Wednesday, August 08, 2012

More on Nikki and Nora and using Storify

Ok - trying out Storify - and more on the N & N webseries chatter on twitter

via @storify I collected tweets @ishakeitup @tellofilms @lizvassey @reallychristina & others made about Nikki and Nora

Friday, August 03, 2012

Nikki and Nora the webseries??

So I am a huge Nikki & Nora fan (one of the many reasons I write N&N fanfic) – but some interesting tweets have been flying today.  Here are a few

If you are on twitter, I recommend jumping in and responding to Ms. Myatt’s tweet and anyone else as well and let them know a N&N webseries would be awesome and there are a lot of fans out there who would love to see more N&N.  Please spread the word!!!!!

PS - I am posting up a new chapter of my current N&N story over at the Nikki and Nora B&B - and also can check out N&N stories at the livejournal - Ladycops -

and I am always up for chatting on twitter - @geologylady