Thursday, September 30, 2010

WEIRD foreshadowing QR codes are following me

Ok so I posted about World of Depleted QR codes yesterday and then today this comes out from Google and it has been discovered there is a QR Easter egg code associated with it...

Wow - weird convergences are always freak-a-leeky

Blog on the new service

Tweet about the easter egg

from @mattcutts - Secret easter egg: take a link like and add ".qr" to get a QR code! See

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

World of Depleted - QR Codes

Ok so I am collecting QR Codes associated with World of Depleted - what do they mean and has anyone else found any or have ideas on their meaning?

1 - This half was revealed at Gavin's journal

2 - Through an email contact with Gavin around the 17th, this QR code brought up a question - who are the neo-palidins (or is it paladins) - I thought it was the complete part of the half code, but the blocking seems different - so perhaps Gavin's journal code is not yet revealed

3 - I replied to the email and a few days later, Gavin sent another email with only a QR code -

4. The new teaser trailer for World of Depleted: Day 419 had a QR code (a little tilted as I captured it from the movie) - it seems to be the same that was sent to me by Gavin....

5. I received this badge and also have the file to make it a t-shirt transfer today (anyone want a copy? Make a cool t shirt and embrace the secret code of well whatever this is.... ;)

Now, the question I have - is there anything more hidden in these codes? Or are they pieces leading to other doorways? And am I missing any?

Does anyone know how to replicate QR codes or such? I am going to try flipping the half piece and maybe making a mirror image, but I suspect that will not work........ hmmmm

World of Depleted - very cool swag

OK so got an awesome email that included this nifty badge (I am attempting to put it on my blog and everywhere else too) :P as well as some neat transfers that I hope to put to good use as soon as I get a few free minutes.

I am still trying to find the little Easter Eggs left hiding in the words and pictures and videos, and I am learning a lot as I research topics I never would have otherwise - GAH there is a lot out there - sooo much to explore, so little time to journey

Thursday, September 23, 2010

World of Depleted - a curious symbol

So watching the teaser trailer for World of Depleted: Day 419 -

around 20 seconds in a symbol flashes on the screen

In trying to figure out if this has anything to do with the message in the QR code shown in the trailer and the Neo-Palidins (or is it a paladin... :)

I am currently favoring that perhaps there is a link to the following (image from )

This is the Chi-Ro cross and has many possible connections and ideas. In Gavin's journal there are some musings on the Knight Templars and such... so, this could be an interesting link

But still looking for a good link or image with the cross in a circle - thoughts?

lastly - just for fun, wouldn't it be a hoot if that symbol was related to the anarchy one hehe

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Environmental Science and Transmedia Class - update

The new school year is about to begin (next week) and the class I wrote combining the concepts of Environmental Science with transmedia will be offered. I want to document, as best as possible, how things go with the course as well as work on ideas associated with the overall concept.

In addition, I hope to collect resources and ideas as I go along.

That said, I welcome any and all ieas and comments - I'll probably move the longer, more detailed blogs to the transmedia in education blog, but keep notifications here.

As a reminder - here is the curriculum -

and here is the other blog -