Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughts on Gavin Hesterdale's feb 15 journal entry

Gavin's Feb. 15 journal entry -
Wow – many little things in the latest entry – I just have to jot them down

First – I got a reference in the journal – stepping outside the game and being a geek – all I can say is – [insert geek cry of most awesome coolness here] WHoooo hehe – it is the little things in life that make it fun and also give vindication to Mr. Warhol's 15 minute theory ;)

Ok – back to the entry –

1. – Deep thoughts – I have been trying to plug at that – and it is mentioned in the entry – the name Pythagoras is listed as the shadowy figure behind the site… hmmmmm, another number/math/pattern related name – need to look that up

As to the site – the most I come up with the text in the completed QR code


Is either something is happening on march 17th (Marcu Aurelis died in Vindobona on March 17th, 180 AD) or something is going on in Vienna (which use to be called Vindobona) – I am thinking more the MA tie as the shirt's saying is about history – there was a battle fought by M.A. at Vindobona in – and I find out the movie Gladiator recreated that battle (I have not seen the movie) – perhaps there is a reference to that battle….

Here is a little research on MA – - "Marcus Aurelius Antoninus[notes 1] (26 April 121 – 17 March 180) was Roman Emperor from 161 to 180. He ruled with Lucius Verus as co-emperor from 161 until Verus' death in 169. He was the last of the "Five Good Emperors", and is also considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers..
Marcus Aurelius' work Meditations, written in Greek while on campaign between 170 and 180, is still revered as a literary monument to a government of service and duty. It serves as an example of how Aurelius approached the Platonic ideal of a philosopher-king and how he symbolized much of what was best about Roman civilization.[3]"

Vindobona - and

I think I will try contacting Gavin with the thoughts and see if it spurs anything

2. OK – you know, I really should be more suspicious – I and another watching the secret Jenna video noted the screen reading Glass Samurai and we wondered what that meant – welllllll it is a hacker – hmmmmm – so went back to see what tidbits we have and discussed on that – WOW – if Fred reads this, you were right about the code words being suspicious hehe also – another reference to that computer code/worm – I am a little leery about that… (especially considering this article that came out today -

See – watch the video again – with this new knowledge – I always assumed the video was from Norman or gavin – but no – I think we are watching the Glass Samurai's perspective (he/she is the one who made the video) – which makes the code bits even more important… ANNNNDDD I can not believe I missed that interpretation the first time around – poof – well that is why I am doing the Wiki entries for the Journal – so I can review and try to connect all of the massive link out there.

3. The last bit of the journal is a wonderful account of a dinner shared by three men broken in different ways (and a very spooky account of an inventor making a very nasty sounding rocket rifle weapon)

As a side note – if March 17 is indeed a flash point – then Gavin may be right this is the last holiday, which I am finding I am sad The Fall is coming – I look forward to Gavin's entries and the journey he is on and I have this bad suspicion that once The Fall comes, Gavin's entries will change or stop…….

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Viral power - unanticipated

Well - i got this email this morning and it is related to my last blog post so - who knew ;)

"Cowgirl Up Fanfic Bible.doc" is being tweeted more than anything else on SlideShare right now. So we've put it on the homepage of (in the "Hot on Twitter" section).

Well done!

- SlideShare Team

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cowgirl Up Character bible from ms. Myatt

More on this later - but Nancylee Myatt has shared a document with backgrounds, ideas and writing tips for fanfic writers - this is so awesome

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Quora and Dialogue Circles

How are the two related you might ask? Well I posted a comment, or so i thought, on a question to try and clarify. It was marked as not helpful and the reason was it would be better as a comment not an answer. Now I thought I had entered it as a comment and in fact you click on see comments to see where my reply is located - which brings to the table the fact Quora has some funky rules and etiquette and no nice way to figure them out - sigh - a resource that can be good, but spanks down anyone trying to use it...

But, as I was looking over the other questions - I stumbled onto an answer for a different question and they mentioned this concept of Dialogue Circles, i followed the link and i am finding the idea intriguing - must do more research - anyone out there used this method or participated in a Dialogue Circle?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Gettin Started in Transmedia storytelling - awesome resource

Robert Pratten has been writing/creating/living transmedia stories and project for quite awhile - he has put together a lot of what he has noticed and learned in a great resource -

take some time to work through this resource and use it a a springboard for discussion and your own projects.