Sunday, October 29, 2006

rolling along

Just a quickie - been trying to get through the day, week, so on.

Managed to get up to Wissahickon yesterday to chek the directions and the field site - it had just been raining so leaves and stuff were everywhere. Hopefully next week when we do the field trip it will not be wet and ick and we will be able to actually see the rocks and such....

Gotta a bit of work this week to push through - hopefully I can get it all done.

Got tickets to visit my sisters for Thanksgiving. I also am flirting very seriously with the tattoo idea again. I just might do it yet : )

Halloween is Tuesday - prolly just going to be my smiley face emoticon dracula for halloween - no daring-do from me - ah well - been trying to watch movies and such - not felt like a lot else.

Got season three L Word-YAY can not wait to watch that I have remained spoiler free - that is the only show that almost makes me consider getting Showtime just so I can watch it.

Now if I could just find someone to snuggle with and watch it with me I'd be set ;-P

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Frenetic Fhoosh Friday and Sassy, Saucy Saturday

Wow what a pair of days.

I brain-fried/mushed myself on Friday. I started with a couple hours of typing up this case study for this NAF project through my day job. I was using Census Bureau data, student data and crunching other statistics to try and get this case study written for these people. Then the Business Services teacher had MOUS (Microsoft Office official tests) left that expired after Friday.

So I took, I a row, three 50 minute tests -MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access – I passed all three – Whoot, go me, but I had NEVER opened the 2003 version really of any of those programs – LMAO – I went in cold and sat and took them. If you are not familiar – you have 50 minutes to do 17 – 19 multiple part tests that are practical – format this, hyperlink that find a formula that does that, etc. Damn I really think I multitasked and switched topics too much and radically - I am still not sure how I did it (plus still have this drat lingering cold thing)

Then 20 minutes after completing that test – I was on the road driving to the community college to teach my three hour environmental science course. We started meteorology so I was covering the atmosphere and what heats it and all this stuff -whoosh – I made it home and went blahhh and did the thing where you run your finger over your lips and make the woobah-woobah I am crazy sound :-P

Saturday – well – today was much better – started with the three hour environmental lab and the topic was humidity and the beginning of the discussions on what causes rain – that lecture and lab went very well. Then I jumped in my OLD Saturn car and drove to the Honda dealer and drove away in my NEW Honda Civic – Hurray – I will have old and new pics of the cars up on my web site in a day or two.

Then I caught a quick nap and went to see……….. OMFG Cyndi Lauper. And I sat in the FRONT row – OMG – it was so cool and I almost got to shake her hand – she went the other way at the last minute – but damn it was an awesome concert and just – whew – she knows how to hold a concert and throw a fun time ;-D

Tomorrow I drive up to the Wissahickon Park in Philly and check to see if it is good for the field trip I am running in a couple of weeks – plus gotta do grading and other work stuff – bleck – but Saturday was awesome : )

Monday, October 16, 2006

a cool play adn other tidbits

Whew - weekend went by fast

Friday I started getting sick, a nice head cold complete with weariness and blahs (I so do not need sick blahs on top of my mopey lonely blahs). But managed to make it through class (we hit plate tectonics and earthquakes in the environmental science lecture). Then I tried to sleep as the nose continued to clog.

Saturday was marked by Envinromental Lab Saturday morning (Volcanoes - hurray) and then I slept some - although also managed a call as my home internet is still up and down - they did not have an appointment open until Tuesday but hopefully they can find what is wrong - unfortunately it seems to go up and down so that may be harder to find....

I slept some after class and then saturday night went out to see this play/musical

"The Mystery of Edwin Drood" _ OMG OMG OMG I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I prolly can't but am going to try to see it again before they end. It is a local company that put it on but it was great. It is a musical based, loosely, very loosely, on the last unfinished story by Charles Dickens. It was dark humor, music and the cast interacts with the crowd - I was on an end seat and ended up having to help one of the performers with their stretching exercises and stuff - it was awesome.

It is the premise of an olde English Music Hall troupe doing the PLay "the Mystery of Edwin Drood'. And the troup knows it is unfinished so they have the crowd determine at the end who is the murder - which is awesome - but the in-jokes - since it is a cast playing a cast playing a cast - I am lost - but just AWESOME - I can see why when it was on Broadway it won Tonys - in fact I am going to see if it is playing in New York anywhere and go see it....

After the play - went to a local bar/tavern and listened to a 60s - today cover band. They did stuff like Steely Dan, The Romantics, and others - semi rock and such - it was good - and I like the place, it was close to home, so will try there again.

Sunday was spent still sick (in fact still ick today) and trying to do some errands and stuff. Not been talking much to anyone lately - everyones been busy, so kinda just tooling along - hoping this cold thing goes away ASAP.

Going to try and make it through the day and push out a lot of work just to try and catch up....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Potato chip Buckets

Well making it through a rainy midweek. Got told they are having trouble locating the new car I wanted so i am still trying to convince my Saturn not to poop out on me. i actually was good and cleaned a lot out and vacuumed and everything. The way my life runs if they do not hurry and find my car I am going to end up having to reclean my car, again - lol

I embarassed myself today at work. One of the teachers stopped and noticed the pictures of my little one and said how much she looked like me, I kept the I hope not comments to myself as I have a bad self ego problem and feel I am not a looker and thus do not want her to look like me, but self issues aside, i said, honestly, if you compare baby pictures of me at that age we would look like sisters.

The teacher replied oh well if you ever bring those pictures in please let me see, i love looking at pictures.So as she started to leave I called from my office, "Oh sure, hey i have a great one of me naked in a Kentucky Fired Chicken bucket or maybe it was a potato chip bucket."Well I am very naive and lala spacey blonde and never thought twice about that or thought of that in anyway as others might as I added "Oh yeah i was about 2."

Well she looks into the office next to mine and I hear laughter as I had already started to refocus on my work. My office co worker was in his office next door and came around laughing. He was like, "Oh my god the images, I did not hear the you were about 2 part at first." And of course the teasing commenced from there. he has a band and stuff and he was like "Hey I found our next CD cover." another time he said. "No it is ok I am am just in here playing with photoshop."


I was so red - but we both laughed a lot and now I must go and dig up the potato chip bucket picture. I also realized the other teacher may not have heard the about 2 part of my volunteering to show naked pictures of myself nand thus she may have odd ideas now too.


I really need to find a girlfriend or someone to keep me in line :P

Monday, October 09, 2006


Ok - so yesterday I finally did something I have been meaning to do for over a year. I had a couple of big comforters that ended up getting messed up about a year ago. They would not fit in my little rinky dink washer which meant I would need to go to a laundromat to wash them. Well I shivered through last winter and kept never finding time to go and get them done.

Well yesterday I did it - I washed them and all my blankets and damn, it only took me a little over a year. I seem to find ways to put a lot of stuff off, but hey i have warm, comfy, clean comforters at least - hurray. Now about that sorting project I've been meaning to get to....

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Getting kinda tired lately but hey it is october - I am waiting for them to deliver my new car - yeah I bought a new car (I'll put up pictures of my old car and new car on my website as soon as I get my new car) - I need to find peoples who are willing to let me use them as an excuse to road trip ANY TAKERS -

I would love a place to go or company for a road trip - just give a holler - I need a break and then I can show of the new car and get all excited - lately not had much of anything to get excited about - been kinda just one day after the next.

I think some of it is the fact a couple dates are coming up and November is just around the corner and I hate november for many reasons - there are good things too - just so many yuck dates to deal with fall in that month

I was really impressed with the answers the high school students in my web design and internet research class came up with for the assignment - What Do You wonder About? And then some of the high school students in the one Travel and Tourism class I am helping with made me laugh so much yesterday - they are the seniors and the class is using the web to visit the Ritz hotel in paris - it has an interactive tour and stuff - so I am helping them.

The site has a place you put in a phone number and immediately someone from the ritz will call - so the one student put her cell in and they were asking the people in Paris about the hotel - that was cool and fun - I need more laughs - I need to find a way to make friends and get out and laugh more...