Friday, October 22, 2010

World of Depleted - what image is this

Trying to figure out what this image means - anyone seen it or something similar or have ideas (and not sure if there is something hidden in it somehow, still trying to figure out and find time on how to check images for hidden stuff)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fanon - a good reminder

Fanfic writers should read RT @soduhAlex this is what happens when you write something OCC and everyone else follows,

Am I a Dark Dreamer and Thanks World of Depleted

So first - I found out what a thrill it is as a simple fan of an entertainment/story project to have that story/world give you a nod - so I thank the writers/creators/and everyone else at World of Depleted and still looking for more clues, hints, signs and learning a lot as I research - which is why I like things like WoD and the interactive/participatory pieces - I explore topics and resources I probably never would otherwise.... another reason I want to include game mechanics and transmedia concepts in my class room

Also - as I continue to see QR codes everywhere now (thanks Gavin and WoD :) I found this interesting article - everything is going to visual and codes and such.

I plan on giving out a couple homework assignments via a QR code and seeing how students react to this concept and technology.

PS - so via Gavin's journal - it seems there may be more Dark Dreamers out there - if you are one - give me a holler!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A very cool forensic site

researching for a story, found this PBS site - got distracted playing -

I really do let myself get too pulled into exploring and learning something new

Friday, October 08, 2010

More QR codes sneaking out

So - found this site -

and there is a QR code on the back of the shirt. The program I am using is having a hard time capturing the QR code - so not sure if it is the same - but I'll find a way ;)

On the flip side - if you want a cool Tshirt : )

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Transmedia Classroom -

Read over this interesting post on transmedia and the classroom

Left a comment (posted here too)

MY comment

very nice post on a topic I am very interested in - I am teaching for the first time this year a curriculum I wrote for Juniors and Seniors in high school generically labeled Environmental Literacy and Transmedia education - yes I snuck in a course in my school that uses transmedia and other concepts and actually lists those in the curriculum content ;) I teach environmental awareness AND transmedia concepts (aka how to navigate content across platforms and to build understand and story as you go, yes I see education as nothing more than many stories to be told and learned ;-)

Your post, IMO, is only the tippy, tippy top of a very exciting and dangerous iceberg (Titanic analogies inserted here).

Game Mechanics in education has actually been around for a bit, but as with other industries, is just now gaining a larger awareness. Our school was fortunate to have Dr. Rebecca Hines come and speak and she discussed game mechanics and I know she was planning on taking her sabbatical to research this more. Florida now has the virtual K-12 program and she discussed some of the curriculum and ARG structured content figures in many of the programs. So there are lots of examples out there, kinda, sorta (insert the what is transmedia discussions here :P

But then, you move to the rural, smaller districts such where I teach and I get hunh and blank stares (from the students, not just the teachers) and oh all those sites are filtered, we just signed AUP agreements that we can not engage in any social media type of interaction with students and, well, everything in many ways associated with transmedia is VERBOTEN in the classroom (We have these standards that have to be met and curriculum we have to follow what do you mean allowing the "user" to contribute and participate ala participatory culture we have to get all this in and have students pass the test)

And digital literacy, digital etiquette and ethics are lacking in all aspects (students/staff/administrators/parents) and that makes for all those sensational news stories that scares an educator back into the closet and away from non-traditional media and content delivery strategies.

And I could go on, I have been working on putting out there what I am doing and trying to look for others doing what I do (not just the ok this is an idea but the hard, cold activities and examples and content because today's teachers are so buried they need that more than the show and tell on what this is type of professional development) - So, I'll stop, for now, but transmedia navigation, the New media literacy skills and the like are very exciting topics for me.... I hope this stirs up many conversations and I look forward to listening and maybe even participating

Friday, October 01, 2010

Ok, damn I missed it - World of Depleted QR

ok so apparently I missed the hidden QR code for a hidden trailer - it was not in the video trailer but hidden on the WoD website - which means - when I get back from camping I will look over the web site :p drat... on a side note, the swirled QR code is kinda psychedelic - lol!/photo.php?pid=579139&fbid=164849483525183&id=114025395274259://