts and how I act and such….

Got my ticket for my sister's b-party – sister one is taking sister 2 to Vegas for sister 2's 30th – as a surprise, sister 1 wanted me to come, so the three of us are hitting Vegas (sister one does not even speak to sister 3 any more, sister 1 was the one who did not invite sister 3 to her wedding, so that is why it is just the three of us and not all four sisters) – but yeah I got my plane ticket – plus as a surprise and extra special (sister 2 been having a lot of bad stuff, I mean a lot of stuff happen to her the last while) well sister 2 has this thing and well we wanted to do this special thing so we are. Hehe

plus we are staying in the Imperial Palace which is like mid strip – we are all interested in like flair bartending and the little local lounge acts (the ones sooooo bad they are good – haha the ones that are free and the more alcohol you consume the better they get type – I love those and will get my craving for lounge acts satiated I hope) – also sister 1 is like big into country so we have to go to Toby Keith's bar – hehe – and sister 2 and I do not gamble really but we found these cool dice games in New York New York and plan on gambling a little (NY NY also has an awesome piano bar with great music – dueling pianos and also the main bar in the casino has a stage over the bar and bands play – hehe I ALWAYS FIND MUSIC – ALWAYS)

But that should be nice and fun and wheee : )

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Dedication to my friends (and even future friends)

Ok – it seems most of the few people I call friends are either sick, not feeling good, having problems, stressed and depressed and life in general has brought out the nerf bat and begun beating on them

So I dedicate, as a reminder I am always around and willing to do anything I can, a couple of songs… not sure they will help y'all right now, I wish I knew what would or you could tell me – I would do it in a snap – I am like that for my friends…

So for you out there who read this – please take the lyrics to heart and know I am around and willing to help however

Call Me When You Are Down (by Le Click – yes I like techno pop :P )

Call Me When You Are Down (by Le Click – yes I like techno pop :P )

Call me when you're down
Call me when you need someone
Call me when it's rough
And you think that there's no one

Call me when you're down...

Love just for the understanding
Things that love carries, what we're demanding
Listen to the heart thats beating
Forget about lust and all misleading
Love, talk about me and you
My love just makes everything come true
Questions lies in the heavens and ground
It's up to me and I'll call you when I'm down

I will be true, too many ups and downs with you
I know what to say to you, so here's what I tell you

Repeat Chorus

Chorus 2:
But 'till you need someone to love
I will be searching for my love
I will, but I will be there for you

Sitting at a park, holding hands at the dark
With a love so strong to break my heart
This is your heart that's beating
Forget about fuss and all misleading
Love, summer, winter, spring or fall
Love is wishing that we had it all
Questions lies in the skies and ground
It's up to me and I'll call you when I'm down

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus 1 & 2:

I will be there for you...
I will be there for you...
I will be there for you...

If you need someone
Call me when you're down
If you need someone
Call me when you're down

Call me when you're down...

Repeat Chorus 1 & 2

Story Of My Life (Smashmouth - this song always makes me laugh go awww damn)

I get to the party, but I'm too late
And I got stood up on my very first date
I listen to country and everybody goes rock
I get to the dance floor, that's when the music stops

It doesn't matter what I do, I just can't seem to win
But here I go again

And I say
Hey that's the story of my life
I had a good plan but it didn't go right
Oh no I'm overdrawn
I check my account and the money's all gone
Why me I don't know what to think
I finally get aboard and the whole boat sinks
Seems to be the story of my life

I pick a slot machine and lose it all again
But when I walk away, someone else always wins
When she finally calls me, I forget my phone
And when I'm starving, you know the kitchen's closed

It doesn't matter what I try, it all ends the same
And here I go again

Hey that's the story of my life
I had a good plan but it didn't go right
Oh no I'm overdrawn
I check my account and the money's all gone
Why me I don't know what to think
I finally get aboard and the whole boat sinks
Seems to be the story of my life

Just when it seems like it's turnin' 'round for me
There's always something that ends up happening
I found my car but I can't find my keys

I get to the party a little too late
And once again the music stops to play

Hey that's the story of my life
I had a good plan but it didn't go right
Oh no I'm overdrawn
I check my account and the money's all gone
Why me I don't know what to think
I finally get aboard and the whole boat sinks
Seems to be the story of my life

Monday, April 16, 2007

Vacation and busy

OK - been ultra busy with work, school and took last week to go on vacation to Arizona to visit family as well as head out to Disneyland for a few days too - will have pictures and some comments as soon as I get caught back up with work and into more of my normal routine.

I saw this bumper sticker on theback of a car while in Tucson and liked it (yes I like bumper stickers and love reading them and yes I have some stickers - actually they are in my back window, but I have some on my car too)

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. - Jimi Hendrix

- I also went and looked up more quote by Mr. Hendrix - I really like a bunch of them

here are a few and the site I pulled them from

I used to live in a room full of mirrors; all I could see was me. I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors, now the whole world is here for me to see.

I was thinking too fast. It seems like a person has the tendency to get bored, because he always wants to try to do all these accomplishments.

I'm gonna put a curse on you and all your kids will be born completely naked.

Music is a safe type of high. It's more the way it was supposed to be. That's where highness came, I guess, from anyway. It's nothing but rhythm and motion.

The story of life is quicker then the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye.

(I really liek this one for some reason) - If I'm free, it's because I'm always running.

And this one too! =- You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Movie - The Prestige

Watched the movie The Prestige – very interesting movie - kinda weird - liked Christian Bale and Michael Caine - not much of a soundtrack..... magic, illusion, reality and lie - how fun....

Some neat quotes

Every great magic trick consists of three acts. The first act is called "The Pledge"; The magician shows you something ordinary, but of course... it probably isn't. The second act is called "The Turn"; The magician makes his ordinary some thing do something extraordinary. Now if you're looking for the secret... you won't find it, that's why there's a third act called, "The Prestige"; this is the part with the twists and turns, where lives hang in the balance, and you see something shocking you've never seen before.

Nikola Tesla: Things don't always go as planned, Mr. Angier. That's the beauty of science.

Alfred Borden: You went half way around the world... you spent a fortune... you did terrible things... really terrible things Robert, and all for nothing. Robert Angier: For nothing? Alfred Borden: Yeah Robert Angier: You never understood, why we did this. The audience knows the truth: the world is simple. It's miserable, solid all the way through. But if you could fool them, even for a second, then you can make them wonder, and then you... then you got to see something really special... you really don't know?... it was... it was the look on their faces...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Assorted Moments in One Day

Some random thoughts from my Friday

- listening to Gwen Stefani's latest CD in the car driving to drop of little one. The 6 and a ½ year old explains she liked the first song on the CD (Wind it Up) which the kid calls the yodel song because the song starts with Gwen doing a take on yodeling and using a bit from a kinda Sound of Music Like yodel song. She says she likes it because it is an action song. I go it is fast? And she is no, it has more action. I realize the song changes tempo a number of times, goes from the mock yodel to a rap kida, to other forms of singing and uses a few bridges – oh man it does have more "action" – Now I will listen to songs to see which have more action – do you know action songs?

- helping a student who rushes in frantic to try and convert his PowerPoint for a presentation today from his version to one that works on the school computers. We be stylin' as we got him set – go us!

- judging the science fair at the high school I work at – I start the interview process each time shaking their hand, introducing myself and asking for their name, they are amazed at the greeting and the hand shake – what is this asks one….

- I always ask each student I interview why they chose the project they did – the answers amaze me and make me think how many times when asked about a project in my life I was motivated such to answer similar ways… yay for the honest ones and yay for the thoughtful and through-provoking ones
Why Did You Do This Project
· Because I had to
· Because I play these instruments and I wanted to do something with music
· It was easy and would be no work
· My dad is a cop and I am interested in his safety
· Work with kids and thought this would help me keep them settled
· Because the flowers are cool and I want to save money and do it myself
· Because my friends teased me so now I know

- getting to try the catapult one of the students built for the science fair and loving it : )

- Getting into a discussion over a project being written for the summer program I am the coordinator for – we will be building devices to drop eggs - wheeeeee

- Sitting in my car, listening to the radio, waiting to pick up little one from school. I watch in the rear view mirror as an older woman is on a ladder at a house across the street form my car. She is using a sponge to wipe the vinyl siding on her house. Panel by panel, then she starts on the windows. When was the last time you washed the windows on your house? When have you washed the side of your house? Ever with a sponge, by hand?

- Watching some of my college students forget it was a test tonight - hoo boy

- watching a jet create a condensation cloud line high in the sky and picking out images from the cloud. Then going through the scientific reason in my head why that cloud forms and how I just taught that principle to my students.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just a quickie

Whew been busy and not sleeping right - ah well. I think it is because I am so upset and tense about stuff at work (I was semi outed and now have a couple possible bad things going on because of that) and been worried about my sister and a couple other things.

But saw Spamalot in Philly today and actually got to see Eric Idle too - my famous person encounter for the year - lol Also stopped at TLA Video and found some neat movies

Two weeks till I visit Arizona - yay - need that and hoping to really relax.

Got all excited in the Environmental class I teach Friday - I taught them how to make rain - lol

I also walk all over the place when I teach, and wave my arms about and knock on desks and the board and stuff and just get all into it - I think I make them laugh - but in a good way.

Speaking of laughing - Friday was the faculty in service at work - we had a speaker come in who had been a stand up comedienne and then taught traffic violation school - I learned how to bomb gracefully and how to tell jokes - hehe

Alright off to do some work... blech

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

not happy with life right now

it sucks when you have to be afriad of doing or thinking something (1984 alive adn well) and when you suddenly get to a place where you hate everythign and one of the very important things that keep it all together and sane and is there when nothign and no one else is is suddenly something that makes you want to go and curl in your bed and cry and scream and not get back up and face people or work.what a week to have everything ick converge

on the total 180 degree side - I saw the movie 300 and liekd it - at first i was oh damn this si a war movie and I do not watch those, then I was like oh man this is weird and then it became a story and then a fabulous myth - the way it was shot and the actors and the story - I liked the fighting scenes actually - well done.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Einstein you devil

The odd physicist was right - time is relative - fuck how three years has gone by so fast and yet it seems from another perspective to be the longest, dreggiest time in the whole world. Strange how certain events and "anniversaries" should not be so poignant after three years and yet in some respects they hit even harder with age..... I don't think this particular event is like cheese or certain alcohol in that it is not aging well with time, especially considering the lonnnnggggg and another L word three years it has been

What a fuck next week is, ah well, time dilation where are ya when I need you

One of my favorite quotes of all time - kinda fits with my curious/questioning nature and is a base foundation for who I am :P

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity."

"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity. " Einstein

some more quotes -

bad cartoons - very bad but the one of him in bed did make me laugh - yeah I know naughty thoughts -

Friday, February 23, 2007

Trips and Sisters and Weddings

Welllll - I am in Arizona as my second oldest sister is getting married tomorrow. There is lots of comedy, drama and ooohhh and ahhs (and holy shits and no F*ing ways too) and I am staying in my nephews room, a shrine to Hilary Duff - I will not comment on that any more at this point :P

The rehearsal yesterday was weird. My sister knows weird people - I was loving watching everything. Then the rehearsal was livened up as my one nephew fell in the little fish pond - OMG it was so funny but not - you know - luckily they had extra clothes and such but mannnnn funny to watch my sister turn beet red and get even more nervous before her wedding - hehe - of course I had been with the kids as we looked at the snails and fish and stuff... but then I went off and look one of them falls in :P

Our aunt and uncle from Florida came out and are driving everyone crazy (and man the aunt is nosy - we had bags from shopping and she was going through them and my sister's fridge and everything - lol

my sister getting married is doing fairly well (she just found out now her husband to be went out, is still out as we speak and is major drunk with his little pal - more on the whole little pal story at some point) i managed not to get my nails done and instead ducked into a video store and found a copy of "Bound" which I have been looking for so hurray on that.

I dropped my youngest sister, who was not invited to the wedding, yes lots of drama, but I dropped her at the airport earlier today as she was going with a bunch of girls to Vegas for the weekend - I got to listen to an earful about why she was not invited to the wedding and lots of other wonderful things... but she needed the ear...

I am ending up spending a lot of time with the kids as I am the only one not in the wedding so I watch all the little ones while everyone else is practicing and talking and doing errands and such - which is ok, I am pretty immature and fit right in - lol - I will not mention the little scooter accident I had other than to say, I still did the 360 damnit but the 540 need work ;-D

Well lots more going on including me going outta my mind (and I so wish I could say jooking after that but, tis sadly true :P

I stopped by the old house today on the way back from dropping my sister off - the first time i had been alone since getting here, and thought a lot about my mom and growing up and memories... which was good thinking and kinda bad thinking... ah well, reflection and such is well, reflective : )

ok gotta go - helping my sister make the weddings cake, have to pick up her dress, have to do a few other things and going to get to eat Mexican tonight - Yummy (wish I could say I was going to "eat" Mexican tonight too (hehe - yeah I am baddddd and mind is badddd ah well :P

Updates later if I get a chance to breath or recover from this crazy mad house

Saturday, February 17, 2007

you know you are in rural southern Nj when....

when on the way to teach my lab at the college this morning (at the wonderful time of 7am so i can get to my lab for 8am start) I had to stop in the middle of the road as a flock of turkeys were crossing the street - yuppers about 16 of them and I could not tell if they were wild turkeys or if one of the farmers on the farms I was driving by would end up being a little miffed was - ok drum roll please - as their turkey's had flown the coop - hahahah yes I am so stupid and dorky but I think I am funny :P

watching Art school Confidental - that is a weird movie and has parts that make me laugh out loud - :Pour contract at work was approved - dental, eyecare and a small raise - hurray...... now if my job is just there for next year.....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Semi-annual white stuff rant (I kept it short this time)

OK damn it either snow all out or nothing - this just enough in the morning and then evening when i have to drive and get tense and nervous and shout obscenities at the mirror and my jack cat and wonder woman doll and guitar pin in my car as i try to drive is just starting to get old... and now maybe ice shit is coming too and not when it would keep us out oh no it is waiting until I am OUT - again I say let it come but just do it at night so in morning I am trapped... crap stuff... actually again it is not the snow per se but that I have to go and drive... feck, fook and the other f word.....

Monday, February 05, 2007

Leave my website alone you spamming fiends

OK - I understand the ideal of free speech, democracy, and commercialism. I also understand nothing is free, especially the Internet, which we all take for granted as being free, but it is not, we all pay for it.

BUTTTTTTTTTTTT - there are different ways to pay and I have one in particular I am getting a little peeved at.

Some sites support themselves by allowing ads and spam and the like. My email accounts are all full of junk as is my regular mailbox and answering machine - ok - I deal - BUTTTTTTTTTTT I pay for the site I keep my story website on through my cable Internet.....

I ALSO PAY for the tagboard I have at the bottom of my site so people can leave me comments about the stories I and others wrote or other things (PS feel free non spammer people to leave messages and comments and discuss said stories and so on)

Recently I have noticed a trend - spammers have created a new spambot - I know there are programs that people run and it sends the spam out into the world with a few keystrokes - well looks like one is now targeting TagBoards - I can ban the IP (and I do - trust me) and delete the comments, but what a pain in the arse for me.

So go for my email and other things - but leave my TagBoard alone you marketing boohaas

Leave my website alone you spamming fiends

OK - I understand the ideal of free speech, democracy, and commercialism. I also understand nothing is free, especially the Internet, which we all take for granted as being free, but it is not, we all pay for it.

BUTTTTTTTTTTTT - there are different ways to pay and I have one in particular I am getting a little peeved at.

Some sites support themselves by allowing ads and spam and the like. My email accounts are all full of junk as is my regular mailbox and answering machine - ok - I deal - BUTTTTTTTTTTT I pay for the site I keep my story website on through my cable Internet.....

I ALSO PAY for the tagboard I have at the bottom of my site so people can leave me comments about the stories I and others wrote or other things (PS feel free non spammer people to leave messages and comments and discuss said stories and so on)

Recently I have noticed a trend - spammers have created a new spambot - I know there are programs that people run and it sends the spam out into the world with a few keystrokes - well looks like one is now targeting TagBoards - I can ban the IP (and I do - trust me) and delete the comments, but what a pain in the arse for me.

So go for my email and other things - but leave my TagBoard alone you marketing boohaas

Sunday, January 28, 2007

lab excitement, freaky cat tricks and other things

Well had my first Environmental science lab today, I think it went well. I really felt the lecture I did went well and the students seemed to get into the activity. Of course I am probably the only one getting excited and upbeat at 8 in the morning (yes the lab is 8 – 2 although not every Saturday) talking about graphing and the metric system and independent variables and dependant variables and yes, well stop whispering geek already… :oP So lab should be fun as well as the lecture, the class so far seems to be a good group. Of course I need to see how many students come back next week.

I also found a most annoying item – the current McDonald's happy meal has this line of toys from a cartoon series. And one of the toys is a character that if you push its arm down, it makes armpit fart noises. I kid you not. And let me just say, it is a very, very evil thing…..

Been keeping busy at work, managed to push out a few projects so almost have some breathing room.

There are a few movies out I want to see, however as my usually MO is to say I am going to see a movie and then I end up finally renting it 2 years later, I will wait until I actually see them to say anymore – lol

I saw Edward Scissorshand the other weekend in Philly, whew that was a weird thing. It was not a musical but musical theater – like a ballet. All instrumental music and dancing, the whole time. It was a little too busy in some places when the different families were all dancing at once, too much to see, but it was different and cool anyways – bring on the music.

It finally snowed here a bit the other day – actually it had snowed once before, but that was nothing. This was still not much, but enough that in the morning I got upset some driving on it. Damn it, I really need to try not to get the way I do about it. I like snow in general just not having to drive on it, not that anyone likes that but I freak… I gotta try to get over that

My cat amazed me and startled me the other night. The doofhead was able to open the cupboard where I keep his cat food, no shit. The cupboards are swing doors, meaning you just pull them open. I look over and the cat is on his hind legs and is pulling/scratching at the cupboard, as I watched, he managed to get the cupboard open and then crawled inside. I was like whoaaaaa – this is also the weird cat that taps me on the shoulder – no short jokes here

I sit at the computer and many times I will feel a tapping on my shoulder – after I am done screaming because I am alone and someone is tapping on my shoulder, I will look over and there, eye level is Gyro, my cat. He is on his hind legs, leaning against the chair and using a paw to tap my shoulder, of course I end up petting hi and stuff, but still, freaky cat – and he does other weird stuff too I shall not go into – but damn, opening the cupboard…..

Friday, January 19, 2007

movies and life

Right now I am watching Joe Vs the Volcano - it is one of my favorite movies. I find I like weird movies - not thoughtful or thought provoking or cinematic art or such... but weird dork movies. My favorites include things like

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Joe Vs the Volcano
Hudson Hawk
So I Married an Axe Murder
Love, Actually
Spoof movies in general (Vincent Price was in a spoof movie or two, can you name them)

and such - actually I like a ton of movies and will not list them here but the currently being watched movie - dang I just laugh out loud and stand in front of the TV and the dialogue

damn there are great quotes and I like it because you have to watch it - I mean I usually multitask and do this and that and that and this - but Joe is as much visual as it is audio

Actually if you watch it with the sound down it tells a story and then listen only you get a different but neat story too (yes I have done both)

But the allegory, allusion, illusion, and visual references in J V t V is incredible (like how many lightening bolts can you count - what do the different numbers mean - oh man counting how many served by a company that makes anal probes - hahahahaha) - everything in that movie is placed for a damn reason - I LOVE IT

and then, then the real message is, life sucks and then you find your brain cloud. Then you find your volcano and eventually maybe, just maybe you find your Patricia (Hey Patricia for Julie - are you out there... lol)

But you know.... J V T V really makes a neat commentary on life, and yet seems like a funky wacko movie... just like me and just like life.........

Ok I am going back to watching the movie and laughing, seriously, laughing MAO


one of my favorites - Patricia: My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement.

my other favorite quote (why I have no idea) - Angelica: I have no response to that.

Patricia: You mean you were diagnosed with something called a brain cloud and didn't ask for a second opinion?

Joe Banks: I've never been to L.A. before.
Angelica: What do you think?
Joe Banks: It looks fake. I like it!