Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nice professional development workshop

Attended an all day workshop yesterday with a couple of other teachers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. They offer awesome programs for teachers. This workshop covered a personal finance curriculum for middle and high school – it was great. They deliver the workshop by actually teaching the lessons and making the teachers participate as students – I love it.

Then hit Chinatown for some nice food, always cool to go into one of the locals only places and grab some yummy food. I do miss living in the city....

Finished the staff training for the Summer Bridging program I coordinate – whew – good group this year, hope all goes well… doing the last bits and pieces to get everything organized.

Got selected for jury duty - I will have to go in sept. 8 and see what happens.

My online class is almost completed – final grades due the 9th – one more test and a couple labs to go.

I am in the middle of the class I am taking – working on Wikis and visual literacy, which means playing with stuff like flickr, voice thread, photoshop and others… fun but a lot to do with everything else.

And finally starting to get my classes ready for the fall, I have a lot to prep with that, but I'll make it, just means I will be multitasking a lot :P

Looking into some stories for the fanfic page I keep and also the Cursed Curios group – wanna do some of the more darker, horror oriented stories, my mind kinda needs that right now :P

Ok – off to watch absolutely fabulous – man I love that show hehe and grade labs… ahhh multitasking

Friday, July 25, 2008

a movie that caught me by surprise

Ok so -

joined netflix and going like crazy with that - it already came in handy as I had to take little one to work yesterday and she watched Clash of the Titans online through that service - I like that movie too, and Sinbad and all those stop motion movies, ahhhh the time before digital hehe
The title of this blog however is because of a movie I picked up when in Orlando and finally now watching - Desert Hearts.... can I just say, holy cow and wow and [bleep]

Something about this movie just.... kept me watching and no not just the infamous sex scene :P ok that helped... but, just, what a story... what a story, I just keep going wow....

Ok gotta get back to laundry and other work stuff (I am taking this class online about wikis, blogs, the Web 2.0 and other fun stuff because I signed up to teach this special class in the fall... it is fun but a hella lot work - I get to create a Wikipedia entry though as one assignment hehe, what should i Wiki? :P)

Ok - catch ya laters

PS - i know I just changed my Myspace song (Back in style by the Cliks - not a great video - check myspace for a better mix) and, ok, it is a little harsh music and lyric wise, I usually do not like cuss words used too much but... I saw this group on the True Colors tour and got their CD and finding I like them, the lead's voice is just kinda husky nice, not melodic, just smoky...

so yes, a harsh song, I'll find something more bouncy later....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

still stuck

poop plane still having problems, i prolly here until 4 or later crapola

airport blahs

Well, i am typing from the Alanta airport where I am stuck as my flight is now 2 hours delayed, this has been the return trip of delays - my first flight was delayed about two hours and now this one. I have been in airplanes and airports about 12 hours now - whoooo-wheeee hehe

I read some of the comics I picked up, typed up a cooooolll plot for one of the writing groups (it is a nice little plot that should be fun), been rereading a couple stories and thinking and then people watching.

I have a ton to get caught up on once I am am home, but it is worth it - I had an awesome time on the visit.

I visited a couple of friends in the Seattle area. It was awesome, got to see the area, go to Mount St. Helen's and lots of fun (did I mention I created a cool Pirate and watched some cool video game play).

There was lots more fun too, but not enough time. I hope to get to go back again soon.
I will be turning my focus to the Sumemr Bridging program coming up and then a driving trip to Arizona and maybe stops along the way...

But for now, I am off and running to the next adventure and having fun along the way - hurray : )

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back home in one piece - on to next adventure

Ok I am back home and the flight home was fine, no probs and everything was smooth - saw my boss in the Orlando airport as she was arriving for her vacation - that was a cool co-winky dink - it's fun when stuff like that happens.

I had a good and productive conference - am behind in my work but hope to catch up this weekend. Especially since I leave on Friday for a 4 day trip - whooo : )

I do have awesome stories from my trip - like the one night coming home from Downtown Disney, I was the only one on the shuttle and the driver just talked and talked - talked about his job and the economy and how drivers are paid and how he just found out he has diabeties. It was a wonderful rich conversation with a local and I enjoy those, love to listen.

DId a lot of that actually, and that is one thing I love about traveling, learning the stories. I had anothr encounter with locals on Tuesday night after the very FABULOUS Pat Benatar concert - holy moley and holy vocal chords batman that woman can still sing - and Neil on guitar - let's just say I would put him up there with J. Page as one of the greats - yes, yes I would compare, so there

But I am walking around Citywalk after the concert, and finally sitting, watching videos on the big screen they have, which by the way I so gotta look up a couple there were some interesting ones.

But these two approach and say they have been watchng me all night :P they were at the concert too and the one is a huge fan of Cyndi Lauper, was even in one of her videos. So we talked about that andand other things, then if I could have made it, they invited me out to one of the larger Gay places in the area as the one bartended the next night (alas from my hotel it would have been 40 one way - what a bummmerrrrr) But i know a place for next time - oh yeah.

I also hope to have made some connections for my school - I have some cool stuff there.
Ok gotta scoot - lots more to share and one of these days I may even sit down and get them on here - lol

PS - I got me a cool punk rocker Teddy Bear complete with mohawk and tribal arm tattoo, plus a leater vest with a saying I like a whole bunches......

Live, Love, Rock!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hello from Orlando

Well my conference trip has started out interesting so far :P

Started with an hour and half delay as they had to have a new flight attendant come in (no idea why). Then on the shuttle ride from the airport, the driver had this static-y Christian preacher on and I got an earful about Ezekiel.

The I get to the hotel and find I grabbed the wrong folder and left my conference voucher back in NJ – still waiting to see how that resolves.

I make it up to my room – 666 (66 on the 6th floor) and head out to find some lunch. I get rained on and then when I get back to room, my floor is soaked (the maintenance just left, they "vacuumed" the floor and that was it – I think the cooler leaked. We will see… And this is just the highlights, there have been many other wonderful events :P

and oh did I mention the huge ass brown moth on the ceiling of my room that has been there the whole day and not moved….. I am soooooooo hitting the bar later hehehe

Ohhhhh this will be an adventurous week (peeks through fingers as hands covering face)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Little pieces of blue paper

Just a short note as heading into a nice three day weekend

I got my Standard certificate in the mail the other day. This means I am an official teacher. It is so awesome, finally… yay : ) of course still lots to do but… wow… : )

It is a nice feeling to see that little blue piece of paper, a thing that validates what I do and want to do.

Alright, will try to write more later, have NAF conference coming up next week and working on a few other projects… and trying to keep my head clear and not… muddled and down… just gotta dance through life and enjoy what I have, not waste time tripping as I am always looking across the river and wanting something else…

Happy Fourth everyone