Thursday, April 05, 2012

Miracle Mile Paradox ARG and overview

UPDATE 4/5 - Mr. Toasty on Unforum added a bunch of twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts connected to Agent Intellect Corp - I am making a twitter list to try and follow these people (I'm @geologylady and the list is miracle mile paradox) - if you check it and I am missing people, let me know -


OK, I wrote up an entry for unforum and decided might as well flush this out more here

I have come across and ARG - Miracle Mile Paradox, that is using a Kickstarter campaign ( for funding and I suspect to build a base (many of the trailhead pieces have already been circulating, as I wrote at Unforum.

I like steampunk and love old gadgets, so the pics the main character, Rex Higgs has been posting via his twitter accoutn @RexHiggs are kinda cool

Examples are at end of blog.

He seems to be talking to a couple people so far, mainly, on Twitter (although he has replied to one of my tweets so he is interacting with others) but I am watching the twitter accounts that he seems to interact with (a little exchange with one might have a location - but I do not live in the area to go and check - I wonder if there is a flyer there....)

He took out a Craig's List ad - - mentions one of the people he is following on Twitter. It also which is not live yet, but I am watching. It also has an email and I am going to email asking about the patent that is mentioned in the ad.

There are also flyers that might be showing up that could lead you to Rex (plus a cool logo that I really like, so much so, yes I kicked in enough in the kckstrt campaign to get the shirt - I am a doctor who fan, look at my nic docwho2100 - of course I want a cool logo shirt, now, what does it mean ;)

So - I will be following this and hoping it makes its funding because I would love to see this run, even if I am in the back just watching the story unfold as smarter peeps solve the puzzles. That said, if anyone is up for chatting ever about this, give a holler, I suspect there will be some pieces to this.

flyer example (I snagged this from the facebook page, which right now is serving as more of a holding point for the kickstarter and the ARG in general than in in game site)

Examples Rex has posted on twitter site

Example 2