Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Changing things a bit

All good stories often change and grow as you go along - my World of Depleted story(ies) are an example of this - I am changing up a couple things Starting with Jo - she is now Josephine Baynham :) other changes will come as is the nature of the universe. For now, one little step at a time - ok going to go and edit the actual story entry

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Middle man TV series

Ok - started watching this show and mannnnn bummer it only went 12 episodes (13 if you count the comic book continuation). I really like this show, I am a sucker for pop culture references (I am continually laughing my arse off plus trying to catch many - I have to rewatch these episodes twice :p, The sarcastic wit banter rocks, enjoying the outrageous comic book type plots and the lead actress is nice too ; )

Why are these shows that I like always barely lasting a season - sigh.... now I know why I am cheering for webseries so much... hehe

Ok back to the episodes - anyone else out there like this show? I could only hope I could write soem of the references found in this show.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

World of Depleted Fanfiction - I am a geek

Well, ok, so, this is kinda weird. I like to write fanfiction and have written a few stories here and there and posted them on my story site. I am not a writer or any way associated with media/writing (thus you will see grammar boo-boos, trite use of language, I tell instead of showing, adverbs are my friend, POV switches many times, cliché’s out the wazhoo and all the other rulers writers have I tend to break), I just like fanfiction and RPing and writing. So, this is not a stellar story, it’s just, something I wanted to jot down.

Now, the story is based in the storyworld of World of Depleted (http://worldofdepleted.com), which has not had any of the movies or such released yet, just a journal from one of the characters, a few ARG movies and some trailers and discussion of upcoming films. The site did release a basic overview of the world to encourage others to create, well, I was inspired and thus begins the story of Josephine and Minako. Check here for the Living in the World of Depleted info - http://worldofdepleted.com/world/livingworld

Now, this is a rough, real rough draft. I read the world of Depleted story overview Thursday night and wrote the first rough draft of what is below by Friday morning. It’s not very polished or such and there are elements I will go and change or fill in once the World of Depleted movies come out and hopefully provide a little backstory (weird things like if this is about a year after the Fall – would it be summer or winter, and need some geographic locations of the events in WoD to better place the two ladies and such). So that said – the two characters are intro’d below. When I write with my writing groups and RP people we usually pick actors and such to represent the characters because it helps in visualizing scenes and such – well I have done that for these characters. I adore Ms. Cox and Ms. Gershon and well, the imagery helps when I write.


Josephine P. Baynham (avatar Christina Cox)

Age: About 35
Profession: Assistant professor at a smaller four year college in the IT department. Specialized in networking and security

Background (not much now, will fill in later) – father landed a job in London and moved the family there when she was 6 months old. Grew up there, went through school, then came over to the States for grad school, kicked around in a couple of computer companies and then landed the job at the college three years before the Fall.

Minako Yoshimoto (avatar Gina Gershon)

Age: About 45

Profession: Professor at a smaller four year college in the medical school. Has been teaching for over eight years and is dedicated to her teaching. Was known as the Surgical Bitch as she was always cold, professional and very critical, failing many students. They needed her classes to continue and she always maintained a very professional rigor.

Background (not much now, will fill in later) – was adopted by a Japanese-American family when she was one year old (born in New Orleans). Her family was tied strongly to Japanese culture and that figured prominently in her upbringing (she spent many years in Japan during her childhood years). She excelled at school and was finished high school when she was 17, moving straight to college and finishing her undergraduate by the time she was 20, then going straight to med school. She spent most of her residency time in ER and trauma and then completed a fellowship in Nephrology. She was offered a job teaching around the same time there was a major incident at the hospital and that lead to her taking the job at the college. She threw herself into the teaching as she was convinced it was a lackadaisical education system that had created the doctors that lead to the incident and other mistakes and errors she'd witnessed. She vowed to save lives by bettering the education system so that only the best got through.


Title: Getting Business Done
Author: docwho2100

Story: World of Depleted (with original characters)
Pairing: F/F and who knows what else
Rating - R
DISCLAIMER - World of Depleted is property of Viking Productions Inc. No infringement intended.

“Black false hellebore is known for it’s emetic properties. It was often thought to be useful in inducing labor. Hmm, I should use this to make some tea for Josephine,” Minako murmured as she turned the page to reveal another series of columns filled with herbs and their medical properties. "I know, I know, Minako play nice.”

She rubbed at the bridge of her nose, the book flopping to her chest as she pushed up a bit more on her makeshift bed, the flame from her candle wafting in the faint breeze her book had made. A thunk and then a moan came from the wall behind her head. She closed her eyes, an exasperated look growing on her face.

“Oh god baby that’s…” the words degraded into another moan. After a moment the feminine voice once again picked up, filtering through the thin wall, “your tongue, use your tongue, ahhhh…”

Minako was tempted to bang on the wall, but she knew better. She knew there was more than a quick lay going on in the next room. With a heavy sigh, the released breath ruffling her dark bangs, she picked her book up and tried to ignore the sounds from the next room as she let her eyes readjust to the low light level once more so she could continue her reading.


A faint knocking sound on the door startled Minako out of her light sleep; a faint whisper pushing through the door. "Minako? You awake?"

"Barely,” she grunted as she began pulling herself up, her hand already clutching the metal asp she kept with her at all times; Josephine had dubbed it the teddy bear as Minako cuddled with it each night. A habit the doctor had picked up after the incident at New Haven.

"You know you have this really sexy husky voice when you wake up all frumpy and grumpy."

"Did you not get enough with your little student earlier that you have to make a sexual innuendo?"

Josephine Baynham did not answer, rather shuffled across the dark room, feeling her way to the edge of the bedding where Minako was resting. She sank into a cross-legged lotus position near the side of the bedding. "I got what we needed, she'll get us the codes and you will get your books," her answer delivered in a neutral tone. "You really are a bitch when you wake up. Dreaming again?"

"No, nothing tonight, it was too noisy to sleep properly."

"Well you know how those young studs are, all noise and flash, I use to be one myself."

Minako made a grunting noise as she sat up fully, pushing back to lean against the wall. She could not really see her traveling companion in the dark, but she'd been with the woman long enough to know while that was delivered as a joke, the other woman's right eye would twitch a little, a small tic Josephine displayed when upset; Minako knew references to age were always touchy for the computer professor. It was amazing how much she had picked up in the last year about Josephine. A woman she had worked with, in a sense, for three years and had barely noticed more than the color of the woman’s hair. Yet now, in the Fallen world, one had to be mindful of details, details often made the difference between survival and extinction.

"She'll take us tomorrow, then we can swing back by the little settlement and give them your gift and then…" Jo left the sentence open as their plans were probably open as well. She'd never been one to plan or worry much about where she was going before the Fall, so this particular piece in her current lifestyle was not too much of a stretch. However, she would like a little more direction now and then.

"And then we head West as we discussed," Minako finished not sure what Jo might be prodding at. "Thank you for modifying that e-reader. They'll be able to use the books for teaching; not just the medical volumes, but there are other works on there as well."

"God Bless Google for being grubby and sticking its grimy hands into other fields to convert all those books to digital. Although it would be funny to see you carting around some of those volumes," Jo shook her head, chuckling. “You know students always accused professors of picking the thickest books as torture."

"Students always look for the easiest path and complain when it looks like they might need to work," Minako replied.

"I can just see you dragging this sack of huge Gray’s Anatomy books behind you. Minako Yoshimoto the medical equivalent of Johnny Appleseed crossing the country, planting her seeds of wisdom and trying to single handedly rebuild something that is dead and gone"

"You do not have to mock me."

"Yes I do and you know you love it, that's why you keep me around."

"No I keep you around so you can bang former students. Old habits die hard it seems," Minako sighed and rubbed at her face. "Sorry, I should not have said that; I am sure you got your fill of vicious rumors as they circulated through the campus mill."

"Who said they were rumors?"

Minako looked up sharply, leaning forward to try and pierce the dark to see Jo's face; sometimes she really hated the dark, it hid so much. "Still enjoying the playgirl façade? Everytime I turned around there was another piece of gossip about that young professor in the IT department. Let's see, there were the student affairs, the fact you forged some of your credentials and were not really that versed in your field, you slept your way into your position, you were doing questionable research."

Jo said nothing.

As the silence stretched, Minako gave a forced laugh, "come on, deny them, say they were a bit of rubbish or some other British phrase you enjoy throwing at me."

"There were only three students." Jo's statement was followed by a long pause. "And I did use the campus resources for a number of, side projects. I mean it was a perfect cover, if any of my activity was ever discovered I could just say it was a student activity or academia project."

"You…" Minako trailed off.

"It was a bit of fun and diversion. Remember that whole Wikileaks thing? The assorted hack attacks? I had bots on almost every computer on campus and many of the student computers. The tumblr vs 4chan war was a hoot too."

"Are you the reason my Internet connection periodically slowed?"

"Guilty as charged. Hey graduate students are always eager for "projects". One semester we did a study to see how far we could spread certain backdoor programs. Each student took a different delivery form so we could compare. You know traditional delivery versus flash drives vs.."

"Stop, I really don't want to know this."

"No, you don't, neither did most of the others, which is why I never had any problems sailing through each ethics hearing."

More silence passed before Minako dared to ask a question, "did you really get your job as they intimated?"

"Because I was the College President's mistress?"

Minako nodded even though she knew Jo could not see her.

"Yeah, that's about it. She was sick of her husband who was flinging every time she turned around. I heard about the position opening and one of my friends at IBM said I should try. I was drunk and said sure. I'd met her a few weeks before that, at one of the college's bugger alumni functions, which my friend had attended and dragged me along to. Well, somehow this led to that and I was in her bed. I happened to mentioned the job, she happened to mention she liked having a little side thing and so we used each other."

"You had no problem being used?" Minako scoffed.

"Minako, we all are users, and many are abusers, don't ever believe otherwise."

"So I am just a user than? Why do you stay with me?" Minako demanded

"What the hell else am I going to do?" Jo slapped the floor in frustration. "There's nothing else really, and who better to hook up with than a doctor, self-preservation and all that. Besides, you saved my life," her voice lowered, becoming distance as she turned away from Minako, "I owe you."

Minako was silent, not caring to relive the incident Jo referenced, although her quick mind provided the events and memories regardless.

"Why do you stay with me?"

"Would it fit if I said I am a user," Minako said sarcastically, sighing as she rubbed her face. "This will sound stupid."

"And you sounding daft is new, how?" Jo said, trying to relieve the tension as she sensed a shift in Minako 's manner.

"Well, as you said, self-preservation and even though there are some that say it is the work of the devil, I believe in technology, and you've been very helpful in trying to help me with my goal."

"Obsessed crusade."

"Fine Jo, obsessed crusade. But, well, the reason I found you, was able to save your life, well. You know those dreams I have."

"Nightmares, and you only vaguely mention and then leave off, which is very frustrating by the way."

"I know, it's frustrating to me too. But well, you've been in a few of them. There have been others, like this odd man who acts like a hunter and I've seen him killing this boar and some of the horrific events, like the plague mass graves. But from the dreams with you in them, I knew I needed to find you and then to, well…" Minako ceased her explanation, feeling too embarrassed to continue.

"You realize what you just told me is way beyond daft, you're rounding the bend to full fledge nutter."

A humorless laugh floated across the darkness. "Why do you think it took me this long to tell you? You're the first I've ever really told this much."

"Awww, I got to pop your insane nightmare virgin cherry."

"Must you always do that?"

"Yes, it' my defensive mechanism, just like sinking yourself into this Don Quixote quest is yours."

"I'm impressed you know enough literature to use that reference."

"Eh, it was a clue in one of these ARGs I use to play."

This time Minako 's laugh was mirthful. She blinked a bit as it seemed lighter. "Sun's coming up, guess I should try for another hour or two rest. And you should get back to what's her name."

"Cheryl," Jo shrugged, "she passed out, she's not missing anything."

"You realize I am not going to feed your ego by commenting on that."

Jo leaned closer, smirking, "Come on, make a joke about my stamina, or even a medical reference if you like. I've gotten use to you always being stuck in teacher mode."

"Someone has to be mature and responsible, besides…"

"It's all you've ever had," Jo finished, no tease or maliciousness evident.

"Yes, it is."

They were both quiet a bit more, the morning light turning the room a dusky blue. Minako looked at Jo now that she could better see the contents of the room, her eyes first narrowing and then going wide as she scrambled a little and turned away, Jo's laughter chasing her. "What's the matter doctor? I just didn't feel like putting my shirt back on."

"Not funny."

"Oh I am laughing my ass off."

"So glad you are enjoying a large dose of schadenfreude."

"Loving every minute I can torture you doc. It's just a little skin…"

Minako grimaced, looking back a little, but keeping her eyes averted. "I think you need to go put your shirt back on."

"Only if you'll read to me."

Minako swiveled to look fully at Jo, her eyes trained on the woman's face, brown eyes meeting green. "I do not like being made fun of…"

"Oh I know that is one of you high and almighty pet peeves, so trust me, not making fun. I just, don't feel like sleeping or going back to the other room. I noticed you were reading some of your new books, the ones you got so chuffed over."

Minako looked down at the slim paperback books. "Thank you for getting them for me. I…"

Jo waved a hand to dismiss the thanks, knowing it was hard for Minako to offer the words. "Hey no sweat, it was easy peasy stuff doing some work for that couple and they let me pick a couple books. I thought you'd like the medicine stuff. I did listen as you went on and on about field medicine when we were walking through Georgia. Well, mostly, I was also kinda thinking about other things."

"I will be glad you listened at least a little," Minako paused, but then added as an afterthought "What were you thinking about?"

"Well, I was just thinking wouldn't it be cool to find a projector and set up a sheet or something outside and have like a drive in movie one night."

Minako arced an eyebrow, not use to this side of Jo. "It could be…"

"Yeah, just one night at the movies. Something I use to never do really. It was so expensive and those seats were never comfortable, the food blah and I always ended up sitting next to someone who talked the whole time. But, well, I kinda miss it."

Minako nodded as she leaned across the bed, just grabbing hold of her pack, dragging it toward her. She rummaged through it, finding a T-shirt and throwing it at Jo. "Put this on while I get set."

"Aww now you are giving me gifts. Be careful or they might talk about us being an item."

Minako stuck out her tongue before scooting back to lean against the wall, angling her body so she could use the growing light to read. "I was thinking of using what I found in here to make you some of the tea you love."

"Always so thoughtful, I'll have to try to think of something nice I can do for you."

"Maybe try going a whole 24 hours without one joke."

"I'm not sure I can quit cold turkey, maybe I get three?"

"You are always one to bargain, fine, three," Minako smiled a bit and once Jo was situated, she moistened her lips and began reading.

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Western X

If you have not already seen this awesome webseries - go, now! (watch it here - www.westernxtheshow.com/

----------------- copy of email from from the creator of Western X, Michael Flores ------

It's been just about one week since episodes 1-3 have been released and the general feedback has been great and very encouraging. To end the first week with a huge bang I'm asking all fans of the show to please post the series on your social sites and share it with as many people as possible. Simply forwarding this email to others would be a huge help. Strong word of mouth will keep this series alive.

The first week has been great but I want to show KoldCast TV (www.koldcast.tv/video/western_x_introduction_eps_1_3) and others the power of Western X.

Thanks to everyone that has helped push the show this past week, this is only the beginning and each episode gets bigger and better as the series progresses. Lets end the week big!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A new mission

World of Depleted easter Eggs and mythology

Doing some digging

Ok – so have a few free moments in-between grading final exams and trying to catch up on World of Depleted and WOWZERS – there is a lot to explore (and I think I wasted time clicking through some directories and trying to clear up the sound in the WoD trailer – I wanna know what Gavin is saying) but ah well, I do tend to follow dead-ends a lot ;).

First I was digging around the WoD site and was looking at all the images in the directories associated with Gavin’s journal (not sure if allowed or supposed or if anything there, but I clicked on all the images – there are a few I, erm, borrowed because I like them – some are around on parts of the WoD main site and some, hmm not sure :p

So Gavin’s most recent entries are tying some pieces together (like the earlier “hidden” video) and other links. When Zazzle was first intro’d as the gear site and with a throw away mention that there might be secrets there – I went over all of the Merch and such – nothing seemed to pin (I did order a shirt and added a custom piece to it – I gotta take a picture of me wearing it :) But I did not see anything, but I wondered… well now… with the Dec 10th entry… but how does Zazzle connect to Deep Thoughts connect to….

I had tried a few combo terms for websites, but nothing too intense (still have to do more) – but so far found one and maybe two.

Ok spoilers in a sense here so going down a bit – or click off this blog post right away if not wanting to hear my musings :P I’ll post one of my fav images/posters – maybe make this an avatar or such

http://knightsofxeno.info/ - seems to be not much there yet – buttttt a couple things – going to search on the quote that is there, have found the link to one of the mysterious symbols and looking at the source – the name for the image is Clockworkfull (which could be something or nothing – LOL) and jenna whitmore is listed as an alt text. I tried deepthoughts as a directory and will try a few more to see if there is more to the site… (Zig Matheson - is that name important ;)

And also as a link, there are a couple Gavin entries discussing William McKnight - http://worldofdepleted.com/Gavin/?p=238 and http://worldofdepleted.com/Gavin/?p=259 – plus there is mention of the code breaking in Gavin’s journal entries – so eventually will try to dig a bit more into the KoX web site – also – still wondering if Knights of Xeno and Neo-Palidins are the same groups, linked, or opposing… and there is the other symbol – still looking for a more direct link (I think it is associated with the neo-palidins)

The other site – I am not sure – it may be co-winkydink but there is a www.neopaladins.com – still looking for others – lots to try and pry ;)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

World of Depleted, Dead Drops and Deep Thoughts

from deaddrops.com

Well the plot is growing thick (and so is my head unfortunately) –received two awesome codes each with a leaning that more was coming – well – I am now collecting ideas and trying to make links (been kept away from fun and such due to work and other responsibilities – but the Thanksgiving holiday is coming and I may actually get to play a little and then even more by the Winter holiday) –Anyhoos, any ideas are always welcome – so what do I have so far, not much and half baked, but it is time for bed (which is also why this post is so much more stream of consciousness and thus making prolly little sense– tomorrow I shall look at it and cringe I am sure)

On a side note – one code came via one method (Dropbox) and the other came via email- hmmmmm is there a reason for the different methods or, is it just keeping the messages spread out so harder to track and fine and connect which then wraps back into, who and what is on which side…

Also – curious there is mention of a dead drop and one of the methods of communication is "Dropbox"… perhaps looking more into that could produce something (or not ;oP)

Oh, yes, there was a third message – which does mention the Dead Drop concept (as well as a mention on the odd bird/gear image) - message is "You may be correct. It looks strangely industrial revolution, but it has an American feel. Norman says he's close to wading through front companies to an actual central Dead Drop zone. If he means it the way I would, this might be an unmanned site"

Oh and found this – neat puzzle and ok, I am just not that industrious, but maybe thinking such as in that event is needed, hmmm – http://blog.theflashblog.com/?p=1955

And here is another way to do a Dead Drop (of course I have no smart phone) - http://workbookproject.com/culturehacker/2009/12/03/ten-interactive-story-ideas-for-layar/

Code 1 - got the place figured out. It's a store called "Deep Thoughts"...being used as a front for messages from different "black" organizations. Will let you know when we have a location.

What my research is pinging - Well since there is the reference to a store (as a front for either black ops organizations or black market) and the mention of messages, looking for a store called "Deep Thoughts" and perhaps there is a "dead drop" – Now I have this urge to go look at the Zazzle web site and see if there are any odd things there….. ok putting in deepthoughts after the main url for Zazzle only brings up this weird poodle tie :P – back to that drawing board

Which links to the other code – I am guessing there a message from the Deep Thought store waiting in a Dead drop. Is there an online version of a Dead Drop and if so – what is the signal, the QR code sent by Ezekiel bahTid (mentioned in many references is the use of signals to alert others something is in the dead drop)

And also – can not help but chuckle as Deep Thoughts also has the link to Jack Handley and all hehe – ahhh SNL subculture ;)

Code 2 - Go To Dead Drop

What my research is pinging – well the tried and true general search leads first to this concept of what a dead drop is (I have expanded my vocab as I never knew this term) – it seems to fit given the nature of the story –

I found this site - http://deaddrops.com/ and I am sucked in – even if it does not end up being part of the story – I plan on visiting and finding some of these – they are too cool – I am posting the photo from the site because the idea of an USB just in a wall and you hooking a computer to it – hehe – although what a way to pass a virus and nuke your computer – I think I need a generic computer that can be used for stuff like this so if it does contaminate – it is easy to redo the machine.

And a little interesting tidbit on how to do a virtual dead drop – which I found a few other sites mentioned as well - hmmm http://jimthompson.org/wp/2006/04/29/the-virtual-dead-drop/

So – need to think and look a bit more into this – but need to find the Dead Drop and find more on Deep Thoughts

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More QR fun for World of Depleted and Secrets!

Alright - so, it seems the plot is thickening and there are things hidden everywhere and I am going what the foogey foo does it mean.

Ok so During Nov. 4th there was an opportunity to find another QR code - here is a quote from the WoD Facebook page -

World of Depleted - November 4th. The day that folks will be trying to hunt down Sheri Candler and take her photo. (And no, not because she's dressed up like Tina Turner from Mad Max, although that picture IS out there.) Instead, the lucky fortunate who get a picture of the QR code on the back of her shirt will be able to find secret information related to the World of Depleted!

Since it was at an event I could not be at, I was hoping someone snapped a picture. Talking to another fan of the show on Facebook, F.K. - found out someone sent F.K. a picture and it seemed to be of the shirt (image below)

Well people decode the QR and go and watch and listen and go WhatTheFooge... there seems to be a lot going on in the hidden video the QR code leads to - a lot - and ooo and ok I am all confuzed - Anyhoos - hope over to the WoD Facebook page or post comments here if you have ideas and thoughts about the video - it reveals only to make more questions (shakes fist at those darn good storytellers who like cliffhangers and tangled webs and ooooo)


But yes, another QR code for my collection!!!!!

Monday, November 08, 2010

How to create a wiki and cowgirl up

So using the upcoming webseries Cowgirl Up tellofilms.com/content/project-description/cowgirl to learn how to use wikia and program/code/create a wiki and wiki pages - still confused some and trying to learn how to work with Wiki language and such... it is a good skill though and I like Cowgirl Up so the content makes it easier to focus.

If anyone is interested in Cowgirl Up and wants to help with the Wiki cowgirlup.wikia.com - there is a lot to do, but that is the fun behind a fan wiki site for a show, finding others who like it and talking about cool stuff like media and technology and such...

Two great things for the price of one - Yee-haw

New QR code site

Pulled this from a tweet shared by @GaryPHayes

Very interesting and bringing the use of QR codes to even more


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Learning New tools and skills from a game

Today I have increased my tech skill and knowledge thanks to a "game" - I am becoming immersed, of sorts, in the universe loosely know as "World of Depleted" worldofdepleted.com/about.

Today I received a message and was invited to create a Dropbox account and begin sharing files. I have never used dropbox or similar (although I do use Google Docs and cloud share files that way). This is one reason why I like ARGs and similar transmedia properties and why I think they have a great place in our culture - they are a way to teach and demonstrate "practical" use of technology and skills in a compelling way.

I not only use my Barcapture to read the QR code left for me, but I also created a code, and, hopefully, shared it using dropbox (we'll see if that part worked).

Here is the code, as it does pertain to the game and the odd symbols, which I am following.


Friday, October 22, 2010

World of Depleted - what image is this

Trying to figure out what this image means - anyone seen it or something similar or have ideas (and not sure if there is something hidden in it somehow, still trying to figure out and find time on how to check images for hidden stuff)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fanon - a good reminder

Fanfic writers should read RT @soduhAlex this is what happens when you write something OCC and everyone else follows, http://bit.ly/bsyqPU

Am I a Dark Dreamer and Thanks World of Depleted

So first - I found out what a thrill it is as a simple fan of an entertainment/story project to have that story/world give you a nod - so I thank the writers/creators/and everyone else at World of Depleted and still looking for more clues, hints, signs and learning a lot as I research - which is why I like things like WoD and the interactive/participatory pieces - I explore topics and resources I probably never would otherwise.... another reason I want to include game mechanics and transmedia concepts in my class room

Also - as I continue to see QR codes everywhere now (thanks Gavin and WoD :) I found this interesting article http://mashable.com/2010/10/13/bit-ly-qr-codes/ - everything is going to visual and codes and such.

I plan on giving out a couple homework assignments via a QR code and seeing how students react to this concept and technology.

PS - so via Gavin's journal - it seems there may be more Dark Dreamers out there - if you are one - give me a holler!!!!!!!! http://worldofdepleted.com/archives/921

Monday, October 11, 2010

A very cool forensic site

researching for a story, found this PBS site - got distracted playing - http://to.pbs.org/9jW8LU

I really do let myself get too pulled into exploring and learning something new

Friday, October 08, 2010

More QR codes sneaking out

So - found this site - www.zazzle.com/muzzle_blast_tshirt-235697434247807090

and there is a QR code on the back of the shirt. The program I am using is having a hard time capturing the QR code - so not sure if it is the same - but I'll find a way ;)

On the flip side - if you want a cool Tshirt : )

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Transmedia Classroom -

Read over this interesting post on transmedia and the classroom transmythology.com/2010/10/05/the-transmedia-classroom-of-tomorrow

Left a comment (posted here too)

MY comment

very nice post on a topic I am very interested in - I am teaching for the first time this year a curriculum I wrote for Juniors and Seniors in high school generically labeled Environmental Literacy and Transmedia education - yes I snuck in a course in my school that uses transmedia and other concepts and actually lists those in the curriculum content ;) I teach environmental awareness AND transmedia concepts (aka how to navigate content across platforms and to build understand and story as you go, yes I see education as nothing more than many stories to be told and learned ;-)

Your post, IMO, is only the tippy, tippy top of a very exciting and dangerous iceberg (Titanic analogies inserted here).

Game Mechanics in education has actually been around for a bit, but as with other industries, is just now gaining a larger awareness. Our school was fortunate to have Dr. Rebecca Hines come and speak and she discussed game mechanics and I know she was planning on taking her sabbatical to research this more. Florida now has the virtual K-12 program and she discussed some of the curriculum and ARG structured content figures in many of the programs. So there are lots of examples out there, kinda, sorta (insert the what is transmedia discussions here :P

But then, you move to the rural, smaller districts such where I teach and I get hunh and blank stares (from the students, not just the teachers) and oh all those sites are filtered, we just signed AUP agreements that we can not engage in any social media type of interaction with students and, well, everything in many ways associated with transmedia is VERBOTEN in the classroom (We have these standards that have to be met and curriculum we have to follow what do you mean allowing the "user" to contribute and participate ala participatory culture we have to get all this in and have students pass the test)

And digital literacy, digital etiquette and ethics are lacking in all aspects (students/staff/administrators/parents) and that makes for all those sensational news stories that scares an educator back into the closet and away from non-traditional media and content delivery strategies.

And I could go on, I have been working on putting out there what I am doing and trying to look for others doing what I do (not just the ok this is an idea but the hard, cold activities and examples and content because today's teachers are so buried they need that more than the show and tell on what this is type of professional development) - So, I'll stop, for now, but transmedia navigation, the New media literacy skills and the like are very exciting topics for me.... I hope this stirs up many conversations and I look forward to listening and maybe even participating

Friday, October 01, 2010

Ok, damn I missed it - World of Depleted QR

ok so apparently I missed the hidden QR code for a hidden trailer - it was not in the video trailer but hidden on the WoD website - which means - when I get back from camping I will look over the web site :p drat... on a side note, the swirled QR code is kinda psychedelic - lol


Thursday, September 30, 2010

WEIRD foreshadowing QR codes are following me

Ok so I posted about World of Depleted QR codes yesterday and then today this comes out from Google and it has been discovered there is a QR Easter egg code associated with it...

Wow - weird convergences are always freak-a-leeky

Blog on the new service


Tweet about the easter egg

from @mattcutts - Secret goo.gl easter egg: take a link like http://goo.gl/LFwS and add ".qr" to get a QR code! See http://goo.gl/LFwS.qr

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

World of Depleted - QR Codes

Ok so I am collecting QR Codes associated with World of Depleted - what do they mean and has anyone else found any or have ideas on their meaning?

1 - This half was revealed at Gavin's journal -worldofdepleted.com/Gavin/

2 - Through an email contact with Gavin around the 17th, this QR code brought up a question - who are the neo-palidins (or is it paladins) - I thought it was the complete part of the half code, but the blocking seems different - so perhaps Gavin's journal code is not yet revealed

3 - I replied to the email and a few days later, Gavin sent another email with only a QR code -

4. The new teaser trailer for World of Depleted: Day 419 www.youtube.com/user/WorldofDepleted had a QR code (a little tilted as I captured it from the movie) - it seems to be the same that was sent to me by Gavin....

5. I received this badge and also have the file to make it a t-shirt transfer today (anyone want a copy? Make a cool t shirt and embrace the secret code of well whatever this is.... ;)

Now, the question I have - is there anything more hidden in these codes? Or are they pieces leading to other doorways? And am I missing any?

Does anyone know how to replicate QR codes or such? I am going to try flipping the half piece and maybe making a mirror image, but I suspect that will not work........ hmmmm

World of Depleted - very cool swag

OK so got an awesome email that included this nifty badge (I am attempting to put it on my blog and everywhere else too) :P as well as some neat transfers that I hope to put to good use as soon as I get a few free minutes.

I am still trying to find the little Easter Eggs left hiding in the words and pictures and videos, and I am learning a lot as I research topics I never would have otherwise - GAH there is a lot out there - sooo much to explore, so little time to journey

Thursday, September 23, 2010

World of Depleted - a curious symbol

So watching the teaser trailer for World of Depleted: Day 419 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjonIswzO44

around 20 seconds in a symbol flashes on the screen

In trying to figure out if this has anything to do with the message in the QR code shown in the trailer and the Neo-Palidins (or is it a paladin... :)

I am currently favoring that perhaps there is a link to the following (image from http://rediscoveringthebible.com/ )

This is the Chi-Ro cross and has many possible connections and ideas. In Gavin's journal there are some musings on the Knight Templars and such... so, this could be an interesting link

But still looking for a good link or image with the cross in a circle - thoughts?

lastly - just for fun, wouldn't it be a hoot if that symbol was related to the anarchy one hehe

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Environmental Science and Transmedia Class - update

The new school year is about to begin (next week) and the class I wrote combining the concepts of Environmental Science with transmedia will be offered. I want to document, as best as possible, how things go with the course as well as work on ideas associated with the overall concept.

In addition, I hope to collect resources and ideas as I go along.

That said, I welcome any and all ieas and comments - I'll probably move the longer, more detailed blogs to the transmedia in education blog, but keep notifications here.

As a reminder - here is the curriculum - issuu.com/docwho2100/docs/environ_lite_and_transmedia_edu

and here is the other blog - transmediaeducation.blogspot.com/

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cowgirl Up! A new webseries project

Just found this project - take a look and help spread the word

FROM THE PROJECT SITE - Calling all Cowgirls!! Wanna see funny and hot girls riding horses, shooting guns and playing cowgirl? Hell Yeah! Then here's your chance to help produce an all girl western webseries! From the writers and producers who brought you 3Way, LadyCops, South of Nowhere and Wave Babes, comes an all girl comedy western webseries "Cowgirl Up."


Creation of a new villian

so my writing friend and I have come up with a new villain "The Tea Sipper" - guard your tea - the Tea Sipper may slurp when least expected - and of course the bad puns are continuing as we "milk" this idea to death - how did it start?

I am contemplating giving up my ice teas I get while out so I can support this neat webseries (more to come on that in another post)

but I made a bad goof about saying I don't purchase all my tea and so I am a secret tea sipper going through places to sneak a slurp from other's teas

and on other topic

I like many of the thoughts the author brings up - maybe we all should think about how culture is changing - http://bit.ly/d9v7wF

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Whew - numbers are always out there and have interesting patterns and swirls

I passed 100,000 miles this week

My websites all passed "numbers" in terms of viewers

I am almost 40

and well I could go on - what numbers are important to you and why?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

I am moving into Tilt the Town!!!

YAY I got my moving papers for TilttheTown! http://tiltthemovie.wordpress.com/tilt-the-town/ I am a full fledged resident now ;)

I am red 42 on the map - backer 142 (give me a holler @geologylady on twitter anytime and come "visit" me).

Where is this town and what does that mean?

Wellllll - there was this Kickstarter Project (see here www.kickstarter.com/projects/PhilHolbrook/tilt-an-independent-thriller-from-brainerd-mn) to fund this movie called TILT.

Reading through the description and watching the little video gave me a heads up this looked to be a very cool movie. They just needed some crowdfunding help - ala Kickstarter. Now these are not just people begging for money and holding out hats (well maybe they do that too, I am not sure what they do when not insanely busy getting ready for the movie and creating a whole world ala TILTtheTown and not sure I would want to know what they do :-P anyhoos....

One of the beauties of Kickstarter is you get something for helping out (I guess the age of just doing a good deed and giving something away for nothing is gone - but I really like my bio so I am overlooking the whole doing something for the better of man mentality - gimme fun bio - oh yes where was I....

Kickstarter has levels you can set up so when someone backs your project - they can earn a reward - it really is an awesome idea, kinda (but that is another rambling post another day and goes back to the getting something for nothing idea). For TILT - one of the levels awarded the following "All of the above and you will get a creative, personalized biography and honorary citizenship in the virtual Tilt: The Town, where you will get to meet and learn about the characters, creators, and other contributors."


Not only did the creators make a swell movie, not only are they showing behind the scenes stuff and talking to people and fans and such, they are bringing people INTO the story universe (the buzz word here folks is transmedia, but who needs buzzwords) THIS IS COOLNESS.

Not only did I sign up, but I forced, begged, coerced, blackmailed, bribed and well ended up having some of my writing group friends sign up too (I actually gave them the bio as a gift, which I do like giving unique, weird gifts and is not a bio in a town a bit... different ;)


Well here is the true beauty of a viral, transmedia, this kinda project - one person likes it and finds ways to bring others into it; they want to share the love, share the experience. For my writing group friends, we create characters and RPGs (role playing games) - we write these characters as part of our group - have done so for years. Now we have someone else creating a character for us but tied to other characters and tied to a larger universe. Very slick and....

Hello that is the format of all of the RPGs that have ever existed.

Of course everyone has a small view of what RPG is like (Say Dungeons and Dragon or the like and I bet ya a fiver people immediately conjure up the typical young male or else Felicia Day (ok that was an inside gaming joke)

But - where was I - oh yeah TILTtheTown is an RPG, kinda (hope the writers do not ever find this and smack me for calling this that) but it is not a fantasy, science fiction world - it is... Brainerd MN - it is something that takes the fun of a social game and creating a character and interacting, but springs it from fantasy, war, and the "traditional" RPG game themes.

Plus - it gives people who are interested in TILT a topic of common discussion and way to "socialize" and have fun - the TILT creators are "kickstarting" the conversation for people to help bring fans together (I had to have a semi pun reference to KS, you know I did...)

My friends and I at least intend to write and RPG and play some once we get the bios - we are wacky like that - maybe some of the other town residents will want to write and play too (some interesting side twitter conversations have started and I think there are other items floating around too check out #TILTheTown on twitter and they are on facebook too)

I write fanfiction too. Many have done so. These bios are a great way for a creator to encourage that fan participation and buy in, yet still retain some creative control and canon of their storyworld (another blog for another time but that is a big sticky wicket in how fans and fanfiction and fan created content is viewed by the original creator ala copyright, intellectual property and all those wonderful discussions). Many properties create canon RPG sets that allow people to participate in the storyworld - IMO that's kinda what the writers/creator have done here (and they have done ALOT of work do check it out if nothing else for the beauty of the design and creativity of the writers http://tiltthemovie.wordpress.com/tilt-the-town/)

I think extensions of projects like these are interesting - they are very very time consuming from a writers perspective I am sure, but they are doing something, in a sneaky neat way, that has gone on for a long time in covert fashion, but may be finally ready to take the next step to a larger audience - creating game/story extension of an initial tory.

so anyhoos - a very awesome idea, project, story and come give me a visit in TILTtheTown :)

Monday, August 09, 2010

A neat contest and further extension of transmedia uses

Check out this awesome new "contest" from the Tilt movie people - tiltthemovie.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/tilts-indie-movie-cameo-contest/

A little glimpse from the site - "Y’all ready for this? The TILT team is happy to announce…a new contest! Within our indie thriller TILT, we’ve included a few scenes where characters watch movies. What does this mean for you if you’re an indie film maker? It means we want to showcase YOUR movie in OUR movie."

Check out the link for more specifics - this is yet another cool way to bring people "into" the movie - nice!!!!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thinking about New orleans and a couple neat sites

so thinking about my upcoming birthday trip and also found this tool: zoom.it/pages/about/

It creates quick link to photos and such you can zoom in and out. For example - zoom.it/yygR

Also - the example photo I used came from this neat site www.virtualtourist.com/ (here is specific photo link - members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/a7614/

Sunday, August 01, 2010

A couple of songs

One of the people I am writing with brought up a song by which got me listening to her for tonight. Wanted to share a couple of her songs.

First up - Invincible, take a moment and listen to the lyrics of this song - if you have someone to sing it to - go and do it, if not, may you find someone someday you can : )


And there is www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX98DqGd2fY&feature=channel - the video is cool - it shows people stuck in ruts - repeating the same actions - and the opening line - When at a fork in the road... words I've been thinking about a lot but the chorus is advice for anyone, sometimes all you can do is give a shoulder....

but anyhoos - go give a listen, go outside, look at the clouds or stars and just, listen ;)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Where did July go

Phew - finished training staff for the summer bridging program - showed them the Drive animated video features Dan Pink's talk on motivation (I highly recommend that video) - the training seemed to go well. The third unit is forensics so I will have another neat crossover between work and the writing and other fun stuff I love to do.

Summoned for Jury duty for sept 27 - I served not too long ago and that I during school so seeing if it can be deferred.

Trying to get the online Oceanography course set - we switched to a new learning management system called Desire 2 Learn and have to do a complete conversion. I use wikis and blogs heavily in my course and they are having major issues with that.

The moodle server at my high school I having issues so we have to reset and redo

And need to start creating the Blackboard course for my Earth science and GIS classes at the one community college and the physical science and environmental class at the other community college. I will be using FOUR different learning management systems next school year - Oi!!!! and ugggg and I am so going to forget how to do something in one of them ;P I have different colored post it notes for different systems pasted all over the place

One month and the madness begins :)

still working on the transmedia resources site - found a few cool projects to back and working on writing - and.......

and taking a breath now, going for a walk, and just thinking

rambling thoughts about wishes and potential ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TILT - support this project

I am asking everybody I know to go check out this project - www.kickstarter.com/projects/PhilHolbrook/tilt-an-independent-thriller-from-brainerd-mn

It has a great transmedia/crowdfunding/just awesome piece to it in the concept of TILT Town and being able to become "part" of the story

The idea of having a "character" in TILT Town is awesome along with the concept of the story - They have to meet their goal by August 6th or else everything is refunded (That is the way Kickstarter works). So hurry and go and support - then we all can "live" in Tilt Town : ) Check this link for more - tiltthemovie.wordpress.com/tilt-the-town/

I'll copy a bit from the website's summary - "all started with a nightmare - my nightmare. And now I'm turning it into a feature length thriller that explores the question: WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR YOUR FAMILY?

THE STORY: Paul hasn't connected with his daughter for over 10 years, but when their world is turned upside down by an unthinkable act, he has to decide what's more important: doing the right thing or setting things right? TILT is about revenge & forgiveness, betrayal & redemption, and second chances...small town style.

THE LOCATION: TILT will be filmed in my hometown of Brainerd, Minnesota, where many generous friends and strangers have already pledged essential services that are making this movie possible.

THE COLLABORATORS: In addition to myself, there are a few other core TILT collaborators you should know. Filmmakers / screenwriters Julie Keck and Jessica King (also known as King is a Fink - www.kingisafink.com) are sharing writing and producing duties, with Jessica also stepping up to try on the newly coined PMD (Promotion / Marketing / Distribution Manager) title. Cinematographer Jeremy Doyle (http://vimeo.com/user944757) has promised to make everything look pretty and scary and (sometimes) pretty scary.

THE MUSIC: We held a contest on our TILT website for a composer, and the winner was the very talented Bill Finn (www.billfinnmusic.com). Bill got started by providing the music for our TILT pitch video, and we're excited to see what he comes up with for the movie.

THE PERKS: When you contribute to this film project, you not only get the satisfaction of helping me fulfill my dream, you'll also get perks ranging from DVDs, to film credit, to sneak peeks at special short films that give you insight into the characters of TILT. If there's a perk that looks fun to you, go for it! We'll make it worth your while.

Friday, July 23, 2010

transmedia realtime events - some thoughts

I watched something very interesting yesterday.

Something I have seen in a few other places and disguises; something I wonder if I shall see more of.

I jumped in on the Flynn Lives – Tron legacy ARG yesterday as a page on the Flynn Lives site was counting down to zero. I was sooooo excited and in high anticipation.

When it reached zero – a couple of things happened – an "access'"gate appeared (not what I want to talk about) and the twitter stream/facebook wall for the operationtron – Flynn Lives ARG began transmitting.

I was like ohhhh cool – this is real time interaction. That right there was the first rub – what about all the people sleeping, or working, or not at a digital device?

Eh, ah well, their loss, right?

On facebook, people were starting to comment and get excited. Then, as the event unfolded, the mood of the group changed.

It turns out instructions were tweeted for people to go to certain locations in San Diego and photograph themselves with different "characters" from the Tron movie – AWESOME – yet – I am not at comic-con in San Diego

And neither were the people talking on twitter and facebook. As the event continued, the comments, from many, soured (not sure if they are still there – but take a gander). People began to complain and sulk and all sorts of variations on the "I am not in San Diego so this whole thing sucks.

Now, a few comments tried to remind people to enjoy the event and live "vicariously" through those actually fortunate to play (which when it was happening no one who was playing was checking in, I am sure they were busy, but we had no one to live vicariously through).

Also, many people have left because the "game" was to hard to follow or solve. They could not go along with the "treasure" hunt, so they had no way to sink into the story.

The comments, reactions and mood reminded me of some other events and "things" I have noticed. In many ways, people

1. Are greedy and selfish in that they want to be the player and have a hard time just watching and enjoying the "collective" mindset. That seeing someone else "win" is not good enough and mind very much in filling the role of passive observer.

2. People like some level of predictability and to be able to move along with the story.

Many of the people once they found it was not something they could do, left, or checked out, pretty much leaving the "experience". Frustration and jealousy will be what they think about with this event and many may even not really turn into other events.

I think back to my "attempt" to play along with "The Beast" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beast_%28game%29 – yes I was one of the first there, but only to watch. I never got a chance to solve the puzzles, or participate in the first line events. Plus, many were late to the game so they could not play, or certain things had been opened and they could not recreate the experience.

Now I have an odd quirk; I like to watch people play video games. I am often content watching someone else play the game and get through the "puzzle" (whether it be dexterity or mental) and seeing the story unfold. Myst, Half-Life, Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption, etc, I take the passenger seat.

BUT there is a difference between that and the Flynn Lives event, I get to help out. The "driver" is doing the work, but when he/she gets stuck, I can jump in and suggest things to try and kinda "drive" by proxy. At least I am still "involved" and making a difference.

I have seen these flashes of "me" or "green-meanies (jealousy)" or "if I can't play, I won't stay" many times with these type of events. This attitude creates a negative perception and often pulls people away. I remember reading about Lance Weiler's great events surrounding Head Trauma (arincrumley.com/diy-guru-and-pioneer-lance-weiler-head-trauma-case-study) but as I read more and more, I was like, "Well that sucks I could not be there" and I found I missed a lot of the story and reading about it just was not the same. The Rocky Horror Movie falls in a similar vein, but at least I can still watch the movie and not miss too much, although the live show does add a level to the experience.

Then there is predictability. I was watching "Hot in Cleveland" yesterday (ok yes I admit I like the show and you may be going OMG where did a reference to Hot in Cleveland come from and has what? to do with Tron…). And as the story progressed, I knew two characters were going to end up together. I think everyone knew, two of the other characters even had a punch line that they had bets and knew it would happen. Yet, I kept watching and I laughed and I enjoyed the show. Why? Because I could predict what was happening and could follow along and it was not hard to do. I enjoyed seeing the reactions and just visually seeing what my mind had already begun to set up. And, I was not disappointed, so I enjoyed the experience.

A really good blog by Scott Walker hits on this topic as he discusses transmedia and collaborative gutters (in a sorta connected way take a look here, it is a good read) - thismonkeycantype.com/blog/2010/07/19/the-narrative-and-collaborative-gutter-of-transmedia/

I understand that not everyone can participate in a real time event. And unless you have deeeeepppp pockets you can only have so many real time events. But, when planning a story around an event – there are many woes and issues you should make sure to address.

1. Real time events are awesome and something a transmedia project can use to enrich the story – but negative reactions can lose your audience. Finding ways to bring along "passive" observers is as crucial as making a dynamite event for those playing. The Regis and Kelly show (I do pull in odd connections and references, don't I ;) has this trivia game they do – and they pick a person from the audience as well as a person on the phone – this ties these two people together and even though only one is playing, at least the other now has a vested interest.

2. ARG/Transmedia/Real Time events at this time serve mainly a small, focused, game-oriented crowd. If you want to up the ante to the masses, you need predictability and a way to make sure the story includes a way to help bring along the crowd (again I give a shout out to Scott Walker's article http://thismonkeycantype.com/blog/2010/07/19/the-narrative-and-collaborative-gutter-of-transmedia/) Although some might argue these events are NOT meant for the masses....

3. Late to the Party – not everyone lives on the game schedule. If your event is a one time shot, that's fine, just calculate that in as a piece of your story that may not have impact. If possible, design the event to have an after-live. Rocky Horror – sure you missed the Saturday night event, but there are plenty of guides and ways to help you recreate your own showing or a chance to find another showing.

Speaking of, does anyone know if Lance Weiler is planning more Head trauma events (ala the traditions of Rocky Horror and having it be "part" of the story almost as a given) – I would love to not just participate but host a Head Trauma event. Think one of those murder mystery parties to the Nth degree ;) - seee there is a way to do these things – turnkey the whole event – then fans can recreate and well – that is transmedia viral spread of the story – how delightful!!!!!

4. Half-Life and sustainability – one of my many interests runs to preserving these narratives and how they will stand the test of time. More and more digital mediums are disappearing and without being archived. That means when the forum closes, there goes your story. And how do you capture these events. I will read today reports about the event and go, oh cool and damn wish I'd been there, and then poof on I move. The richness of Flynn's Arcade to building the Tron Legacy storyworld may be lost to me (or maybe not, perhaps the creators have a few ideas up their glowing sleeves ; )

But regardless, a lot of transmedia properties are disappearing, or at least being… whittled down (which will, IMO, show the true difference between a transmedia story and others. A pure transmedia story does not necessarily need all of the parts to still reach the core story. The parts just expand the storyworld. so if one or two are "lost" or not experienced, a person can still walk away satisfied and not lacking.

Hmmm, does that mean in many transmedia worlds, the world has the potential/danger of becoming smaller in the over time, not bigger?