Friday, September 30, 2005

Concert was great and the world is full of tall people with weird butts

Well went to the concert at the Borgata casino event center – the venue was ok – standing room only and the stage was not raised enough. The lights were cool and the sound was so-so (had problems with the first act mikes squealing a bit).

I usually hang out around the sound board area at most concerts – usually that section is placed in a good spot sound wise, often a little easier to see and I am fascinated with the sound board and such.

Was talking to this teacher yesterday who is developing a new career class for our school – music technology – I oversee curriculum rewrites so I get to help him write the course and it sounds cool – he was showing my the web site for the local Grammy chapter (to which he belongs) and talking some about sound and music and stuff. Yes I am weird I think it would be cool to learn how to run a sound board. I know I do not have the musical ear/talent for it but eh….

So I am at the concert – British Sea Power opened – I had never heard of them and I liked them – got their one CD and listening to it now – they remind me of Acceptance – who I am going to Philly next week to see. They were good and did weird things towards the end of their set (like throwing oranges into the crowd, putting each other on their shoulders while playing guitar, walking around with bags on their head, smashing a guitar and mangling a microphone stand…)

The Killers were great, I was singing and dancing and they did a nice set and a long encore. The covered a David Bowie song as well as older stuff and of course stuff from Hot Fuss. Concerts are the only place I feel comfortable dancing alone. I really like dancing, I am no good, have no rhythm or moves, but fuck that I like it… but I feel very self-conscious dancing alone

KUDOS to those of you who do get out there and just let the music take you – I admire you!!! But at concerts I say screw it and just dance and move around (cause usually I am by myself so dancing by myself – and whoa was there a lotta dancing at this concert especially in the back and especially towards the end when a lotta beer had been consumed - lol)

Another fun thing I did was watching the oopsie dance – let me explain. I was leaning against the metal gate that surrounds the sound board area. Well the metal gates are stabilized by this wooden about 2 inch high board (so picture heave metal gate and then wooden floor adjacent – looked like a capital L) I was standing on the board which was about 1 – 2 feet out from the gate and it was black…. So in the dim light, guess what I kept watching people doing….

Only about three people spilled their beer, no one did a total wipeout and because I was in the spot where people decided to cut through (that happens to me a lot I think because I am so short people think it is a totally open spot and cut through my way – lmao anyhoo) well I got groped a lot and used as a stabilizing thing as people tripped on the corner of the wooden thing – hehe

The thing with standing room only concerts (and hence the title of this blog) is I am convinced only TALL people like the Killers and British sea Power. See everyone is tall, (hey 4'9" is respectable but realistically I meet more adults and even kids taller than I am than shorter than I am – and that sentence made no sense – laying off the citrus vodka now – lol – anyhoo)

So I am at the concert and these people who are really tall decide to stand right in front of me (really tall as defined as I seriously came up to just above their waist – no lie, and with the ladies, wellllll I was at a certain eye level which is very nice from front… um anyhoo) So I spend a lot of the concert dancing, watching people and really noticing the backs and butts of people. I am now conducting a scientific study on the shape of people form the back, the type of pockets and what people put in them and such… I will publish my results in the future.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Look - and some random rants about scheduling

NEW LOOK and IT IS AWESOME (at least you better say that unless you wanna meet Mr. grabby)

Yes I decided to mess with this thing and prolly will again once I calm down from getting this thing working - and it still does not work great. If the blog is too wide, it knocks everything down to below the archive space - ah well - I'll fix the template or get a new one some time - I managed to get my favorite colors in so that is cool

The cable person did come and boy was that weird - my connection has been bouncing on and off for the last almost month - so i had the tv and Internet going last night trying to make it goof for when the repair person showed.

Well it kept going on and off - just the modem - The person calls about 15 minutes before they are coming and wow the modem was actually off - good I say so they can diagnose the problem.

Then 5 minutes after the person hangs up I get a start and almost shout out as the TV goes all static-filled (I had it on the local weather channel so the classical music would be playing as MTV and VH1 never play music any more and I only have basic basic channels) So I jump and go to take a look as now ALL cable is out

So the person shows up and it turns out the whole area just went out (freaky) - but the person replaced the splitter again and said he replaced a piece of wire.

Later when the cable came back - modem was working - so tonight I will test having the TV and modem going at same time - wow if this works I can get back to the restless nights of infomercial flipping and messing on the computer doing nothing when I should be doing something - well at least trying to bug people online to post and write with me - lol

The Killers concert tomorrow - yeah boy live music at a new venue..... and a cool thing coming to Philly and I can not get tickets cause it is on a Wednesday... maybe I can find a way - it is the Philly orchastra playing - catch this - VIDEO GAME MUSIC - nicccceeee and ggeeekkky

And oh another rant - Christopher Golden and Amber Benson are doing a tour for the release of the first Ghosts of Albion book (and yes I do have a ghosts of albion fan site) and I can not get to the one signing semi close cause

  • it is in Brooklyn (which I have never been too that area much and would be scared to go alone)
  • on a Friday
  • 6:30pm
  • I have a major long A$$ drive one way


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Idle thoughts and betting on the skin game - lol

Well so far sunburn is not peeling - yay

Sunburn has stopped really hurting - yay

Sunburn itches like a mother*F(word deleted tokeep PG13 rating - lol)

I have a bet of when I start to peel - I give it another two days - by weekend i will be singing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" lmao

Trying to keep mind busy with work, posting, writing and music as I am sinking into the "man I'm alone and so wishing I wasn't, type thing" To warp a famous quote... "Ah and this too shall pass."

Got a concert coming up Thursday - The Kilelrs at Borgata - hooorayyyy it is sold out and never been there - plus the Gypsy Bar is doing a special before... I need a nice fun time.

OK cable person coming to try and fix cable - hope they find the on again off again problem - it really is getting me frustrated beyond belief

I'll check in laters

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Earworms, Sunburns and other Things

OKay - made it through the two days of fund raisers - got a nasty sunburn Saturday and not feeling too good today because of that and another certain thing that visits once a month :P if I did not have this very important presentation tomorrow - I'd call out sick and lay around with cold cloths on my face all day.

Posted some music observations in my music blog -

One neat thing from it - I learned a new word/concept I like - EARWORMS (not the bug destroying crops but an annoying thing all the same) -
- neat article and yes triple crap it I still got that damn Chilli's song in my head :-D

Here's the students' top-10 earworm list:
Other. Everyone has his or her own worst earworm.
Chili's "Baby Back Ribs" jingle.
"Who Let the Dogs Out"
"We Will Rock You"
Kit-Kat candy-bar jingle ("Gimme a Break ...")
"Mission Impossible" theme
"Whoomp, There It Is"
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
"It's a Small World After All"

looking forward to attending The Killers concert this Thursday and hoping I make it through the week - it might settle a little bit after Tuesday - Maybe... I keep saying that and it does not quite happen :-P

I need to find something non-work related around here to get involved in to provide a good non-stressy type of distraction (ok finding someone to get involved with would be awesome but eh something/someone what ever works and keeps me happy and sane - lol :^)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ok one good thing in among the about to blow mindset I am in

did get an awesome piece of news with all the crap stuff today althugh even the good news means more work - I submitted a proposal in June to a State education department request for lessons. It was chosen as one of 6 from state of NJ to go on to the national level for consideration. Got a letter today and proposal was accepted to be presented at the International Reading Conference in Chicago in May - yay I am honored I made it through state and national but now i gotta work on it and present and whew

A Short, Bitchy Blonde Walks Into a Bar….

What do you get when you add

A major case of hormonal and crampy PMS
(which means one helluva period coming just when going to be busy) +

Doing 65 hours of work in a 40 hour work week +

Not being able to even make it to the bathroom down the hall +
(with out being nabbed by someone to do another project)

Trying to coordinate a major fund drive event for the first time =

Someone you do not wanna be around
(I gotta a baseball bat in my trunk and I know how to use it j/k)

Someone who could use a friend and some major stress relief :-/ :-(

Monday, September 19, 2005

Okay trying to get mind on upcoming week

Weekend went by way too fast and nothing too fun was accomplished. Friday night was good, a friend and her husband invited me along to go to a comedy club in a casino with them. Friday night earlier show is non-smoking and locals' night – show your NJ ID and get a 2-for-1 price.

The show was good but the fact I was the third wheel and had no one to share the extra ticket kinda pointed out I don’t have lots o' contacts, friends, special someone or whatever to drag along to places – couldn’t even get the cashier to cut me a break – she asked if I wanted the other ticket and I wave at emptiness behind me "To do what with?" I ask and she says, "Well…" I asked if I could get a cut rate and no it is 2 for 1 – should have said yes I will take the ticket for my invisible fantasy friend. They played slots and BJ a little after show and I trailed along watching people – casinos are fun places to watch people – lol

Did get my long walk in along the Atlantic City boardwalk – so that was good. They were having a festival and so had more performers than normal – the snare drum guy was good as was this artistic juggler and the living stone statues…

Cable modem still has a gremlin so called for service. They have nothing open until late next week – so I took it – I have a lot of online work and was not able to do a lot of it because connection keeps going up and down.

The class I am starting had an icebreaker post assignment where instead of introducing yourself – you introduce yourself through your pet's eyes (or make up a pet if you do not have one – I was good and did not make up some weird thing – I stayed semi real…) Thinking like a 7 month old cat is an interesting if not whacked mode of writing – at least that was something fun (I like writing).

Was going through the LiveJournal communities/groups – wow just like Yahoo groups there are some funky LJ communities out there – I even made one – hehe – made it for people to discuss music and such in NJ – yes I am weird but love music and would love to have someone to discuss stuff with (or many someones) -

So joined a few and enjoying reading some of the weird stuff people write and come up with. :-D

But next week is a major work week as getting ready for projects coming up at end of week and the following week (like the Katrina Fund drive at school, working on this big lesson plan unit, my online class I am taking and I teach) blech and whew I think I will stop making a to do list and just do a day to day for a bit – might be better for my sanity - lmao

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hitting a local place and murphy's law

Well I decided after a very funked day at work and the last few days been too set in bad topics to get out a little. Went to a lcoal place called The Point - it is a local bar (people were very interesting to watch) place but had a little stage and a couple live bands - i'll go back again.

I also had this webseminar scheduled for the Virtual high school class I am taking - we had to call in for a conference call and then follow along on computer - 10 minutes before start my cable modem goes wonky - so I am trying to figure out how to jury rig something to let me get in and do this call and seminar... I managed to call in anyway and got through.

Had meeting today for this fund raiser, man there is a lot of work and I am falling ebhind on other projects - this weekend I really gotta buckle down and do a lot of work .

Had some weird dreams - vivid dreams that I remembered when i woke up - still do.... that's bad... well good too - some of the dreams were good, but too vivid and too wistful... I hate it when my mind tries to tell me somethng... :^P

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Whew whee never a dull moment

Started my virtual high school course today. I am spending the next 10 weeks taking an online class sponsored by the Virtual High school that our high school is joining. We will offer online courses for our high school students. The idea is I sign up and become an online high school teacher for VHS and then we get equal number of seats for our students. So in January I will teach a semester course online on How to create Web Pages for high school students form all over the US. I will have say 20 students - we can then enroll 20 of our students in any VHS course they want. A nice trade - kinda.

Of course I have to be a student first and go through this class to teach me how to develop the class I will teach in January. I logged on today as this is the first day of the course (And I always was and still am one of those anal students - lol) Well already just going over a few documents for week one and so far there is over 65 pages to read with about 12 lessons left for week 1 (not kidding) and about 15 assignments to be completed for the first week - um ok - I think I need to jack straight into the computer and never sleep.

See I am also teaching Earth Science for one of the local community colleges (starting in January I will teach another semester of Earth Science and for the other community college teach Historical geology plus my work and all that stuff).

Then I am on the computer a lot because of my day job - I've been handed more and more projects like last night (because the person who was supposed to do this project did not and my boss said she needed this thing like now) so last night I was on making this tri-fold brochure for one of the programs I started (that QUILT questioning program) and I am the director for our national academy foundation academies (we have three - one for the marketing students, one for computer technology which is starting up this year and one for hospitality and tourism).

Well the national NAF office sent out a thing to do a Katrina fund drive the last week of September. I sent the info to the teachers and they were like great let's do it - but thing is who does the details? Who gets the paperwork done? Who sets up the collection points and so on... the director and who got asked (well when your boss "asks you" you do it - lol) to be director? Well the person who has sucker tattooed on her forehead. So meetings with principal, meetings with student council mentor, meetings with teachers, meetings tomorrow with head of a convention center to ask for sponsorship help and such

- man oh man oh man I have to like actually work and think and keep the spacey-ditz to a minimum - and I have to talk a lot in front of people... that is really unnerving and getting to me....

Plus trying to review curriculum for different courses and all this other stuff..... blech I need distractions - lol - actually distractions are the only things that keep me sane as the busy work piles up -

I think that is why I have been in a really bad and depressed mood the last few weeks (well there is another reason and that is just... well never mind that is just a shitty subject) but I have been in a posting/writing mood and such - trying to keep the mind preoccupied and motivated because I am kinda teetering on that sink into unmotivation grey blah

So peoples I know - sorry if I keep bugging you to chat and post and write - um no wait not sorry screw that as I attempt to be assertive (let's see that assertiveness will last for all of five seconds before I sink back into the sure no problem mode - lol) - just tell me - Um hey juls stop bugging me alreadys or even better - oh sure let's chat and post :-P hehe

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Short Story - The Cash Cow's Catch-22 part 1

This is a work in progress - a short story that has potential to be a fuller work... who knows... not sure I like the main character - she/he
is a bitch :-P

can see this as a whole on my web site or over at my area at

The Cash Cow's Catch-22 part 1

Not trying to brag or come off as pompous but I am the world's leading biochemist at this juncture in time. This assessment coming from world media, international conferences, collegial evaluations, impact of work and all the other traditional and non-traditional means people attach to sentimental bullshit such as who's who and at the top of whatever lists.

And what am I doing with my life?

Racing against a cruel clock and watching the only thing I care for wither and die. Oh I am also the slave of the world's largest illegal drug and organized crime cartel.

Of course I keep up the professional side and front. Wouldn’t be too comforting for most to know that the brightest mind in my field lends their talent to trying to make a synthetic version of the worst drug to ever grace the planet Earth.

Do I give a shit it is killing people slowly everyday making heroin and the like look tamer than caffeine? No I do not. Sorry if you are expecting sympathy. My heart was captured long ago and is held only by one and I'll accept the title of cold hearted bitch, bastard traitor to the human race, aloof scientist, unethical, unfeeling… I really don’t give a damn so just go away if that is the only reason you are here.

See I stopped caring for anyone or thing and became very selfish about six years ago and six years is a long time to learn a skill. I have the cold shoulder and narrow-minded focus shtick down pat.

It has become easy.

I sleep for a few hours. Get up and spend my time looking into production, overseeing the factories or working through some more research. Go and spend a few hours with my love pretending everything is a bad dream. Then sit in the dark drinking and cursing Schrödinger and other names before dropping off into a troubled sleep. Repeat cycle next morning.

Schrödinger… a genius, an ass and someone I have come to loathe. In essence I blame him for where I am today. You see, I believe in the natural laws of physics and the universe. And thus the fucking cat is dead, alive, make-believe and for all I know shaving a mohawk into it's side as we currently speak. I actually almost flunked physics simply because I was bored and spending too many hours that semester in the lab perfecting a purification system based on the newly discovered technology they had brought with them.

They being the demon species Frenicali. The Frenicali came through a dimensional portal some fifteen odd years ago. They brought with them a revolution I'd liken to the dawn of the industrial age, the discovery of fire and the final mapping of the human genome.

I being the hot young stud of the biochemical world latched onto the Frenicali tighter than a leech sucking the blood from a host. And oh I wanted to suck them dry. I and a few others spent every resource and ounce of energy on tearing apart their science and world.

I became the leading specialist on the chemical makeup of the Frenicali. Something about their makeup and structure just clicked with my grey matter. I actually had dreams. Kinda like the Crick and Watson dancing DNA strands, only the dreams were very vivid and detailed allowing me to bypass years of frustration, sweat and tears. And of course to thumb my nose at my colleagues as I watched them eat my scientific dust.

I was hailed as a visionary, a genius, a Midas. I simply had an inside track from God, another calling or just too many late night snacks of nachos and burn your gut out hot sauce. Who knows and fuck if I care. I was on top and the best.

And then it happened. I noted a weird property of the Frenicali's basic chemical makeup. They had a quantum quandary that in our world we have not been able to ever understand or grasp. A key part of their… well it is not blood like our blood but it is the life sustaining fluid that circulates through their system. Well a key part of their biology exists in a true state of quantum superposition.

And that became my world.

I could not believe the idea that Schrödinger's cat could actually exist. In a weird quasi-metaphysical way, in our universe the Frenicali were both alive and dead. Their life liquid existed in two states and by observing it you forced it to behave in one way or another.

Sarah Truscani came to my lab as I was starting to look into this and to confirm this was not some joke. I mean really, people always laughed at the concept of Schrödinger's cat. Many called it physics attempt at a sense of humor or the penultimate catch-22. I personally think the universe is a whoring tease and is having the last laugh and doing it very loudly.

I know the universe is laughing at me.

We'd been working for three weeks straight. Sarah brought a bottle of tequila to the lab one night. She told me she planned on taking a break, finding the solution and seducing me to her bed. All of that to be attributed to the miracle of the bottle she sat on the counter. By the bottom of the bottle we were convinced there was a pink dragon hibernating in the corner along with an indigo panda that kept whispering secrets to us about the Frenicali.

The panda told Sarah and I the key was the dual nature, the superposition. And then it told us for a fun time to have a go at the samples we were working on.

Well the next morning Sarah was dead, the lab destroyed and a videotape from the building's surveillance system was missing. Oddly nothing else was mentioned about the accident. It was covered up conveniently and I went back to my routine with double the work as I was missing a lab assistant.

Two weeks later I was ushered into an office and faced two women and a man. I watched an hour's worth of video tape in silence. I saw the events unfold and how board after chalk board had been filled by me in a semi drunken stupor and highly euphoric state resulting in a very interesting chemical mix. The mix we had ingested by night's end; the mix that had altered our biological system, enhancing it, making us different.

Intrigued I left the office with the tape and began working through the possibilities.


Short Story - The Cash Cow's Catch-22 part 2

can see this as a whole on my web site or over at my area at

The Cash Cow's Catch-22 part 2

About a year into that project, I found out what where my research was leading. It seems I was the creator of the latest designer street drug called Pushme. Using the demon blood and a few altercations (like being sent through a handy dandy purification system perfected by yours truly and also a chemical mix again provided by me), I had perfected an awesome thing.

But there were drawbacks. Pesky details that did not taint my genius discovery only worried certain business professionals. It was not a very cost effective drug, allergies develop often and of course the demon blood has to be taken directly because it exists in superposition; no one yet as been able to pinpoint the exact makeup of the molecules that create Frenicali blood. The cat is both alive and dead.

Of course I had decided I wished to work on other things. I was bored and really had moved on. The only thing I wished to take with me from this part of my life was an assistant, a Frenicali. She'd caught my eye during testing and I found talking with her to be easier than anyone I had ever encountered.

I'd found something more important than science.

That was when things changed. The current supply of Frenicalis were not producing enough of the drug to meet demand. And we found that as the Frenicalis mixed in our society they were changing and thus their blood was changing. Universal constants, observer's paradox. I called it Schrödinger's revenge.

It became apparent Pushme had to be artificially synthed or the supply would eventually run out. As it was all of the last viable Frenicali were mysteriously rounded up and placed in farms so they could produce this wonderful drug that let humans be something a little more than they could ever dream of for at least a few moments of time.

She was going to get our lunch. She never came back.

I sold my services and soul so they would not kill her.

Do not try to justify what I did. I knew very well what the drug was and I quickly was able to play things out in my mind. I have an intimate knowledge of both human and demon physiology.

Actually my knowledge of demon anatomy has grown by leaps and bounds these last six years, both on a chemical and, well, also a more physically level. It only took about six months into my service before I stopped caring that we were watched as we touched each other and talked. As my knowledge of demon anatomy was increased through firsthand experience.

She easily draws my worries away leaving just the two of us and no other cares. She is the charmer, I am the snake. Her voice is the mesmerizing melody that calls me from my cold, scientific, deadened zone I occupy when working to release me for the dance of intimacy that we share.

But no trying to give me an out. I know what Pushme does to humans and what the overall effects will be as the drug continues to be pumped into people's veins and lives. I knew probably better than anyone on Earth at that time and still better than anyone now. I am the world's leading specialist on Pushme.

I have calculated everything from death rates and the change in economics as people used the drug to different scenarios of medical and even political reactions to Pushme. And I smirk now as so far I have not been wrong, about anything. All my predications continue to be fulfilled. I am a cutting edge scientist after all.

I did those things so they would not put her in a farm. Instead I produce lots of wonderful things for them to sell and use as well as continuing the research on Pushme. In return, I am allowed time with her and the knowledge she is alive.

So every two weeks when the next high paying customer comes to suck on my love, I am called to a room and sit in a straight backed chair in the corner forgotten as the transaction occurs. It was the only stipulation I ever really made. The only thing I demanded. She would never be used unless I was watching.

When the greedy, slobbering, pandering asses come to milk the cash drug cow, I go and I sit. I never move. Sometimes I think I have willed myself not to blink or breath during the session.

I sit and watch. It reminds me, gives me motivation. Like Ponce de Leon drinking from the Fountain of Youth, I become young again, frisky, driven. This act of rape is my rejuvenation; it is the slap in my face answering the why.

Why the most talented biochemist on the planet Earth slaves 20 hours a day to unleash a steady supply of a material that will end up decimating most who succumb to the siren's deadly call. To manage the marketing feat of mass producing a substance that will bring satisfaction at a rate and price they can afford as they follow the lure of being just a little better than the average Joe.

So, I sit and observe as they take her life fluid.

The life fluid that carries a chemical that when ingested or intermingled with our blood produces a reaction greater than steroids or any other known drug. It enhances the human body to heights that existed only in fairytales. Of course the down side is many develop allergies and can only use the drug for so long before it stops having an affect.

Others develop an addiction to the lifestyle that the false strength and endurance provides. These saps become slaves to a never-ending treadmill that once they are on they have no desire to leave. Then in some, a physical need develops.

Many who develop the physical addiction will carry on to the next phase; a chemical change in their blood. Once this happens they become walking time bombs. If they cut themselves or injure themselves, their blood no longer congeals. Transfusions are like adding poison so even if they stop the bleeding, blood can not be replaced if too much has been loss.

I find it amusing since Pushme came onto the scene 6 years ago the rise in death from paper cuts has increased 300%.

I laugh so hard when I see that one day hemorrhaging will be the leading killer, not heart attacks, cancer, Grendal's plague. Nope it is the deadly paper cut. All because someone wanted to hit 900 home runs this season. They deserve my loathing.

And that is why users will never have my pity. Let them see the fucking tainted factories where Pushme begins its journey. They make chicken and pig farms look cleaner than a holy sanctuary.

Japella my love. I will find the key, I will break the fucking catch-22 cycle.

Cure cancer? Stop Grendal's plague? Synthesize a master antibiotic? No, all I care about is synthing Pushme so I may unhook the leeches from your body. Then we can go to that little café you long for. I will sip Italian ice sodas from a straw with you yet.

Have faith in me darling, my faith in you is the only thing I have left. I pray I can return the same gift to you.

I really want to go up to NY and see this person

a song to go along with current mood - her fill of love is good too

And a Day - by Ari Scott

and a day
sometimes i'm sad but i try to hide itput on a brave face for mom and dad
i know you never meant for me to feel slighted
i know you never meant for me to feel bad

sometimes i get angry and don't know how to show it
sometimes i think very bad thoughts about you
i secretly love you and don't think you know it
i wonder if you love me and i don't think you do

someday i'll grow out of this
i can't wait until i am rich and far away

i thought if i somehow could harness some powers
i thought with some magic i could find a way
i thought if i'd grace you simply with my existence
i thought that you'd stay for forever and a day


sometimes i get pissed off at the world
mom always says, you know, "life isn't fair" but
sometimes i'm sick and tired of being the girl i am
life would be easier if i didn't care

oh i never wanted to complain
oh i try to be real good
oh i never wanted to complain
oh i'll be the girl i should

someday i'll grow out of this
i can't wait until i am rich and far away

i thought if i somehow could harness some powers
i thought with some magic i could find a wayi thought if i'd grace you simply with my existence
i thought that you'd stay for forever and a day
music and lyrics by ari scott ©2002

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Note to Self

Ok from now on I know better now then to eat andwatch a John Water's film at same time - lol - went for my 5 mile walk along atlantic city boardwalk this morning and then came home to finish watching A Dirty Shame - I must say that was a rather.....interesting film........ :P

Thursday, September 08, 2005

More update soon

whew made it through first day of Exploratory curriculum and so far so good - I only have 15 gadzooksazillion things left to do not 16 - and more dragon con update stuff coming a little later - check back in a bit

Acceptance tickets only 10.50 - I love it when music is nice and cheap.... cause hey well I'm cheap (a good thing if I ever date - does not take much to impress me - lol)

Dragon Con Concerts

First of a few posts about Dragon Con - yes I am slow - work is hellaciously busy and started teaching my online class yesterday

OK - Dragon con and music

Got to go to a couple concerts this year and was surrounded by music in general. A cool thing about the con is walking around the couple levels of display tables talking to the actual band members and people who man the tables. I get cheap CD's and I am exposed to new music and groups.

The music ranges from Celtic, to Irish folk, to parody, to punk, to pop, to rock, to metal to you name it it is there (even have musical experiences like Rocky Horror a Buffy the musical event and more). The heavy concentration is Celtic/filk/folk and goth/punk but all kinds exist at D*C, music is everywhere!!!!

Most of the concerts were held in the main halls after the regular panels were done for the day. I love the venue setup - the stage is on one end and very accessible - you just walk up - I was in middle against the stage for the concerts. Then there is this huge standing room space in front of the stage. It was large enough people were twirling glowstick batons and string things doing tricks as well as having lightsaber duels.

It was cool in the darkened hall to watch the impromptu light shows. I fought the urge to get up like other people and try the twirling things as I knew I would look like an ass when they hit me there and in head and such (instead I stood and laughed good-naturedly when the things hit others in aforementioned body parts).

You know the impromptu light shows prolly even cooler if I had been buzzed - hmmm next year buzzed light shows at concerts - who wants to join me :-P

Behind the standing space was a ton of chairs so people could sit. People could easily wander in and out with their drinks and stuff plus they had two big screens so if sitting in back could still see stage. I like the setup and it works well.

Two bands I'll mention are VooDou and Mighty McFly. I got CDs for both and ended up right against the stage for the concerts. VooDou is funky punk/heavy and McFly is a cover band (with some original stuff) along the lines of Journey, Bon Jovi and such.

VooDou (which gave me a free voodoo doll with CD purchase) started off the night and were a little heavy in the scream and blare mode drowning out some of the other instruments. I liked some of their songs. The lead singer came out looking like a priestess but by the end of the set had shed a lot of her clothes.

Mighty McFlys had a great crowd presence. They got people up on stage dancing (see the pictures at the pic web site - go to my main site and click dragon con pictures link) and thank you thank you thank you mcfly for that - lmao). I also liked their original stuff and liked having the heavy screaming VooDou followed by the step back to the days of hair bands and ballads and good fun.

They started the set with Jump by Van Halen and by damn if I was not jumping and dancing with the rest of the crowd by the end of the song. Sure it is not real poetic music, just some good fun. Especially fun if you are with a group of friends - of course I was not with anyone but still had a lot of fun on my own - I was still a crazy idget dancing and singing on my own :^P

And the band kept going into the crowd. They'd get people singing with them (I refuse to say which I was tagged for.... ok try not to imagine me singing Wishing I had Jesse's girl or It's My Life (trust me you do not want those kind of nightmarish thoughts and sounds in your head - lmao - my sincere apologies to Bon Jovi and why I never do the Karaoke thing - never-ehvarrrr).

those killer nuns though butchered the Jenny 867-5309 song but they were rocking and having fantasmic time. We were all dancing and for a good time call.... hehe I stop now ;-)

I really enjoyed the concerts and meeting band members and band reps (check out the pics to see me meeting some of the Crueshadow angels - another good band at the con).

Can not wait for next year and the next set of concerts!!!!!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Road Trippin' In the USA - Day 1 to Atlanta I Skip

Well left early Tuesday (already messing up the days and times - one thing when I travel I lose all sense of time... eh one more spacy thing I enjoy - lol)

Stopped in NC to see a friend from online ggroup and having a really good time. Thanks for letting me stay the day!

The trip down was pretty easy - I basically have this system on raod trips especially when driving alone. I get a drink, I drive, I stop and pee and get another drink.

I basically pee my way across the country :-P

I can rate places by their ice tea and bathrooms - hehe

I found the people and places I stopped to be fun to watch - wish I had even more time to check out some places - next time for sure!

Gas prices going ga-ga of course when I decide to drive. My one friend said in Atlanta where I am goig prices went sky high and people were rioting some - great I get to drive into that - or hitch my car to a horse and have it pulled into Atlanta.

My sister is having problems with baby - in fact waiting to hear back and see how she is doing.... I may have my nephew come early - I hope that is all.

Been working on a more music and concert oriented blog - mainly I wanted to try different blog site and hey hated it to go to waste - I kinda like it - it is over at Xanga and I go on about music and concerts and stuff - yes more boring rambles of my life. If you wanna read that email me or leave a comment here and I'll send you the link.

I went grocery shopping with my friend here and was having fun (yes I am weird) looking at regional differences between stuff here and back in NJ. Yes I am easily amused... oooo look a pretty shiny thing - lol