Saturday, September 20, 2014

ARGs all over the place

So still playing the Niantic project/INgress and still in it up to my head  - and

Sucked into one called Acoustic Distortion Inc  - here is our g+ community - and the game site - --- we need more interns and players to help vote projects along! Come play -

I have been trying to follow The Black Watchmen (started as Division 66) - it is way deep, weird and complex, but I am trying ;)  here and and here

And one I am just getting into and looking forward to - Son of Sommerset -  and

I signed up for  - Project Alibi -

I am also in a number of Storium games -  - I am loving them - if on Storium and need a player - give me a holler (docwho2100)

I also am kicking in for the next season of ExtraSolar and

and I am in a few other things here and there :P

Goodness I love chasing story ;)

It's time to get back to this

Yes, it is time to get back to this. So much going on, time to return.

A little start, but it is a start.