Monday, March 31, 2008

I want Christina... sooo bad

Awwwww the new eppy had a cameo by Christina (rawr) hehe

awww bring back bloodties or nikki and nora or something... PLEASEEEEEEE

I wanna see her running and shaking and being allllll lovely hehe

PS - this is a funny show check it out

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Belly Button farting

Alright a quickie as I have been busy and not writing like I should.

First, you know, sometimes the conversations my sister Kathy and I have just defy logical, sane, mature thought. You would never know we were grown adults (which is a good thing as the Peter Pan theme runs firmly in my mind hehe)

But we spent a good portion of time discussing (drum roll) Belly Button Farting.

Yes folks, we were discussing all the ins and outs (or should I say innie and outties haha) if this is possible and so on… I have to say we did not resolve the issue and are preparing to apply for a research grant to further study this issue.

But along with that madness (you know, sometimes it really is ok to be insanely mad and laugh at the world – just like in the Avril song "Runaway" laughing so hard it hurts like hell hehe)

But oh yeah, along with that – good news, my 9 year old Nephew (peggy's son) is back home. He spent a bunch of time in the hospital because his appendix ruptured – he is doing a lot better and getting back to normal, finally.

Also, I am about to breath a bit of relief, my three college classes are on spring break this week coming and then my high school goes on spring break – I am going to Arizona for that – HURRAYYYYYYYY – lots of fun there

Been keeping busy also with little one's brownie's – the skate party was a huge success and DJ Blonde M (for blonde midget hehe) was liked by the crowd – I really enjoyed being DJ and spinning the table for the night…. Hmmmm maybe I have a future in music after all ;P

Well off to do this and that – will hopefully start checking in more – both with journal blogging as well as updating my story website… I have neglected that too…..