Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer 2015

So summer is about over, been busy.  IN addition to visiting family in Arizona and still looking for Ms. right (no luck yet, maybe she will find me first), I have been working on projects, ARGs (alternate reality games) and more.

Let's see - Niantic Project/Ingress still going - almost two years of the WotD and got to go and help out with some awesome events in Washington DC, Portland OR (Must visit that city again) and more. Niantic Labs is striking out on its own - interested to see what happens.  And I still am keeping the Devra Bogdanovich blog going, although sporadically.

I had a blast at GenCon and presented my first talk about ARGs - it was awesome!!! Here is a little image I made.

Also been working with and playing along Age of Turing (wikis, forums and more - hurrah) - enjoying it very much. And waiting for upcoming Dark Detour. Also helping out with a wiki and g+ community for tracking ARGs.  I do love to curate and archive these interactive experiences.

Writing and playing in, feel free to give me a holler, I love playing in Storium games.

Wrote a bit of this and that for FevGames. Also been writing for Microfilmmaker Magazine including a new semi monthly column about CrossMedia projects and tools.

Dabbling in learning  Unity and many other tools and toys and keeping busy with my Earth Science and Environmental classes.  Getting ready for the new school year and classes to start next week.   Feel free to give me a holler anytime.

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