Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Needing a vacation and people watching

So heading to Vegas for a few days, will be awesome and I hope to also catch up on my writing. Now I know you are saying - OMG going to Vegas and you are talking about writing. Heck yeah - see Vegas is MEGA PEOPLE WATCHING MECCA hahahaha I can watch people and develop characters, see how people act in certain situations, I can pick up dialogue and setting and interaction and just - WHEEEEEEEEE - I am getting my Curious George fix for like a whole.... second hehehe so many stories, so much to see and yes, sooooo much to write hehehe

Also, lots of time to talk and work thngs out with a couple of my sisters.

And hugs to my nephew who broke his arm : (

Alrighty - off to finish cleanng the house and packing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life sucks sometimes : /

My brother-in-law was laid off today... another statistic... this time I know one of the numbers... : (

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Changing seasons

Seasons - an implication of a collection of time united by some similar thread. Seasons as designated by a solar cycle, or weather or a cultural thread, or... a time in a person's life as designated by philosophy and the way they view somethng, or believe in something : )

So it is shifting into summer, sorta, although the weather has been cooler and rainy.

I caught an environmental lecture out at the college last night, it was great and god, I miss that, I miss the science and the lectures and the collegiality and the excitement and curiosity.

I am excited I get to explore that this summer as I attend a GIS/Crime Mapping conference and workshops - I love learning and this is one way I can tap into that still. A shift back to study and learning and science. I love GIS. I love patterns and GIS ties into that so much. Patterns, relations, connections.

I have been working on my writing, learning new tools to use, working with new people, dipping into other mediums, ways to write - been doing some mystery stuff, researching that - it is a different sort of wrtiting and thus thinking.

Plus this week the schools are ending so little one has this nasty half day schedule and some doctor appointments and it is just shooting my week to crapola.

But on the plus, I am happy with myself, for once. I know who I am and what I want and who I'd like to be with. Now.... if I can just find a person who fits into that.... and wants me - then I be very yipee hehe

Finishing up watching Murder in Suburbia, damn that is a great show. Also watching Bloodties season 1 - wheeeee Christina Cox.

Speaking of, as said I have been playing on and I am always updating my pages - if you have stuff about Nikki and NOra, Christina Cox, Defying Gravity (the tv series) or such, send it my way.

Also looking for peoples to do some nikki and nora writing and such - give a holler : )

Alrighty time to go change another season somehow... ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This's and That's

Whew – lots popping up

1. Started watching "Murder in Suburbia" and I LOVE IT – only in a couple eppys but yessssssssss – MUST WATCH ALL :P

2. The one main friend I have here, not on the Internet, just told me he proposed and is moving to Florida by August – mannnnnn I am so bummed and realized, not counting Internet, I have no one I really hang out with. I have acquaintances but not "friends" per se…

3. I am going to a couple conferences this summer. I am presenting at the National Academy Foundation conference in Phoenix in July. Then Aug. 16 – 22 I am heading to New Orleans for the Dept. of Justice 10th Crime Mapping/GIS conference. I am sooooo psyched. I've been working with the Law and Public Safety class on GIS and crime mapping. Plus I have been writing a lot of Nikki and Nora so can not wait to see New Orleans.

4. I have been messing on It is kinda a wikipedia thing, but a little more fun :P I already I have reached yellow belt and I'm managing a few pages - Defying Gravity (TV series), Christina Cox, Nikki and Nora and Ladycops

It is kinda a neat idea and gives me something to do – take a moment and visit my pages and say hi and all :P

5. Heading to Vegas in a couple weeks for my sister's birthday… looking forward to it.

6. Working on getting my summer class set, teaching Physical Geology online for Cumberland.

7. been working on stories, especially Nikki and Nora (must go out and check on Murder in Suburbia now hehehe)

alrighty - off to take a walk and contemplate friends and the like