Wednesday, September 30, 2009

reflective song

The lyrics of this just ring so true... and to think a puppet sang it... thinking about Ave Q as last night was looking at the new Broadway shows coming to Philly and seeing what to see - plan on taking little one to see Wicked

Revisiting Past memories

I have been trippin' through my past Freakazoid a bit and stumbled upon this - I do like the concept of hinge points - I could stand to have a hingepoint happen right about now associated with starting to date someone ;P ah well

I want a google wave invite

come on - someone invite me already!!!!! Please - I will offer bribes :P

Ooo freaky and grotesquely mesmerizing

This is just tooo weird - hehe the youtube video even more psychedelic freak-a-licious;title

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

loong day and gps dreams

OK - too long a day - and tomorrow fixing to be long too - not motivated to do this one class, but must find a way to plow through.... just tired right now so it is easy to not have anything motivation worthy

Worried about a friend but no idea how to help or what to do.... : /

I was told I have a bachelor(ette) refrigerator and have no food and all :P I need to find someone who can help me cook and rectify that - any takers out there??? I do nice backrubs!!! And I'll do the dishes!!!!!

Ok - off to dream about GPS units and trying to find a way to help these

Monday, September 28, 2009

Not really ready

OK - so tomorrow I will have two roommates for a bit, a couple is coming to the area and staying with me a bit until they get settled and find a place. It'll be good, but I am not ready in getting the room setup and everything. I decided to embrace and dance with Mr. Procrastination and he bit me on the tush :P

Having a roommate(s) will be, well ok, honestly, since I broke up 5 years or so ago, this will be the first time I have lived with anyone again (save little one of course)... and yeah been making me think about... sharing space and all... and finding a nice someone to hang out with and ramble on with and... share space with.. ah well, I keep hoping and the optimistic cheery that it will happen one day.... it will, honest : )

Gotta prep some stuff tomorrow for my geocaching class, got set up a few activities and try to have everything set, plus gotta get a test ready for my Physical Science class....

and at some point I should get my butt up and finish a couple other things... I will, honest....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

When the 'EH' mood strikes

What is it about blah moods that just makes one so bleeping tired? Blah means not doing much, if anything, yet, it is like flying across country, one always seems to feel weary and tired even when it seemed like inactivity was the rule....

I should be up doing something, have lots of projects and items that need to be done, should be done, eh I don't feel like it : )

If it were daylight, I'd almost consider getting up to walk, so at least I would be doing something productive... poof, blast this mediocrity that has descended.

I do not even feel like listening to music or watching anything on TV/computer...

I think the last is because it would require thinking, and even thinking right now seems blah - which begs the question how am I even writing this, but that is an oxy moron I shall leave for another time.

The hamster is over on the desk, going round and round in his very noisy wheel and I feel I should be making some brilliant analogy - eh, I think I'll pass, go grab something to drink.

As I walked to the comic book shop today (and yes I got my drink - my ice tea is sitting here next to me now) - I was so caught up in looking at and noting the world as I walked. I realized my strong yen to want to find someone, along with the ticking clock that time is passing by as I remain alone, is due to wishing to whatever powers that be that I had someone I could share my observations and weird view of the world with... to just have someone to walk with or chatter about the things I think and notice... and I think some pretty weird things, but that's what I seek and throw pennies into the fountains to wish on, that I find someone willing to walk with me on this odd spastic, chaotic and playful journey I am taking through life.... it is so rich and I just want to share....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Weird movie/opera I am watching

Watching "Repo! The Genetic Opera" this is weird stuff - a little like Dr. Horrible's Sing along Blog and Sin City with some Brazil on the side :P and a trace of Rocky Horror hehe

very odd - but I am intrigued. Very psychedelic whooooooo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look at the numbers people

Ok - you know what - why the hell are USA people complaining about health care - just like with the metric system - we are the hold outs -

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Social Media Shift

Man how the world is always changing - and yet - there are ways the world stays the same. I am into this Sci Fi show that is set in 2052 and a lot of people grip how it looks just like today - well almost - there are some important differences, yet - that is only 40 years in the future - look at today - there are places where you can still see life as it was in 1970 - also - tech is finally hitting a MAJOR curve - where it is not so much about INNOVATION - as tweaking what we have - the article is a prime example - Firefox and Explorer are similar - so are skype and IM hehe

I have read a few articles that we may be physically hitting an upper limit of Moore's Law and similar - that said - the future might not be as different as we might think.... - but as to the article - DEATH to IE - hehehe

Monday, September 14, 2009

SOS - Save Our Show - Beta Siren call

Save Our Show - Beta Siren Call

Ok while the concept can be simple, time is a factor. We have to send an SOS - Save Our Show. We have to get large numbers and do it fast and in a fashion to draw attention. There are already efforts underway to save the show and send messages, please, keep doing those. But, let's try to do a massive, concentrated effort with multiple paths of attack.

Let's shoot for Sunday, September 20th and maybe a repeat Sunday September 27th - let's do what BETA did and send out a siren call to draw others and attention to us....


Here are a few ways and please, send me a message if you have others or fan pages or groups you want to add. And please, pass along this message and this address . And all those blogs and spoiler and TV sites that have been posting reviews and articles about DG - can you get this message out - you have readers and have supported DG with the articles - PLEASE


Twitter - all day Sunday, September 20 - every hour on the hour send a tweet with #defyinggravity and a tweet with #beta - if you want to do more - use the names of characters or actors/actresses and so on. And then when it should have been broadcast on ABC - which is 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time - send out the #defyinggravity and #beta as many times as you can - call BETA

ABC.COM - every hour on the hour send a email or jump on their bulletin boards and post a message with #defyinggravity and #beta (yeah # works only on Twitter but this way you can copy and paste). If you do not wanna do every hour - at least do them when it should have been broadcast on ABC - which is 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time - send out the #defyinggravity and #beta message - call BETA - every hour on the hour send a email or jump on their bulletin boards and post a message with #defyinggravity and #beta (yeah # works only on Twitter but this way you can copy and paste). If you do not wanna do every hour - at least do them when it should have been broadcast on ABC - which is 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time - send out the #defyinggravity and #beta message - call BETA

Defying Gravity Fan pages and support groups (facebook, myspace, LIveJournal, SyFy, tvspoiler, any website that has discussions or articles about defying gravity, any actor/actresses web site, ETC...) - If you do not wanna do every hour - at least do them when it should have been broadcast on ABC - which is 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time - send out the #defyinggravity and #beta message - call BETA

PETITIONS - go sign this/these -

The idea is to push DG to the forefront of people's minds and for at least one moment show the power of BETA's siren call...

If you have other ideas for events on Sunday - let me know and we can post them here and then post them around. Again, if you have websites and wanna affiliate or such - send me an image ( and I'll out you in this page - LET'S LET THEM KNOW - wheeeeeeeee


Monday, September 07, 2009

The amazing gray (grey) matter

It is so amazing to me what the brain for a human being does on any given day. I mean looking at what I did today and what the brain had to do.

Slept in til 12 - ok, you think what is the brain having to do and that is way lazy - well I did not go to bed until 6am so it is not too lazy, but I dream - I had a few dreams I remember and I am sure some I do not - one being a very weird Nikki and NOra themed dream and weirdest is it was not Nora's character that was the focus but Nikki's and yes I was in the dream and enough said - but the brain does work when dreaming and also remember a part of the brain is ALWAYS working as it makes sure we keep breathing and heart keeps going.

But ok, so I start to rouse around 12 and immediately remember what I wanted to do, so as I lay there, I think about and plan.

Then I get up and memory jumps in as I take vitamin and other things and get ready to go out

I head to the mall, no not to shop, but to walk. It was cloudy and possible rain and I wanted to walk for an hour for exercise, so i walk the mall. I put on my little headphones and spend an hour thinking about all sorts of things, listening to music and watching people and observing - lots of brain stuff there and some autopilot as I did not have to think about walking, instead just the other stuff rambling through my head... I love autopilot hehe

Then hop in car and go to grocery store. Walking through there, thinking about what I need, comparing prices, calculating value, trying not to check out the cute person in produce ;P you know busy brain and higher level thinking even

Then headed home, cooked beans and rice and used the creole spices I bought in New Orleans to make some dirty rice and thinking about my trip to Nola and then the stories I am working on.

To computer, I set up my classes for the week, read student work, sent out emails and had She Spies Season 1 episodes playing on TV at same time - I am a multitasker thank you brain for being able to split into little brains hehe

Hmmm having Dr; Horrible's flashbacks, must watch that again, I was so pissed Liz Vassey had like a 30 second scene and that was all - ooo must get ahold of the CSI eppy with her doing star trek tribute - I do not watch CSI but would watch her, I mean it.

Ok, brain is rambling - but yes, let's see, so um doing work, watching TV - oh I switched from She spies to the movie Overboard - I love Goldie Hawn

ok so then doing laundry and forgot I was so had to get that going again. Then ex dropped little one off and had to juggle work, computer, TV and little one.

Got her settled then hoped back on here and been putzing around, about to go to bed as brain is tired...

but damn, look at how many things my brain did just today.... and the range and... wow... pretty damn good for a bout a pound of squishy grey (gray) matter which has some electrical charges and chemical going through it, pretty damn good indeed...

I just feel bad I am so scattered and rambling - ah well, i still love my squishy grey

Saturday, September 05, 2009

a bugger/pisser of a week

bunch of Murphy's Law crap cropped up and blindsided me - hope to get back into swing of things next week - trying to keep the happy, hoppy, stiff upper lip :P

been writing a bunch on teh Nikki and Nora stories - started posting a new one - hope it comes out alright and almost to mindset if not, oh well, bllep it all..

Was listening to "Save Me" by Jem last night, it fit mindset PERFECTLY

"Save Me"

Save me save me save me wooh

I've gotta stop my mind
Working overtime
It's driving me insane
It will not let me live
Always so negative
It's become my enemy

Save me ah ah save me ah ah
Save me ah wooh
Save me ah ah save me ah ah
Save me ah wooh

Why would I think such things
Crazy thoughts have quick wings
Gaining momentum fast
One minute I am fine
The next I've lost my mind
To a fake fantasy

And none of these
Thoughts are real
So why is it that I feel
So cut up and so bad
I need to take control
Coz my mind is on a roll
And it isn't listening to me

Save me ah ah save me ah ah
Save me ah wooh
(thinking and thinking)
Save me ah ah save me ah ah
Save me ah wooh
(thinking and thinking)

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the dumbest of them all
Insecurities keep growing
Wasted energies are flowing
Anger, pain and sadness beckon
Panic sets in in a second
Be aware it's just your mind
And you can stop it anytime

Save me ah ah save me ah ah
Save me ah wooh
(thinking and thinking)
Save me ah ah save me ah ah
Save me ah wooh
(thinking and thinking)

Ok so here we go
If it works I'll let you know
One two three I say stop