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Monday, November 22, 2010

World of Depleted, Dead Drops and Deep Thoughts

from deaddrops.com

Well the plot is growing thick (and so is my head unfortunately) –received two awesome codes each with a leaning that more was coming – well – I am now collecting ideas and trying to make links (been kept away from fun and such due to work and other responsibilities – but the Thanksgiving holiday is coming and I may actually get to play a little and then even more by the Winter holiday) –Anyhoos, any ideas are always welcome – so what do I have so far, not much and half baked, but it is time for bed (which is also why this post is so much more stream of consciousness and thus making prolly little sense– tomorrow I shall look at it and cringe I am sure)

On a side note – one code came via one method (Dropbox) and the other came via email- hmmmmm is there a reason for the different methods or, is it just keeping the messages spread out so harder to track and fine and connect which then wraps back into, who and what is on which side…

Also – curious there is mention of a dead drop and one of the methods of communication is "Dropbox"… perhaps looking more into that could produce something (or not ;oP)

Oh, yes, there was a third message – which does mention the Dead Drop concept (as well as a mention on the odd bird/gear image) - message is "You may be correct. It looks strangely industrial revolution, but it has an American feel. Norman says he's close to wading through front companies to an actual central Dead Drop zone. If he means it the way I would, this might be an unmanned site"

Oh and found this – neat puzzle and ok, I am just not that industrious, but maybe thinking such as in that event is needed, hmmm – http://blog.theflashblog.com/?p=1955

And here is another way to do a Dead Drop (of course I have no smart phone) - http://workbookproject.com/culturehacker/2009/12/03/ten-interactive-story-ideas-for-layar/

Code 1 - got the place figured out. It's a store called "Deep Thoughts"...being used as a front for messages from different "black" organizations. Will let you know when we have a location.

What my research is pinging - Well since there is the reference to a store (as a front for either black ops organizations or black market) and the mention of messages, looking for a store called "Deep Thoughts" and perhaps there is a "dead drop" – Now I have this urge to go look at the Zazzle web site and see if there are any odd things there….. ok putting in deepthoughts after the main url for Zazzle only brings up this weird poodle tie :P – back to that drawing board

Which links to the other code – I am guessing there a message from the Deep Thought store waiting in a Dead drop. Is there an online version of a Dead Drop and if so – what is the signal, the QR code sent by Ezekiel bahTid (mentioned in many references is the use of signals to alert others something is in the dead drop)

And also – can not help but chuckle as Deep Thoughts also has the link to Jack Handley and all hehe – ahhh SNL subculture ;)

Code 2 - Go To Dead Drop

What my research is pinging – well the tried and true general search leads first to this concept of what a dead drop is (I have expanded my vocab as I never knew this term) – it seems to fit given the nature of the story –

I found this site - http://deaddrops.com/ and I am sucked in – even if it does not end up being part of the story – I plan on visiting and finding some of these – they are too cool – I am posting the photo from the site because the idea of an USB just in a wall and you hooking a computer to it – hehe – although what a way to pass a virus and nuke your computer – I think I need a generic computer that can be used for stuff like this so if it does contaminate – it is easy to redo the machine.

And a little interesting tidbit on how to do a virtual dead drop – which I found a few other sites mentioned as well - hmmm http://jimthompson.org/wp/2006/04/29/the-virtual-dead-drop/

So – need to think and look a bit more into this – but need to find the Dead Drop and find more on Deep Thoughts

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More QR fun for World of Depleted and Secrets!

Alright - so, it seems the plot is thickening and there are things hidden everywhere and I am going what the foogey foo does it mean.

Ok so During Nov. 4th there was an opportunity to find another QR code - here is a quote from the WoD Facebook page -

World of Depleted - November 4th. The day that folks will be trying to hunt down Sheri Candler and take her photo. (And no, not because she's dressed up like Tina Turner from Mad Max, although that picture IS out there.) Instead, the lucky fortunate who get a picture of the QR code on the back of her shirt will be able to find secret information related to the World of Depleted!

Since it was at an event I could not be at, I was hoping someone snapped a picture. Talking to another fan of the show on Facebook, F.K. - found out someone sent F.K. a picture and it seemed to be of the shirt (image below)

Well people decode the QR and go and watch and listen and go WhatTheFooge... there seems to be a lot going on in the hidden video the QR code leads to - a lot - and ooo and ok I am all confuzed - Anyhoos - hope over to the WoD Facebook page or post comments here if you have ideas and thoughts about the video - it reveals only to make more questions (shakes fist at those darn good storytellers who like cliffhangers and tangled webs and ooooo)


But yes, another QR code for my collection!!!!!

Monday, November 08, 2010

How to create a wiki and cowgirl up

So using the upcoming webseries Cowgirl Up tellofilms.com/content/project-description/cowgirl to learn how to use wikia and program/code/create a wiki and wiki pages - still confused some and trying to learn how to work with Wiki language and such... it is a good skill though and I like Cowgirl Up so the content makes it easier to focus.

If anyone is interested in Cowgirl Up and wants to help with the Wiki cowgirlup.wikia.com - there is a lot to do, but that is the fun behind a fan wiki site for a show, finding others who like it and talking about cool stuff like media and technology and such...

Two great things for the price of one - Yee-haw

New QR code site

Pulled this from a tweet shared by @GaryPHayes

Very interesting and bringing the use of QR codes to even more


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Learning New tools and skills from a game

Today I have increased my tech skill and knowledge thanks to a "game" - I am becoming immersed, of sorts, in the universe loosely know as "World of Depleted" worldofdepleted.com/about.

Today I received a message and was invited to create a Dropbox account and begin sharing files. I have never used dropbox or similar (although I do use Google Docs and cloud share files that way). This is one reason why I like ARGs and similar transmedia properties and why I think they have a great place in our culture - they are a way to teach and demonstrate "practical" use of technology and skills in a compelling way.

I not only use my Barcapture to read the QR code left for me, but I also created a code, and, hopefully, shared it using dropbox (we'll see if that part worked).

Here is the code, as it does pertain to the game and the odd symbols, which I am following.